One Month Preparation Strategy for CAT 2018

27 Jul, 2018

One Month Preparation Strategy for CAT 2018 – The candidates for the serious preparation of CAT exam when only one month is left should go through the article in order to have proper information regarding the preparation tips. So, firstly, the candidates should make the study chart and follow it accordingly. Secondly, brush up all the basics to have a clear concept and take up an online mock test and solve previous year question papers and sample papers. Apart from this, just focus on what you are good at or have good command over and tackle your weaknesses. Moreover, do not try any new topic. Above all, don’t waste too much time on a single topic and better save some time for the revision purpose. Lastly, read thoroughly the entire article and for in-depth information for one-month preparation strategy for CAT 2018.

One Month CAT 2018 Preparation Plan

Below is the Typical CAT Preparation Plan for a month. You can always change it as per your convenience.

Quant LR DI RC Verbal Mock Tests
Week 1 Numbers 10 Sets 10 Sets 5 to 10 passages Para jumbles 1 to 2
Algebra Summary of 10 articles
Week 2 Geometry 10 Sets 10 Sets 5 to 10 passages Puzzles 1 to 2
Perm. & Comb. Summary of 10 articles
Week 3 Modern math 10 Sets 10 Sets 5 to 10 passages Puzzles 1 to 2
Sets Summary of 10 articles
Week 4 P&L 5 Sets 5 Sets 5 passages Solve 50 Qs. From Verbal 1 Complete Mock


    Following is a Section-Wise plan and get the Best Books for CAT Preparation

    Quant Section 4-week Plan

    The Quantitative section is considered to be the toughest of all the sections. So with just one month left for the CAT exams, the preparation plan should be as follows:

    • Week 1: Aspirants should reread and make sure to be strong with all the basic concepts and formulas across all sections in quant. This is suggested as the CAT has over the years verified students on their aptitude skills to understand basics rather than solving tough problems.
    • Week 2 & 3: In the next two weeks, you should try spending time on solving at least 100 problems from various sub-sections in quant. The aim should be on understanding the methodologies to solve a problem and still not trying to understand the question.
    • Week 4: This week is to just relax and rewind whatever you have studied. Try spending time on solving section-wise Mock tests and complete Mock tests. The Mocks have a typical set of problems that are very similar to the actual CAT.


    DILR Section 4-week Plan

    The Data Interpretation & Logical reasoning section, does not involve too many concepts to learn. So plan for this section would be like:

    • Week 1: The elementary study material is to be rapidly reread and basic theories of Speed Math to be brushed up. This activity should not consume more than one week.
    • Week 2 & 3: The next phase would be to rehearse by solving multiple sets with timer and try to analyze if you have missed revising anything. If yes then try to catch-up with those. If you think you will have to learn something new, this is definitely not the right time to do it.
    • Week 4: This week should be dedicated more to solving puzzles from various sources like books, online games, etc. And try to take up 1 to 2 Mock tests during this week. Remember you may have to accommodate other sections as well.

    The easiest section (if you are an expert in the English Language) of all is the VARC section. So the plan should be as follows.

    • Allocate at least 2 hours per day to reading practice. This could be from the normal newspapers, weekly periodicals or from online articles. This activity can go until the last week of CAT. Try to read as many novels, books as you can and remember to finish them within two to three weeks of time. If you can, then you are the one! Try reading books from various genres. Who knows you RC passage may be from any one of them!
    • Try to give importance to the keywords in comprehension section and not necessarily on every word. Yes, it might be surprising but that’s the fact. Try to practice RC section, by eliminating unnecessary words, phrases, sentences etc. Grammar section will have questions from the subject-verb agreement, prepositions, parallel construction, phrasal verbs etc. Grammar is a close relative of mathematics. It has its own set of rules to be followed. Better brush up your grammatical skills as well this week.

    Aspirants should realize that the time in hand is more than adequate to crack CAT as long as one follows the above strategies.

    Last but not least

    • Revise in 3-hour sessions
    • Take sufficient
    • Drink lots of water and eat healthily.
    • Try to do a Mock in the actual exam slot.
    • And of all stay engrossed to your goal constantly!

    This is the master plan before 30 days of CAT 2018, implementing which you can inch closer towards success.


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