Easy Tips & Tricks to Nail IIFT 2019

01 Sep, 2018
Easy Tips & Tricks to Nail IIFT 2019

Easy Tips & Tricks to Nail IIFT 2019 – IIFT 2019 examines the candidate’s speed, precision and knowledge. Aspirants must prepare well in advance and evade shortcuts. Solving IIFT’s old question papers will help them know the outline and time required to solve each section. General knowledge is a simple section, and if you are conscious of current general and international subjects as well as present business and economic drifts, then one will get more grades than others. The IIFT Easy tips & Tricks to nail 2019 IIFT will help aspirants with just a few weeks available before the IIFT 2019 exam. This two-hour exam includes 125 questions. A few Easy tips & Tricks to nail IIFT for refreshing knowledge and last-minute skills are briefly discussed in this

Know the Syllabus

  • Make sure to first familiarize you with the test pattern of the IIFT 2019. This will ease your preparation and pave the way for the Crack IIFT 2019.
  • The exam is of pen and paper mode and prompts you to answer questions from 4 sections. The questions will be MCQ kind and you must spot the correct answer to each question in order to score well.
  • To get ready for IIFT 2019, you must choose the best books. These books are a guide and will help you study appropriately and acquire grades necessary to get you the admission to the MBA (IB) in any of the IIFT campuses

    IIFT Quantitative Aptitude Approach and Preparation

    • The selection of questions is the most important thing in this section. IIFT generally contains a mix of questions: some very simple and some very difficult. This is where your paper management capability comes in. You need to identify and solve the simplest questions, because time management is so important in the exam.

    IIFT Logical Reasoning Approach and Preparation

    • Section IIFT LR and DI is divided into these two parts (LR and DI). If you look at the general trends for the IIFT LR section, this is generally easier than the DI section. This makes it a hot choice for students who focus on this part of the exam and try to delete cut breaks with LR.

    IIFT Data Interpretation Approach and Preparation

    • Conventionally, the IIFT DI section is one of the hardest because it contains extremely compute-intensive sets. In the past year, this trend has been declining and some of the sets were lighter compared to previous years. Nevertheless, some sentences retained the IIFT nature and required extensive calculations

    IIFT Verbal Ability Approach and Preparation

    • The section “Verbal Ability” consists of questions based on vocabulary and grammar. The exam last year brought a surprise with a crossword puzzle in this section. If you are not prepared for such issues in such situations, you can skip them first and come back later if you have time.

    Know about the Admission Process

    • We have found that IIFT’s study pattern is simple and easy to comprehend. In addition, the selection procedure for admission to this college is positive to candidates who obtain good grades in the entrance exam and appear for GD / PI.
    • The most key thing to keep in mind when preparing for the exam is that you need to have minimal cut-off marks in each section of the paper, in addition to the total cut-off value.

    Have a Strategy

    • Begin your preparation with the section where you are weak. That way, you have enough time to clear up your concepts and solve enough questions to understand the section and score well in this section. You need to achieve higher accuracy rather than having to answer a larger number of questions with less accuracy.
    • If you are bored and want to break the monotony, go into the simple section you know and start practicing it. You will quickly complete your entire curriculum and have your concepts clarified.
    • Have the habit of skimming newspapers and good novels. Similarly, you will be updated and have preparation for English usage and reading comprehension.
    • Once you are sure of the theories and have solved sufficient questions about a particular section, go to Mock Tests. This will help you to analyze your preparations, and you will also get an idea of brands that you can rate in IIFT 2019.
    • If you have scored fewer points than the minimum, you can train hard and improve your weaker sections.

    Make use of Mock Tests

    • It is not recommended to attempt the IIFT entrance exam without mock or part-time tests. Mock tests helps you examine the areas of strengths and weaknesses and develop the preparation strategy. Over the last five days, candidates should try about three to four mock exams and focus on analyzing the full test.
    • Mock exams that you solve will give the candidate a fair idea about their strengths and weaknesses.
    • Allot time to the sections that need more time to solve. It is best to follow what a candidate has practiced during the mock tests.

    If you have prepared for the IIFT 2019 by following the tips and strategies outlined on the top of this page, there is nothing else preventing you from getting good scores. You’ll be done with your curriculum quickly and without hassles. In addition, the books you have will be a good friend for you. Get it whenever you want and answer your questions.


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