IIFT 2019 Preparation Tips

29 Nov, 2018

IIFT 2019 Preparation Tips – Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) is considered to be the Mecca of knowledge for the aspirants who want to pursue MBA in International Business.  IIFT is undoubtedly standing among the top management schools in India. IIFT 2019 Exam will be conducted by the apex body in between December 2018 to January 2019. This exam holds immense prestige and value of a national-level test to be conducted once in a year. IIFT Delhi and Kolkata campuses- both take the admissions on the grounds of IIFT scorecard.

Let’s unveil the IIFT 2019 Preparation Tips to improve the probability of success in this exam next year.

Follow a Time-Table

    Proper distribution and managing time is the key to prepare for the IIFT 2019. Candidates must make a schedule and give equal attention to all the subjects which will cover all the topics and prepare well in advance. Candidates must keep changing their schedule as their syllabus progresses.

    Practice as much as one can

    Practice is the key when it comes to IIFT 2019 Preparation Tips. Most of the candidates wait for their application and registration process to finish and then they start work on preparation which shouldn’t be the case. Once a candidate makes up his mind then the preparation should start immediately after gathering all the required information about the syllabus and examination pattern.

    Practice as much as one can to check speed and time taken to solve each section which will give a fair idea to the candidate as to how they should manage their time. Practice will also make a candidate aware of his strength and weakness and will give ample time to rectify and correct them.


    Have a strategy and make most of it. In other words, candidate must know his strength and weakness and should work upon them. Effort should be laid on working more on weaknesses especially the subjects and sections under the IIFT 2019 syllabus which need more practice and work. Candidates must work to score more marks on the content which they are well versed with and should be able to scrape through the parts which they are not very strong.

    No Time Wastage

    Once the strategy is made for cracking IIFT 2019, candidates should waste no further time. They should work keenly to score more on the sections in which they are confident to maximize their score with speed and accuracy. After thorough preparation, candidates must equally distribute their time on solving the paper and give more stress to questions which need more time. For example, two subsections in the Verbal category have one based on Reading and Comprehension which take time but are easy to solve. The other section comprises on Verbal ability, Grammar and Vocabulary candidates must try to attempt them all and score well in them. This is one of the most vital IIFT 2019 Preparation Tips .

    Content Building

    Candidates applying for IIFT 2019 must be well aware of the entire content of the syllabus. It is advisable to go through old papers of IIFT entrance examination to have a good idea about the kind of questions asked and the various sections of each subject. Candidates must diligently go through the past papers and solve them to have a fair idea about IIFT exam and also to self-evaluate themselves. Practicing old papers will help them to know about their strengths and weaknesses and will give enough time to work upon them.

    There are few online classes which help the students to prepare. Apart from this content, internet and books to prepare for IIFT 2019 examination will guide candidates. There is no other mantra for success other than hard work and dedication. We hope this article helps the candidates with the right IIFT 2019 Preparation Tips exam and we wish them the best.

    Note: Candidates can also read the exam day guidelines before IIFT 2019 exam.


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