How will CAT 2018 Score Influence the Percentile

05 Sep, 2018

How will CAT 2018 Score Influence the Percentile – Since the CAT 2018 exam is around the corner, it is certainly the best time to start your preparations? Most of think it is very tough to crack the CAT 2018 exam, but the fact is, it is not. What just requires is a good understanding of the fundamentals and some constant preparations. If you consider you are one good learner, then IIMs is your ultimate destination. Don’t panic about the mistakes you make. But if you think that you are blunder proof, just give it a second thought! Remember you will have to avoid committing silly mistakes and to identify what blunders you have made, you have to analyze and try not committing those mistakes again.

CAT 2018 Score vs Percentile

There is no precise method for a test like the CAT 2018 where you would know the exact mark you need to score into to get a 99 percentile group as it may completely be contingent on the exertion level of the CAT exam 2018 for the current year. Still, we pass you the definite CAT score Vs Percentile statistics from the preceding year (2016) to get you a fair-minded impression of how much score you will need to gather to get an invite from top B-schools.

    Section wise percentile for the CAT 2018

      90%ile 95%ile 98%ie
    QA 14 17 20
    LR & DI 12 14 17
    VARC 19 22 25
    Overall 42 48 56


    Formerly we bring to you the CAT 2018 marks vs percentile, now let us comprehend what percentile essentially means. A percentile is a portion representing the percentage of candidates beneath you in the distinction list. For instance, if your place is at 95 percentile then it denotes that your position in the distinction list where around 95 percent aspirants contending with you in the exam have notched less than you. Hence, the exam takers acquiring 95 percentile or overhead denotes the top 5 percent of the test takers. So, if the overall number of tangible exam takers is nearly 1 lakh, about 10,000 aspirants (ten percent) would fall under the percentile array of 90 to 100. Hence, the percentile fortified rendering to marks is only symptomatic of your spot and does not correspond to the actual marks or score.

    CAT 2018 Scaling and Standardization Procedure

    The notching procedure of the CAT 2018 comprises scaling and standardization which is a multifaceted scheming process for coming up with the merit of applicants appearing for the CAT 2018 test at various sessions. This notching procedure was applied since IIMs acquainted with the screen-based method of the CAT in the year 2009. The CAT 2018 paper encompassing 100 questions has a scoring pattern where three marks are bestowed for each right answer and exam takers are reprimanded with one negative point for every incorrect answer.

    Quantitative Aptitude: 34

    LR & DI: 32

    VARC: 34

    Below table indicates the CAT 2018 Number of question to attempt Vs the percentile that could be expected

    Questions to Attempt CAT Percentile
    75 questions > than 99.9
    70 questions 99.9
    65 questions 99.7
    60 questions 99.4
    55 questions 99
    50 questions 98
    45 questions 94
    40 questions 90


    How is the CAT 2018 Score Calculated?

    There is a three-step scoring procedure to compute the total score of an aspirant taking the CAT 2018. The foremost step in the scheming process has the aspirant is awarded 3 marks for solving every question right and being reprimanded with -1 for every wrong answer. So if an applicant tries 30 questions in CAT 2018 out of which 10 have been answered wrong, the candidate’s raw marks befit 30*3 = 90-10 (-10 for 10 incorrect answers) ensuing in the total score 80. In the next step, IIMs associate the entrant’s raw score based on the exertion ranks across various segments. In the final step, associated scores are ascended consistently to compute the percentile rank.

    So remember the key points

    1. The raw section-wise and total score acquired in CAT exam 2018 are very important.
    2. The raw score is then converted into a normalized score.
    3. The normalized score is finally altered to percentile score.

    It should be comprehended that the CAT 2018 is all about comparative scores and henceforth, a hard-hitting paper infers that all the exam-takers found the paper challenging and that the percentile would still persist same for a specific applicant.


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