PU MET 2019 Preparation Tips

20 Jun, 2018

PU MET 2019 Preparation Tips – PU MET Preparation Tips are discussed here for the candidates who are going to take up this important exam. These preparation tips and tricks are given by the pedagogical experts who will guide the candidates towards the path of success. After finishing the whole planning, the applicant will always look for the PU MET 2019 Preparation Tips, which are described here for your expediency. It is very tough to organize for the exam deprived of any valuable tips. These tips and tricks will be tremendously advantageous to the candidates and will certainly help them in attaining the aim. First, analyze in which PU-MET topics you are sturdy and feeble. After that, distribute your time as per your plan. Most importantly, you should be clear about the PU MET 2019 syllabus and exam curriculum. If you think you are clear about them, you can now set your schedule for the months ahead.

PU MET 2019 Preparation Tips: Section-wise Weightage

Applicants who receive a valid score in PU MET 2019 will be invited to the group discussion and personal interview. The weight of each round of selection process of this is as follows:

  • Written test: 85%
  • Group discussion: 7.5%
  • Personal interview: 7.5%

    The selection procedure to the MBA (Infrastructure Management) is based exclusively on group discussion and personal interviews. For this purpose, no entrance examination is to be carried out.

    PU MET 2019 Preparation Tips: Numerical Aptitude

    The problems are not that complex in this exam. If you emphasis on basic theories and formulas from the start, you can effortlessly pick up this section. Note the important sections in which you are facing difficulty. Try to resolve them again in a few days and see if you can solve it or not. Reiterate this process until you are contented with a specific subject.

    PU MET 2019 Preparation Tips: Verbal Ability

    You cannot become an expertise in this section in a few days after being stuffed with words. It is an ongoing process that requires tenacious reading and learning words. Every time you come across a new word. Promptly, note it down. Learn its substitute and its usages. Also concentrate on adjective, noun, pronouns, etc. concurrently.

    PU MET 2019 Preparation Tips: Logical Reasoning

    Solve two three instances and at least 40 questions of the same subject. Choose a reasoning book that covers all the important topics related to the exam. Occasionally there is more than one circumstance that may be asked. So, in this case, find the significant point that will help you to grasp the correct answer. From time to time both cases may be valid.

    PU MET 2019 Preparation Tips: Key Points to Note

    • For each exam, it requires that you be clear with all the concepts. It therefore requires that you give enough time to study and practice. Suppose that if we have 6 months to prepare, we need at least 4 months for learning concepts and 2 months for practicing mocks. However, it depends on how much you are ready for the exam.
    • The first PU MET 2019 Preparation & Tip is to read and resolve the previous year’s exam papers, since these will give an impression of the density of the exam, but also the repeatedly asked questions that have the chances of coming into the future examination.
    • Time management is obligatory, as time is the decisive factor and plays a very important role in achieving success. The candidate is advised to keep their eye in the watch to move one step ahead. The preparation will be completely wasted if the questions are not completed on time.
    • Another PU MET 2019 Preparation & Tip for the candidate is WRT the negative marking scheme. Since a negative marking concept is included in the marking scheme, you should therefore not attempt all the questions. It is recommended that the candidate skips those question that he/she is not sure about.
    • Practice till the end. It not only surges accuracy but also rises the speed of the candidate, which in turn helps to complete the exam.
    • Finally, but not least, build the buoyancy level because it is very imperative. Confident candidates can face any situation in the exam and make the strategy according to the exam work. Be confident and not nervous.

    Now you are well aware of the preparation tips of PU MET 2019. Post your further queries in the comment box to get response from our team of experts.


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