From where should I Start the CAT 2018 Preparations

06 Sep, 2018
From where should I Start the CAT 2018 Preparations

From where should I Start the CAT 2018 Preparations – CAT exam date has been announced by the examination authority which will be held on November 25, 2018. Hence the candidates must start to prepare for the exam. If it is your first attempt then you must spend much time on your preparation and if you are not appearing for the first time then you might be aware for the exam pattern, number of sections and syllabus as well as marking scheme. The best time to start the preparation is before the announcement of the notification. But still, there are few people who do not have the idea of where and when to start the preparation.

Try to Answer the below Questions first before you Start with the CAT 2018 Preparations:

  1. How much strong are you about the basics and concepts? If you are stronger, then you might not need to dedicate as much as the time the one who is weaker in concepts dedicate.
  2. Do you have preparation strategy? Are you going to have a good guide to help you in preparations?
  3. The actual time you are planning to start the preparations. For instance 2 years before or just 2 months before the CAT 2018.

These are just basic items to be checked by any candidate. But we have something in unique for the type of student.

    The Quantitative section is considered to be the toughest of all the sections. So try to spend the greater amount of your time for this section. Aspirants should reread and make sure to be strong with all the basic concepts and formulas across all sections in quant. This is suggested as the CAT has over the years verified students on their aptitude skills to understand basics rather than solving tough problems.

    Next is to try spending time on solving at least 100 problems from various sub-sections in quant. The aim should be on understanding the methodologies to solve a problem and still not trying to understand the question. Finally just relax and rewind whatever you have studied.

    Finally, section-wise mock tests and complete Mock tests are to be taken. The Mocks have a typical set of problems that are very similar to the actual CAT 2018.

    The Data Interpretation & Logical reasoning section, does not involve too many concepts to learn. So plan for this section would be like:

    Topics to cover:

    • Data sufficiency
    • Tables and case lets
    • Data arrangements
    • Syllogism
    • Clocks & Calendar
    • Bar diagrams
    • Pie charts
    • Graphs
    • Data analysis and comparison

    The elementary study material is to be rapidly reread and basic theories of Speed Math to be brushed up. This activity should not consume more than one week. The next phase would be to rehearse by solving multiple sets with timer and try to analyze if you have missed revising anything. If yes then try to catch-up with those.

    If you think you will have to learn something new, this is definitely not the right time to do it. Try to solve puzzles from various sources like books, online games, etc. And try to take up 1 to 2 Mock tests during this week. Remember you may have to accommodate other sections as well.

    The VARC section of the CAT 2018 is considered to be the easiest of all the other sections. So the plan should be as follows. The verbal ability and reading comprehension (VARC) section are of utmost importance in the CAT exams, and making yourselves for the same in the correct way is exceptionally important. To surpass in the VARC section, aspirants must have the habit of reading newspapers, periodicals and novels habitually – this aids them to develop vocabulary and at the same time helps you to be well-informed. VARC section consists of total 34 questions of which 24 are multiple choice and 10 are non- multiple choice type of questions. One must have a strong command over English to score high in this section.

    • Try to give importance to the keywords in comprehension section and not necessarily on every word. Yes, it might be surprising but that’s the fact. Try to practice RC section, by eliminating unnecessary words, phrases, sentences etc.
    • Spend at least 2 hours per day to reading practice. This could be from the normal newspapers, weekly periodicals or from online articles. This activity can go until the last week of the CAT 2018. Try to read as many novels, books as you can and remember to finish them within two to three weeks of time.
    • Grammar section will have questions from the subject-verb agreement, prepositions, parallel construction, phrasal verbs etc. Grammar is a close relative of mathematics. It has its own set of rules to be followed. Better brush up your grammatical skills as well this week.

    This is how you can start your preparation for CAT 2018 and embrace the success.


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