How to Plan your Study for CAT 2018

06 Aug, 2018

How to Plan your Study for CAT 2018 – The candidates to crack or qualify the toughest exam for management program i.e. CAT need to strategize the best study plan. Therefore, hereby, we have provided the important tips and tricks for the candidates to follow in order to score high in the CAT 2018 exam. First of all the aspiring candidates need to prepare the study chart on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Secondly, follow the study plan accordingly in order to strengthen your weakest areas to have good command over it. Moreover, make the study plan in such a way that u can even save some time for the revision purpose before one month of the exam. The entrance test of CAT 2018 will be conducted on 25th November 2018 by IIM Calcutta. So, the candidates ought to begin their preparation from now onwards to have a high percentile. Further read the whole article properly and acquire the mandatory tips and tricks.

This year CAT examination will be held in the last week of November. From now CAT 2018 is around 5 months away.

Don’t you People Think that is the High Time to Prepare for the CAT 2018 Examination Now?

Yes, definitely you must start your preparations now. Some of you might be thinking that the time is less, how we can prepare for it if we start it now and many of you might be having a mindset that 5 months are more than enough. A lot of different-different thoughts might be jumping in your minds.

    Let me tell you all that it’s not too late and it’s not too early, you people are required to start your preparations for 2018 now.

    By starting it now, it will not only benefit you but also it will become easy for you students to crack it.

    Now you might be wondering that for “how many hours in a day you should assign to studies while preparing for the CAT 2018 exam”?

    The first thing that you should definitely do is have a look towards the CAT examination pattern. The examination paper which is consisting of three sections. The first section is consist of Verbal ability and Comprehension which contain 34 questions and 102 marks are allotted to this section. The second section is consist of Data Interpretation and logical reasoning which is of 96 marks, for 32 questions and the third section is the Quantitative Ability section which is of 102 marks and contains 34 question.


    You must assign your time according to your capability which is required for the particular section and also don’t forget to build a perfect time-table for it which specify the number of hours for the particular section. Must know your weak points and work hard to overcome them.

    The Basic Measures you Should adopt for the Preparation:

    • The best way to improve your verbal ability and comprehension is to read more and more books. Many of us don’t have the habit of reading books and we don’t like it much but you all must know that it is the best way to improve your grammar. Not only books reading will go to help but reading newspaper will also help in improving the skills. You must be clear with the concepts of grammar and also know what critical reasoning is all about. If your basics will be clear then in the later stage you will not get confused.

    Books like Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, lord of the rings          by JRR Tolkien and the foundation by Ayn Rand will definitely go to help you.

    • You should spend your time by practising Data interpretation and logical reasoning which will result in your better understanding that what this is all about. By doing this you will also get comfortable with this area too.
    • For the Quantitative Aptitude section, try to spend more time on algebra and Geometry in this period of time. You need be clear with the basic concepts and the formulas.
    • Going to coaching centers will also going help you to prepare for the exam but don’t rely on them fully, you need to have self-studies as well and also practice hard for the same.

    Solve the Sample Papers

    Try solving the sample papers as much as possible and also you need to keep in mind certain things after solving the paper:

    1. Don’t focus on the marks or the percentile obtained by you, only you need to do is to focus on the errors that you have made.
    2. Remember your weaknesses will only going to improve when you know them, so try to figure out the weak areas and work harder to overcome them.
    3. Attempt the questions again which were wrong before.
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