NMAT 2019 Preparation Tips

05 Mar, 2019

NMAT 2019 Preparation Tips– NMAT is basically called as NMIMS Management Aptitude Test which is conducted by Graduate Management Aptitude Council or GMAC. It is actually the national level test where the candidates get admissions in postgraduate management courses and programmes and also some graduate programmes of management. There are various colleges and institutes that have such courses; one of them is NMIS or Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Study. This article is all about the syllabus of the exam and important tips or suggestions for the candidates to prepare well for the exam. NMAT 2019 preparation tips in the below-mentioned content will surely guide you how to start from the scratch.

Before going through the NMAT 2019 preparation tips, let’s take a quick tour of the syllabus of NMAT 2019.

NMAT syllabus 2019

    The syllabus for NMAT 2019 is mentioned below. The applicants are suggested to prepare these subjects and the related topics to their heart out in order to get high scores in the entrance exam.

    • Logical Reasoning – This subject will include the topics puzzles and Multi-dimensional arrangements.
    • Language Skills – The topics that come under language skills are Quantitative Skills, Reading Comprehension, Anonyms, Synonyms, Data Interpretation & DS, Syntax & correct grammar, Poems, Language usage and their rules, Passages and Dictionary Meanings of different words.
    • Arithmetic: This part of the syllabus will cover the topics like Line graph, Algebra, Bar graph, Tables, Pie chart, Trigonometry and 2D & 3D Geometry and Statistics.

    NMAT 2019 Preparation Tips

    The aspirants who have applied for the NMAT 2019 exam after going through the eligibility criteria need to then flip the pages of the syllabus and the exam pattern. If the candidates wish to achieve good marks in this exam, they will have to streamline their focus on one thing only. Any deviation from the studies will disturb their flow of preparation. The preparation methodologies and the techniques that the candidates should follow are given below:

    Strategizing for the studies

    Making a proper plan as per the syllabus and the topics of the exam is the best thing to start your preparation for NMAT 2019. For this, the candidates are advised to learn what all is included in the syllabus of NMAT and then go ahead to sort out the topics that are the simplest to solve. Now come to the subjects that you find are not easy to learn and need much of your time on daily basis. Make strategies to grasp the tough sections of the syllabus and try to devise new ways to learn the subjects well. Note that the strategies for the preparation of this exam cannot be given in any study material or reference books, you need to find out the ways by yourself.

    Proper timetable

    A proper timetable is must learn the things in an organized manner. You should be quite attentive while following the schedule as per the timetable. Include the topics as per your potential to prepare the subjects on daily basis. For instance, you employ 8 to 10 hours on daily basis for preparation and if you will add the topics for which this allotted time is not enough, you won’t be able to study as per the drafted schedule and the purpose of creating the timetable will be lost.

    Learn about the syllabus of NMAT 2019

    The syllabus will tell you how much topics and subjects are there in the exam. In the syllabus of NMAT 2019, the subjects that will be included are mentioned above. You need to first read the whole syllabus and the topics that will be covered and then make your study plan. The applicants who directly jump into the preparation of the exam without thoroughly going through the syllabus will get baffled in the middle of the preparations. Start preparing the topics one by one as per their level of difficulty and keep on revising them.

    Adopt the habit of making notes

    The habit of making notes for what you prepare is the best part of the studies as this will give you a clear picture of the topic and also save you from the state of confusion. For tough sections of the syllabus, you should always write the notes and also the parts that you feel may get puzzled in your mind after few days. Note that preparing the topics by making notes will help the candidates to remember the subjects for a longer period of time.

    Include revision of your study schedule

    Revising the topics that you have covered is quite significant in order to stay away from forgetting the topics in the examination hall. Whatever you prepare today, make it a habit to revise the same in a day or two. Do not make a wrong notion that revising the same subjects over and again will kill your time that you can invest in preparing for new subjects; rather understand the fact that revision is also the part of the preparation.

    Solve sample papers

    Try to collect the exam papers of previous years and also the sample papers and solve the same. This will help you to check your own level of preparation and also the skills. Self-assess your performance and see how much improvement is required. Also, evaluate your speed and accuracy while solving the complete exam paper in one stretch. You may refer to good books in the market and the authentic study material on the internet to clear your doubts if any.

    Be fit and healthy

    Take care of your health during the period of examination and include nutritious diet in your meals. To keep your mind calm and release the tension of examination from your head, try out some yoga poses. You can also do some stress bursting exercises to maintain the fitness of your body and mind.

    Hope that you have learned a lot from this content. In case you want to discover some more specific NMAT 2019 preparation tips, you may anytime convey the same to us and we will sort out your issues on priority.


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