NMAT 2019 Exam Analysis

13 Jul, 2018

NMAT 2019 Exam Analysis – NMAT is a national level MBA entrance exam commenced by GMAC to screen the right candidate for admission in various courses offered by the institutes. NMAT exam analysis for different exam slots will be released immediately after the NMAT exam is over. The NMAT 2019 Exam Analysis reflects the NMAT exam pattern and major key changes so that the candidates can improve their preparation level to score good marks. The candidates willing to take NMAT exam will have the privileged to appear for the exam three times when the 75-day examination window will be open that is from the month October to December but the candidates must remember that the best score will only be considered for further admission process. Since the NMAT has changed its name to NMAT by GMAC the test papers have changed its difficulty level and types of a question followed by the sectional timing. The candidates must develop strong fundamental concepts to cop up for the completion of around 120 questions that will be asked in the examination. However, the curiosity of the aspirants to know how the exam for the upcoming year will be, the difficulty level of exam, exam pattern as well as the NMAT 2019 Exam Analysis has been provided in this article. Therefore the candidates must go through the article to have authentic information about the NMAT Exam Analysis.

NMAT 2019 exam analysis: last 3 years

Before moving further into the detailed study of section-wise analysis let’s have a look at the comparative chart of exam analysis of last three years that is 2017, 2016 and 2015 which is furnished below as this will help the candidates in preparation for the upcoming session. Moreover, it will help the candidates to focus on the particular section also.

NMAT Exam year 2017 (Oct to Dec 2017) 2016 (Oct to Dec 2016) 2015 (Oct to Dec 2015)
Total questions 120 120 120
Exam Format Computer-based Computer-based Computer-based
Exam duration 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours
Testing window 75 days 75 days 75 days
Retakes allowed   3   3   3
Number of sections   3   3   3
Name of sections with the number of questions Language Skills – 32

    Quantitative Skills- 40

    Logical Reasoning- 48

    Language Skills – 32

    Quantitative Skills- 40

    Logical Reasoning- 48

    Language Skills – 32

    Quantitative Skills- 40

    Logical Reasoning- 48

    Types of questions MCQs MCQs MCQs
    Difficulty level Language skills difficult, Quant & LR Moderate. Overall Moderate Easy to moderate with very few questions difficult Moderate. First NMAT by GMAC exam. All sections remained easy to moderate
    Maximum marks 120 120 120
    Marks for each correct answer     1     1     1
    Negative Marking No No No


    Highlight of NMAT 2019 Exam Analysis

    According to NMAT 2018 exam analysis the highlights of exam is given below:

    • The test paper containing the question in every slot was different for all the candidates that are every candidate had different sets of question paper.
    • NMAT by GMAC has removed the negative marking scheme that is there are no negative markings for the wrong answers.
    • The difficulty level of the questions had a drastic changed across the sections.
    • The candidates are given the facility to select the sections at which to attempt first.
    • There were no technical issues in any of the NMAT exam centres except a few minor instances.

    The test pattern has been as follow –

    S. No Section No. of Questions Time (in Minutes) Difficulty Level Possible
    1 Language Skills 32 22 Easy – Moderate 25 – 27
    2 Quantitative Skills 48 60 Moderate-Difficult 32 – 34
    3 Logical Reasoning 40 38 Easy – Moderate 26 – 29
    Total 120 120 Moderate – Difficult 83 – 90


    NMAT 2019 Exam Analysis – Detailed analysis Section wise

    The detailed analysis section wise are given below candidates must go through it.

    • Logical Reasoning

    This section had mix questions from Verbal, critical reasoning, decision making, coding-decoding, blood relations, and Direction as well as Syllogisms and family tree. The time allotted to complete this section was 38 minutes whereas 12 questions were from Verbal reasoning and 28 questions were on Non – Verbal Reasoning. However, most of the questions were moderate to medium. To score good marks a candidate must select a scoring question that is Matrix arrangement questions etc. If a candidate could attempt 28 questions with 85% accuracy would be considered good. The breakup of the questions is given below.

    Topic/Subtopic Number of questions Level of Difficulty
    Non-Verbal Reasoning 28 Easy to Medium
    Matrix Arrangement 8 (2 sets of 4 questions each) Medium
    Sequential Output 4 (1 set of 4 questions) Medium
    Coding 4 Easy to Medium
    Miscellaneous* 3 Medium
    Venn Diagram 2 Easy to Medium
    Family Tree 2 Easy
    Puzzle 2 Easy to Medium
    Number Series 1 Easy
    Question involving intersecting geometric diagrams representing different groups of people 1 Easy
    Directions 1 Easy
    Verbal Reasoning 12
    Critical Reasoning 2 1 medium
    1  easy
    Course of Action/Decision Making 3 1 medium
    Strong Arguments/ Weak Arguments 3 2 easy
    1 difficult
    Implicit Assumptions 1 Medium
    Inference/Conclusion based questions 2 1 easy
    1 medium
    Syllogism 1 Easy


    • Language Skills

    Language skills section covers a question from parts of speech, tenses, and modifiers as well as para jumble questions etc and was considered moderate difficulty. The reading comprehension part consists of two passages of around 600 words with 4 questions each whereas there were 32 questions to be covered in 22 minutes. As analyzed, candidates attempting 25 questions with 90% accuracy would be the best. The breakup of the question is given in the table below for the candidate’s references.

    Topics Questions Difficulty level
    2 RC passages with 4 questions each 8 Moderate to difficult
    Jumbled paragraphs 4 Easy to moderate
    Word Analogies 1 Moderate
     Cloze Passage 4 Moderate
    Synonyms 2 Moderate to difficult
    Antonyms 3 Easy to difficult
    Fill in the Blanks 2 Moderate
    Question on use of Prepositions (Fill in the blanks) 3 Moderate
    Correction of error in sentences 5 Moderate to difficult


    • Quantitative Skills

    The questions covered in this section include Quantitative, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency and the major part of this section was considered to be easy to moderate. It is a time-consuming section consisting of 48 questions which were to be solved in 60 minutes. According to the analysis attempting 30 with 90 % accuracy is considered to be good.

    Topics Questions Difficulty level
    Time & Work 2 Moderate
    Simple & Compound Interest 2 Moderate
    Ratio-Proportions 2 Difficult
    Percentages 1 Moderate
    AP-GP 3 Moderate
    Permutation & Combination 1 Moderate
    Probability 1 Moderate
    Logarithms 1 Difficult
    HCF-LCM 2 Moderate
    Conversion of recurring numbers to fractions 2 Moderate
    Divisibility 1 Moderate
    Mensuration 2 Difficult
    Quadrilaterals 1 Moderate
    Simple equations 1 Moderate
    Linear equations-Algebra 3 Moderate to difficult
    Numbers 1 Moderate
    Other questions on Arithmetic 1 Moderate
    Other questions on Geometry 1 Moderate
    DI- Tables (2 sets of 4 questions) 8 Difficult
    DI-Bar Chart (1 set with 4 questions) 4 Difficult
    DI-Line Graph (1 set with 4 questions) 4 Moderate
    DI-Pie Chart + Bar Graph (1 set with 4 questions) 4 Moderate


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