Last Minute Tips & Strategies for ATMA 2019

24 May, 2018

Last Minute Tips & Strategies for ATMA 2019 – The admission test of ATMA 2019 is expected to be held in January 2019. With just a limited months left for the test, the applicants appearing need to be in a rush to prepare for the exam. You can find some ATMA preparation advice for candidates to trail so that they can give their best. Entrants at the last moment should emphasis on review. Aspirants should take as many mock exams, crack model papers and earlier years’ question papers to upsurge swiftness and precision during the exam.

Efficient mind can blow anything.  ATMA 2019 is one of the most significant examinations that is the key to your MBA dreams.

    If you are determined and thoughtful about the profession, then you can’t disregard the ATMA 2019. Essentially, the ATMA 2019 is a permit to get admittance into India’s topmost management institutions like IIMs and into the further tier-I management schools. Here you not only get an MBA degree but also a chance to study under brilliant leaders.

    Quantitative aptitude section in ATMA 2019, in a way, is a prose of logical concepts; wherein the questions are based on logic and concepts. Solving this section can be quite perplexing for test takers as the difficulty level of the section ranges from moderate to high. The Quantitative Aptitude section comprises fundamental mathematics, based on 10th and 12th standard syllabus and similar difficulty level. Problems are found to appear from various topics like Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Commercial Mathematics (Word Problems). The questions are largely based on the application of mathematics to solve real-time problems.

    • Start piling up previous year’s quant section question papers and try solving them with time limits. This helps you analyze your weakness and area which need pivotal importance.
    • Practice cracking questions less than 2 minutes. This is the time you get to spend during your

    Candidates in Analytical reasoning section of ATMA 2019 should emphasis on constructing theories and exercise various types and levels of questions. Observe study development by trying section-wise mock tests. This will help in analyzing candidate’s swiftness and accuracy as well as classifying robust and feeble areas.

    • The Analytical Reasoning section is all about knowing the hidden trick in the given question and working it down with a sense of logic. In the Analytical Reasoning section sets, try to analyze and note down the diverse types of problems that you come across during your preparations and mock tests. So to crack this section spend some time for some devising sessions, like solving odd-man outs, syllogisms, Sudoku, data sufficiency, riddles on blood relations, family tree etc.


    The verbal ability section is of utmost importance in the ATMA 2019 exams, and making yourselves for the same in the correct way is exceptionally important. To surpass in the verbal ability section, aspirants must have the habit of reading newspapers, periodicals and novels habitually – this aids them to develop vocabulary and at the same time helps you to be well-informed. One must have a strong command over English to score high in this section.

    • After finishing each subtopic, run-through exercises should be attempted. Errors should be examined and then try to attempt some more.
    • Reading Comprehension – The passages are generally 200 to 500 words of length and may be from any of the current affairs, Literature, Social issues related topics. Questions from the passages can be factual or inferential.
    • English verbal ability- Sentence error Correction, Fact Inference or judgment, Analogies and Reverse Analogies, Fill in the blanks, Grammar, Para Completion, Para Jumble, Reasoning, Synonyms Antonyms (Vocabulary Based), etc.

    Some general tips to score high in ATMA 2019

    • Try to attempt generalization and approximation, variation, and number series related questions first as they consume lesser time.
    • Do not get bored or irritated about the lengthy calculations in the quantitative aptitude section.
    • Use predicting logically and position the Assortment by exclusion method
    • Learn how to work in reverse, i.e., working the most striking option in the question and see if it makes logic
    • Change numbers easily like 1/2 is nothing but 50% of any assumed measure.
    • Give superior care to verses like “none,” “all,” or “some” when you recite the actual material in the RC passages
    • Pay more consideration to adverse prefaces also, like dis-, non-, or un-
    • Give distinct attention to adverse numbers if you find them in any of the questions
    • Pay special attention to the phrases like “ONLY”.
    • Don’t twig along in a question for a long time.
    • Try to solve as many questions as possible and pick those questions that you are sure about.

    Incorporating the aforesaid tips into your study plan will take you closer towards success for sure. Any query will be sorted out in the comment box below.


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