OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation Tips

27 Jul, 2018

OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation Tips- Odisha state will conduct the Odisha Joint Entrance Examination (OJEE) for providing the candidates a prospect in getting admission to various courses in undergraduate and postgraduate level in the private as well as government institutions of Odisha. The entrance examination is a state level examination which will be conducted every year. This examination will be conducted in offline mode and the candidates will be requiring extensive study of all the subjects. The candidates need to focus on both the speed and accuracy. The candidates will require building a strategy and should go through OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation Tips for achieving good marks in the examination. The candidates should carefully check the exam pattern and syllabus for preparing for the examination. The candidates are advised to make the OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation Tips industriously, make notes and practice mock test to deliver the best in the examination. This article will deal with the OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation Tips for better understanding of the examination.

OJEE MBA 2019 Exam Pattern: A Quick Tour

The candidates need to know about the examination well before starting for preparation. It includes that the candidates should know about the exam pattern and syllabus completely. After checking the exam pattern and syllabus, they will now be able to design their timetable for the forthcoming months. Further, take a gander at the exam pattern to know the quantity of segments which the candidates need to endeavor in the exam.

  • Mode of Examination: The examination will be conducted in Offline (Pen and Paper) mode.
  • Language of the Exam: The examination will be in English language.
  • Number of questions: The candidates will have to answer 120 questions for MBA and 60 questions for Integrated MBA paper.
  • Marking Scheme: The candidates will be awarded 4 marks for each correct answer
  • Negative Marking: 1 mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer.
Topic Number of Questions
Number of Questions
(Integrated MBA)
Verbal Reasoning 40 15
Analytical Reasoning 40 15
General Knowledge 10 15
Comprehension 20 15
Computer and Basic Fundamentals 10 0
Total 120 60


    OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation Tips

    Good preparation tips can be incorporated in the mentioned below sections.

    • Time Management
    • Speed and Accuracy
    • Mock Test

    OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation Tips: Time Management

    The candidates need to attempt 120 questions in 120 minutes. In this way, roughly the candidates will have just a single minute for each question. So, it is essential that the candidates deal with the time in the exam skillfully. The candidates need to begin noticing the time in which they are attempting each question. The candidates should begin this propensity once they are finished with learning the basic concepts. The candidates are required to take note of the time and investigate the time consumption from that point onward. Analyze if there are any improvement in the speed after few days. If yes, the candidates are doing right and they should maintain it and it is no, the candidates should check what they are lacking. They are advised to revise the formulas again and should utilize the tricks and short methods while solving the questions. The candidate can divide the time in the exam shown in the mentioned below table.

    Topic Time to Spent in minutes
    Time to Spent in minutes
    (Integrated MBA)
    Verbal Reasoning 30 15
    Analytical Reasoning 50 25
    General Knowledge 5 5
    Comprehension 30 15
    Computer and Basic Fundamentals 5 0
    Total 120 60


    OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation Tips: Speed and Accuracy

    It is important the candidates need to focus on the speed and accuracy as in the examination where negative marking is applicable. It should be kept in mind that any wrong step while choosing question will have to compromise with the rank of the candidate in the merit list. So, it is better that the candidates need to work on their speed and accuracy. At any time when the candidates appear for practicing the mock test, set the clock and try to finish the questions in the given time frame. For example in verbal reasoning, attempt 40 questions in 30 minutes. In the beginning, the candidates might be able to solve only 10 questions in the time provided but once the candidates adapt to it, the speed will increase. At that point, it will be included as an added advantage as the candidates will get an opportunity to revise and correct if anything goes wrong.

    OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation Tips: Mock Test

    The candidates are advised to practice the mock as many as possible to become efficient in it and perform well in the examination. The candidates will lose hold from the preparation if they stop practicing the mock test. The candidates are advised to keep their body adjusted to it so that they will confront any issue in the exam. Since it is a pen and paper-based examination, the candidates can work on answering the questions in OMR sheet as answering the questions takes extra couple of moments additional.

    OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation Tips: Verbal Reasoning

    This section is based according to the vocabulary based questions and grammar. The candidates are advised to start reading more and learn new words every day.

    OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation Tips: Vocabulary

    The candidates must learn a minimum of 10-15 words daily and note it down in a dairy to revise it every day. The candidates need to learn the context of any new word.

    For example, ‘see’ and ‘watch’ are equivalent words; however, the context in which they are utilized is different. Also, the candidates need to know the synonym of the word as it will aid them in answering Synonym and Antonym and fill in the blanks questions.

    Other than this, the candidates need to build up a propensity for learning Idioms, Proverbs, and Phrases. The candidates can learn at least four every day consistently. Revise them day by day as they are very less utilized as a part of regular conversation which has a tendency to forget them fast.

    OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation Tips: Grammar

    The candidates find grammar very tough. The fine drawn points in grammar concern every candidate in the examination. Thus for the ease of the candidates they need to develop the propensity for noticing the grammar while reading books, newspapers etc.  The candidates need to make notes of all the chapters like Noun, Pronoun, Adverbs, Verbs, Modals, Tenses etc. They also need to write rules, usage, and exceptions in one place. The candidates need to start attempting error based questions once the candidates are done with it. The candidates often forget the subtle points of grammar as they don’t revise. Therefore the candidates are advised to pick the grammar notes once in every 15 days.

    OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation Tips: Comprehension

    The comprehension is another different section in the paper. The candidates have to answer the questions on the basis of the provided passage. The difficulty level is not that much high but the candidates must be comfortable with the RCs. The candidates need to practice at least 4 passages every day.

    OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation Tips Analytical Reasoning

    This section incorporates the combination of mathematical skills and data interpretation skills. There is no DI section in the Integrated MBA.

    After having a look at all the subjects, the candidates need to partition the subjects into three sections. In the first place that the candidates know very well, then moderate level which the candidates can endeavor after little practice. Finally, the weak topics which the candidates need to learn completely. The candidates in this way will know how much time they need to dedicate to every subject.

    Begin with the basics and practice subject wise questions. The candidates need to blend the questions, when they will be comfortable with every one of the questions.  The candidates need to keep revising the formulas regularly.

    The candidates need to attempt to answer the questions in less time conceivable. The candidates can take the aid of the tricks and short methods to lessen the time per question.

    OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation Tips: General Awareness

    The candidates find this segment the most troublesome. The candidates don’t consider this segment important and that is the reason behind this issue. The candidates when realize that they are left with General Awareness then already it is too late. Therefore, rather than cramming in a brief timeframe, the candidates can learn some new information day by day.

    The candidates need to read the newspapers every day and note down the basic facts and figures in it.

    For the static GK, the candidates need to take a book like Lucent and read it every day. Check the prime points in it and revise it regularly.

    For Computer basics, the candidates need to take the computer books of 9th standard and 10th standard. Computer terminologies and abbreviations need to be known.

    For Economics sections, the candidates need to read the business segment in the newspaper. The candidates can go through the 11th standard Economics Book; they will learn numerous essential terminologies there.


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