Last Week Preparation Plan for CAT 2018

20 Nov, 2018
Last Week Preparation Plan for CAT 2018

The next one week to CAT exam is critical for the CAT 2018 aspirants and they need to develop a well-utilized preparation strategy based on smart and scheduled process rather than moving on to different concepts that are haphazard. CAT high-scorers and preparation specialists recommend developing shortcuts, trying further mocks, analyzing and overcoming the flaws and faults, rather than killing your time now with new conceptual clarification. A CAT aspirant cannot select the preferred section to solve. Once the candidate completes the first section, he can no longer rely on it. Only one week before taking the exam, aspirants may be a bit nervous about their CAT 2018 preparation. Here is a Last Week Preparation Plan for CAT to consider before the final timer starts.

Last Week Preparation Plan for CAT 2018: Rigorous Mock Tests are a must

    Mock tests will help you to thoroughly analyze the above two parameters to help with CAT preparation. The more you practice, the more you encounter your stronger areas and the areas where you need to work. Last week is not a good time to build up completely new skills. So you need to focus on the sections where you are better so that you can solve the maximum number of questions in these sections.

    Last Week Preparation Plan for CAT 2018: Concentrate on Improving Speed

    You should increase your speed for reading, analyzing and solving the questions. The faster you read and analyze a question, the faster you solve it. Do not concentrate on one question for long. If you get stuck, continue to the next question. The good thing about the time limits is that someone else has already done time management for you.

    Last Week Preparation Plan for CAT 2018: Smart Preparation is a must

    Over the next one week, you should take mocks with varying degrees of difficulty. Most of the CAT toppers have seemed to have taken up several mock tests over the past 3 months that led to their high scores in CAT 2018. Rather than trying all the questions, you must focus on improving the accurateness on the issues resolved.

    A constant emphasis on a specific topic or concept for long hours will aggravate your mind and cause misperception. Try a temporary curriculum to avoid this exhaustion. For instance, if you are revising VARC for an hour, take a small break and then switch to LR, DI or Quant. In this last-minute preparation strategy for CAT 2017, try not to learn anything new and tiresome in this last period and focus more on revising and analyzing recurring errors and correcting.

    Last Week Preparation Plan for CAT 2018: Stay Calm

    A great way to do this is to hang out with friends who have no idea what the CAT exam is. Watching a movie may not be such a bad idea, either. Some candidates have a routine of studying late into the night, while some of them get up very early. We suggest that you avoid both in the last week. An additional hour of reading won’t do you much good, but an added hour of sleep can often do miracles.

    If the exam venue is in the same place you live in, it is suggested that you visit the venue one time in advance. Look at the exact location. Try to calculate the tie and distance of commute to plan for the test Day. Look for parking, restroom facilities so that you don’t get panicked on the day of the exam. These are some small things that add to the needless pressure on the day of the exam. Avoid these things as much as you can.

    We expect that by now you must have dealt with all the important issues of the three sections of the most competitive exam in the nation, and this is predominantly the time to prepare and revise for the final face-off. As a final point, do not relate your scores too much with others. Each candidate is different and you may not get similar questions in the exam. You can only attain success only if you are well organized for the exam. Be assertive and never underrate your preparation.


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