Importance of Diversity in Indian B-Schools

30 Jul, 2018

Importance of Diversity in Indian B-Schools The IIMs and other B- Schools have adopted the method of diversity as it matters a lot and has become essential to increases the quality and environment of the college. It is important to maintain growth and development in the surrounding on the basis of gender, religion and educational qualification etc. IIMS for over few years is trying to bring diversity in the classroom by providing admission to non- engineers and 30% women in their colleges. Moreover, these institutes have tried to give best training by adopting a diverse atmosphere inside the premises as the end result shows the development in the educational field. Hence, you might have observed that restricted to a particular gender, age, and language also restricts the quality of the work. So, how can one not take the advantage of diversity in Indian Bussiness Schools? What is the role of diversity etc one must read this article to get their questions answered?

Let’s know about some categories of IBS in terms of diversity.

Gender: Male and female both have completely opposite type of nature. In this society, we’re dependent on one another. By making students of both the gender sit in one classroom helps in breaking the cliché’s related to gender inequality.

    Educational Background: IBS welcomes students from every stream. This helps in giving the opportunity to study in Business School to those people who are not from commerce background but have a strong interest in this field.

    Language:  There are 22 official languages in India. This is the only country where so many languages are present. The common language English unites all the students belonging to their respective language. This removes the fright of connecting to people of some other language.

    Nationality: IBS accepts students from every country. They strongly believe in uniting students belonging to all kinds of nationality.

    Skills: The education system in IBS is not just theoretical but has a lot of practical studies involved in its course. This helps the students to explore their skills apart from the bookish knowledge. At times students are more expressive in the practical study than theory, this is the best way to know their working ability.

    Perspective: Every individual has a different way of thinking. Different perspectives can be collected from the different individual about one topic. Students with creative mindset keep the environment healthy and competitive. This helps you to gain more facts and knowledge. It increases the quality of thinking and provides you with a different perspective.

    Diversity in the education system is getting a lot of attention these days. Studying in a diverse environment is important to increase competitiveness among the students. The main aim of the teachers in IBS is to keep the competition positive and effective. Such an environment not only provides you knowledge but also gives you the confidence to face the world. This type of confidence will encourage you to work hard and get your desired job.

    IBS has made the best choice by implementing diversity in their education system. This will help you in grooming your personality along with the theoretical study.  Diversity will also help you to look into the world with a different eye. IBS has tried to get the students on the right track to achieve their dreams. Diversity broadens your way of thinking and helps you to keep your points in the most proper manner. Classmates are your competitors and also your motivators. Group discussion, debate, quiz, knowledge sharing will increase good relations with your classmates. Sharing facts with each other will help in the growth of your knowledge. Diversity in IBS will lead to good communication skills among the students, which is a very common rule to survive in the business world.


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