The Last 20 Days Strategy for CAT 2018

30 Jul, 2018

The Last 20 Days Strategy for CAT 2018 – The entrance exam of Common Aptitude Test (CAT) 2018 will be conducted on 25th of November for the postgraduate management programs. It is considered as the toughest exam among other management entrance test. So, here comes the most important question in every candidate’s mind that how to qualify it in a single attempt. So, here we are for u to provide certain tips that surely will help the candidate to clear the exam without facing any kind of problem. Now, the candidates when only 20 days are left must not start any new topic, just go revising the old one and most importantly put the hand on those topics in which the candidates have good command. Moreover, don’t take stress or panic too much during these days. Moreover, try to solve previous year’s question papers and sample papers too to have the knowledge about the difficulty level and question pattern too. Therefore, the candidates who have made their mindset to appear in the CAT exam and to qualify if at any cost must go through this article to have detailed or comprehensive information about the last 20 days strategy for CAT 2018.


  1. The first and foremost thing you should keep in mind is not to study anything new in these days and all your focus should be given to the basic concepts which you have studied for the examination before. Revise everything which you have studied over a period of time.
  1. Solving previous years question papers will be more effective. Take the as much mock test as possible prior to the competitive exam. This will help you improve your problem-solving skills and also help you to analyze the time taken to complete the test.
  1. Time management is very much important these days. Manage your time according to the strengths and weaknesses in all the three sections. This will help you to transform your weaknesses into your strengths.
  1. You need to boost up your speed and accuracy. Also, keep a watch by your side and keep a watch on it and look at the time taken for each question.
  1. Always have a positive attitude. Positive mindsets are very necessary to crack this examination. Not only for this examination but you need to be positive for every entrance examination.
  1. If you are going to any coaching center then it’s the high time to leave it and only visit them if you have any doubt. Stop wasting your time in the coaching centers and start working on your own. Self-study is very much important for you at this point in time to crack the examination.
  1. After clearing your doubts what you need to do is to memorize the pointers you kept as a priority and also don’t bother your mind with the added pressure.
  1. Before the examination, you just need to simply relax and also leave the stress aside and believe me having a positive attitude and a cool and calm mind will definitely benefit you to break the ice.
  1. Another thing which might be a little difficult for you to do but not impossible. Minimize the usage of your cell phone while studying. As nothing comes for free so you need to work really hard to crack the exam.
  1. Eat healthy as this is very much important for your brain to work well. If your brain will don’t work properly then what is the use of studying too much or should say reading to mush as nothing will go inside your mind if you are not eating well.

The above 10 mentioned tips will go to help you to strategize for CAT 2018 examination.  If followed properly then I assure you that it will be going to help you break the examination.

    All the best!


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