Talismanic Mantras to Crack CAT 2018

14 Sep, 2018
Talismanic Mantras to Crack CAT 2018

Talismanic Mantras to Crack CAT 2018 – There is no ideal time to prepare for the CAT exams. If you want to get it on the merit list, start earlier! Remember the basic fact that you can do a simple level of groundwork and a good score very easily – but that’s not the point! It’s everything we want. Here are some tips and strategies to prepare for the CAT exam 2018. With the CAT exam 2018 coming, it’s certainly the best time to start preparing. Most aspirants think that it is very difficult to do a CAT 2018, but the fact is that it is not. What is needed is a good understanding of the basics and some constant preparation.

Mantra # 1 – Follow your

    We are all used to the importance of having few rules or a timetable. The limited time available to solve the questions in the CAT exam 2018 is the important point to keep in mind in order to prepare for it. While most of the questions asked in CAT are clear, it is the limited time frame, which makes them hard to crack. Therefore, be sure to complete scheduled exercise sessions as part of your preparation. Be sure to do this with both multiple choice and non-multiple choice questions. This will help you to improve your speed while trying the questions.

    Mantra # 2 – Know your Point

    One should know where they stand in each section of the CAT exam 2018. Try to do an initial show test to analyze where you stand. This will help you to separate the time for each section. This may avoid extra time for the topic in which you are already a Master. Make a note of your vulnerabilities in each topic and try to point out the mistakes you made and the nature of the mistakes you made.

    Cracking the CAT exam 2018 does not require completing the full program. It’s about knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing the right approach is the method to get the maximum percentile in CAT exam 2018. WCA aspirants must first focus on their strong topics. Then, it is a must to score well in all of the three sections to get a good cut-off score to get shortlisted in the IIMs merit list.

    Mantra # 3 –  Fundamentals are always important

    First, you should focus on the basic concepts. In many cases, you may have a problem: you are unable to identify the start of the solution or launch the solution. These problems stem from a lack of knowledge of basic concepts. Look more and more for the success stories of aspiring CATs who have passed the CAT exams to get a boost and motivation to start.

    Try to remember time-saving methods such as tables up to 40, squares and square roots up to 50, cubes and cubic roots up to 20, and so on. Try to keep a handwritten formula book. Practice cracking questions in less than 2 minutes. This is the time you spend in the quantum area during your actual exam. Try to handle most of the concepts that make up the key to breaking the quantitative section. Make sure you learn all the theories, concepts, and formulas. This will help you solve the questions right away.

    Mantra # 4 – Timely practice sessions

    Candidates must perform CAT mock tests at least twice or three times a week. It’s not just about doing the mock tests, but you should also remember that you should persuade the art of endurance training to sit in front of the computer for three hours without hindering focus and attention. Mock tests will really help you. They give you a simulated environment of exams that will greatly help you. Not only do they help you review and train what you’ve prepared, they also give you an idea of what’s really working in your homework plan and help you correct the same for the future.

    Mantra # 5 – Know what you will have to Study

    The CAT 2018 Organizing Committee will usually make changes to the existing exam pattern. So do not be petrified but try to turn it into an experiment and start with the latest published test pattern. Knowing the CAT exam pattern can help you make your CAT 2018 preparation more efficient. There are 3 sections in the CAT exam 2018, the QA with 34 questions, Logical Argumentation and Data Interpretation with 32 questions, and VARC section with 34 questions.

    Mantra # 6 – Don’t refer too many study materials

    There could be thousands of books on the market that can be the best guide for cracking CAT, but too many references can confuse you because they could have concepts defined and solved in a different way. Thus, CAT toppers suggest that it is better to refer to two good books on any subject for CAT exam preparation. Make sure these two books give you all the data you need.

    These tips and strategies to avoid CAT 2018 are just a few steps that will be visibly supportive if we follow them. The tip is, to be honest, and realize our true talent. When we understand what we are mastering, we can certainly know what we can achieve.


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