How to Prepare for XAT 2019

20 Aug, 2018

How to Prepare for XAT 2019 – The candidates in order to prepare for the XAT 2019 exam must go through the syllabus for having the overall idea about the topics and type of questions that will be asked in the main XAT 2019 exam to be conducted on 6th January 2019 by the regulating body i.e. XLRI, Jamshedpur. Furthermore, analyze the weakest area and try to strengthen it by taking the help of reference books of best authors and publishers for learning different methods and tricks. Solve the previous years’ question as well as sample papers and try to take an online mock test. However, it very important for the candidates to prepare well for the XAT 2019 exam if they are really inquisitive to seek admission in any of the top management colleges in the country that accepts the score of XAT. Above all, the aspiring candidates ought to stay calm and confident for the entrance test of XAT 2019 and lastly, try to fetch all the significant tips that are provided in this article and prepare accordingly by reading the how to prepare for XAT 2019 that will be beneficial for scoring high percentile in the exam.

XAT 2019 Exam Pattern

Knowing the XAT 2019 exam pattern is the key to solving the question paper. The exam pattern of the XAT 2019 will consist of 4 sections that are divided into two paper shown in the table below. The time duration of the examination will be 180 minutes.

Paper Section No. of Questions Total Marks Total Time Negative Marking
Paper – 1 Verbal and Logical Ability 24 24 170 Min ·         0.25 for any wrong answer and 0.05 for more than 12 unattempted questions
Data Interpretation and Quantitative Ability 27 27
Decision Making 21 27
Paper- 2 General Knowledge 25 25 35 Min ·         No Negative Marking


    Verbal and Logical Ability and General Knowledge (GK)

    This section is dominated by Critical Reasoning & Reading Comprehension areas. The candidates will be requiring a very fine balance between quick reading and comprehension skills. The candidates need to start practicing across Mock Tests which is essential for superior performance. The candidates will have to put greater emphasis on economics and business related facts. It is essential for the candidates to prepare for current events for the last 6 months. In static GK part, candidates should focus on awards, books & authors and geography.

    Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation (QA & DI)

    This section is based on Geometry, Number Systems, Functions, P&C, Probability and Data Interpretation. The candidates need to have strong conceptual base in the above topic. Candidates need to do it with a good application orientation which is the key to do well. Vital areas are Geometry, Number Systems, P&C, Probability and Functions.


    In the last week of the preparation the candidates first need to make the list of topics which were left during preparation. The candidates then need to go through these topics. The candidates need to revise important topics. The candidates will have to be confident and solve previous year question paper. The candidates need to give the mock test online to analyze the preparations or weak points.

    Expert Tips on How to Prepare for XAT 2019 without Coaching

    1. Proper Planning

    It should be noted that this is the most crucial factor that the candidates should keep in mind before starting the preparation for the exam. The candidates need to do proper planning to study as per the schedule and regularly in a prescribed time frame. The candidates are advised to start making a timetable and then start preparing chapters for each subject. In this way, the entire syllabus can be prepared easily and all the topics can be prepared.

    1. Keep on Practice

    Just by learning, the candidates don’t become perfect to prepare for such a high-level competitive exam.  The candidate should know one thing that should be fully adopted is that they should practice a lot until they become perfect in that particular chapter. The candidates need to know that learning with understanding is the best way to prepare such tough exams because using this procedure makes them remember all the topics until the exam occurs.

    1. Recognize your Strong & Weak Sections

    The candidates need to know that this is the key factor that helps them to do the preparation subject-wise by focusing more on subjects that are weak. If the candidate finds that some portion of a weak subject is not important for exam, then that portion should not be prepared.

    1. Solve Previous Year Papers

    This section will make the candidates get familiar with the questions that will come in exam. The candidates when a practice the questions of previous years then this increases the ability to face the exam with much more confidence. By solving previous year question papers this indicates the preparation level of the candidate and how much they should have to work and practice and in which section to achieve the best score for exam.

    1. Time Management

    It is vital to keep in mind that the most important thing is to manage the time effectively so that all the topics and essential topics covered in XAT exam will be covered. The candidates need to try to allocate proper time to each of the subjects according to the schedule and must focus on most important topics rather than less important topics.

    1. Strengthen your Basics

    The candidates must make their basics strong concerning all of the subjects for preparation. The candidates need to know that if their basics are clear then complex topics will also be understood easily. The utmost portion in the examination will be based on the basics. If the basics are clear then, it will help the candidates to score well in the examination.

    This is all about how to prepare for XAT 2019. Follow the aforesaid tips and embrace success in this management entrance exam.


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