List of Magazines to read for CAT 2018 preparations

30 May, 2018

List of Magazines to read for CAT 2018 preparations – The verbal ability and reading comprehension (VARC) section is considered to be the easiest as well as the most important section in the CAT exams. Preparing yourself ready for the same in the right way is exceptionally important for this section. To clear this section with distinction one must be exceptionally strong in the English language. Make sure to develop the habit of reading novels, newspapers, and periodicals regularly to improve your vocabulary. Whether you are trying to improve your vocabulary or improving your communication skills, you must regularly have the habit of learning new words. If you are trying to improve your business acumen and equip yourself to face the CAT exam, here are some of the articles which one must regularly read to be up-to-date.

List of Magazines

Frontline by the Hindu

    This magazine is all-inclusive; in fact, this is going to provide an enormous reading. Vivid articles featuring stories from across the world, this gives huge value addition to your CAT 2018 preparations. An extremely endorsed magazine does involve heavy reading though. Frontline helps run-in up one’s awareness of present affairs, domestic and international issues that are identical. Applicants can understand more on the economy, politics, books, arts, cinema, information technology and language. One of the most highly recommended magazines for CAT preparation. If you read it regularly your vocabulary is definitely going to get stronger.


    Candidates who read Outlook frequently are likely to develop a robust vocabulary and are particularly obliging for persons who are feeble in the Reading Comprehension section. Being an over-all interest periodical, Outlook also helps expand your knowledge of current matters. This is also one of those highly recommended magazines for CAT preparations.

    Business Today/Business India

    This magazine is considered to be Indian best fortnightly; Business Today tries to cover vital areas around subjects like the budget, market, economy and the banking subdivision. The magazine can help you comprehend hard terms and verbiages used in these areas. Endorse you to read just one out of these; these would deliver some certain value addition.

    The Week

    By reading the Week magazine the chances of increasing your vocabulary as well as reading speed is going to high. This magazine shadows a thesis style of writing. This magazine is at the top over the list of magazines for CAT preparation in terms of assisting upsurge individual’s reading speed; The Week is efficacious in improving one better at reading concisely.

    The Must read Newspapers list for CAT preparation are

    The Hindu

    Gives you an option to understand accurately solid material, educational and stimulating at the same time.


    Times of India/Hindustan Times

    Have good options in terms of articles from few authors, wherein for CAT standards, it does not meet the requirements.

    The Economic Times

    Very important to read a few articles related to business and economics. It is not necessary to read it daily, but it is ok to read it twice a week. It is fine to skip the regular newspapers on the days when you read The Economic Times.

    Some of the International Newspapers to read

    The New York Times

    Since this falls under paid subscription category you may not be able to read all the articles but still, you can read the available ones. The blogs such as ‘The Stone’ on the New York Times is to develop supreme benefit. But due to its limited availability, you may not be able to get the full out of it. It is fine to read the old articles from the same.

    The Guardian

    The Guardian offers a wide range of articles on different genres. This magazine’s origin is from Britain, so considering the English; this would be comfortable for the CAT exams as well. The sports columns from are really good, the rest of the paper is kind of ok only.

    The Observer

    This magazine is good for the quality of language used. Their website also a good source for references.  You can also use its subject wise sieving of the article. This is astonishingly useful as it allows you to read articles from specific areas for your CAT preparation.

    The Economist

    The Economist is an excellent magazine when you look for the CAT preparations. They usually cover all types of International affairs like politics, economics, culture, art, sport, books, events, etc. Their writing panache is excellent. They choose to write crisp articles with a perfect grammar. Their Lexington and Bagehot columns are extremely well-written and perceptive too. The Economist price label is considerably high though. You can actually read 3 articles per week at free of cost. So if cost is an important constraint for you, free articles are the best ones to start with. You can also read through websites like the New Yorker, Scientific American and so on for many more wonderful materials.

    Apart from these try to read as many novels, books as you can and remember to finish them within two to three weeks of time. If you can, then you are the one! Try reading books from various genres. Who knows you RC passage may be from any one of them!


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