How Improved Reading Habits will help you Crack CAT 2018

25 May, 2018

How Improved Reading Habits will help you Crack CAT 2018 – CAT is based on logical reasoning, calculation, reading comprehension, data interpretation, etc. Your reading habits matter a lot to score marks. Good reading habits will remove your mistakes. Reading habit is also important to complete your course fast. Improving the reading habit is very simple. It needs effort and little bit concentration. Many students score 100% marks through self-study. CAT needs thorough revision if you are willing to gain good marks. A good reading habit will improve your studying capacity in all the subjects.

Here are some tips to improve your reading habits:

Reading: Since this exam is in the English language, therefore one should have a strong grip on the language. You must read for one hour every day. A novel with simple English will improve your grammar and vocabulary. And novel with strong English will introduce you to new words and idioms. This will also increase your speed of reading. It is advised to read loudly so that it retains in your mind for a long time. Reading articles, editorials, and newspapers is also important. This will make you aware of the happenings of the world to improve your general knowledge. You must read articles of all genres like literature, politics, history, business, entertainment, etc. This will help you to think in a different way every time. Always start reading those chapters you think you are good at.  The more you read the more you will be able to improve yourself.

    Writing: If you are having difficulty in learning then write and practice what you read. Few people learn fast when they write, this will be a great help for them. Make notes of whatever you find necessary. Writing and learning are important for theory as well as for calculations. Draw diagrams and illustrations to make your understanding easier. Daily write one essay on any topic to improve your grammar, vocabulary and sentence formation. Solve puzzles to improve your logical reasoning. Always try to find easy and different ways of solving a question to make your understanding strong.

    Films and Documentary: There are many films and documentaries made for improving available on YouTube or any other social site on all the subjects that are there in your syllabus. Search for such films because listening along with watching a visual presentation clears a lot of doubt. Start following an interesting web-series in English. This will keep you excited and help you improve your English simultaneously. If you have a problem with verbs and nouns then this will very beneficial for you.

    Solve Mock Papers: Once you are done practicing the basics, you should start solving the mock test papers. This will not only check the improvement on your reading habit but this will also help you for your CAT 2018. This will help you to gain confidence before giving the exam. Take help from reference books to get a better understanding of a particular subject. Mock papers help you to practice according to the exam pattern. Set time limit for every question and then start completing the papers. This will also improve your speed accuracy. Cross check your answers and learn from your mistakes.

    Healthy Habits: Habits related to your health affect your reading habit a lot. Exam time is the most distressing time for any student. They take so much pressure on themselves that they are never able to complete their course properly. You need to keep yourself calm and confident. Solving calculations and logical reasoning in the exam requires a calm mind. Also, while practicing at home, you should take breaks in between of your study to stay fresh. Rest, have snacks and water during that interval. Again get back to study when you feel you had enough of resting. Don’t be in a hurry to complete your course. The hassle leads you to miss some important points. This will help you learn fast and nicely. Healthy habits improve your reading habit.

    Follow these tips to improve your reading habits. This will help you to successfully crack the CAT 2018. All the points should be practiced daily. The more you practice, the more you get close to gaining good marks. Working hard will prepare you for CAT without any coaching. Start improving your reading habit on time so that you manage to complete your syllabus and revision fast.  If you are confident about your knowledge then you’ll clear the exam very easily.


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