DU JAT 2019 Exam Analysis

18 Sep, 2018

DU JAT Exam 2019 Exam Analysis – DU JAT is also known as Joint Admission Test is most probably held in the month of June across 18 cities in India. The exam held will be online that is computer-based test. The Joint Admission Test is steered by Delhi University and is conducted every year to select the deserving candidates for admission in B.A (Hons), BBA (FIA), BMS, and Business economics program offered by the University. The analysis of the exam paper will give the insight of the section-wise and overall difficulty level of the exam, cutoff percentile, topic-wise distribution of question and unexpected changes. Accordingly to the analysis of 2018, the overall paper was found moderate to high difficulty level with broadly 4 sections. General Knowledge section was found easy to moderate where General English and Analytical and Logical Reasoning section was easy. The Quantitative Aptitude section was moderately difficult. Henceforth, the exam analysis is prepared based on the info shared by the candidates and by the experts. According to Career Launcher, the DU JAT 2018 exam difficulty level was considered to be easy to moderate. The candidates to acquire more info on DU JAT 2019 Exam Analysis along with the sectional analysis must read the article below.

Key Highlights of DU JAT 2018 Exam

  • The exam was held in two session that is the shift – 1 and shift – 2
  • The test paper was divided into 4 sections and there was no restriction to attempt the sections.
  • The total number of questions asked in the exam was 100 carrying 400 marks in overall.
  • Each correct answer carries 4 marks and one mark will be deducted for wrong answers.
  • The difficulty level of the DU JAT 2018 is moderate difficulty level.
  • The sections were General Awareness, Analytical & Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and General English.
  • A timer is set on the screen and the candidates can keep on track of the time which will start as soon as the exam begins.
  • Also, the candidates can make use of the scientific calculator and exam status on the side panel that is the candidates can check the overview of the answer, unanswered, and flagged questions.
  • According to the selection criteria of DU JAT, 65% weightage will be given for the entrance exam and 35 % weightage will be given to the qualifying marks i.e. marks obtained in 12th

DU JAT 2019 Exam Analysis – Overall Difficulty

Before we move to the further section that is detailed section wise analysis first let’s have a look on the exam pattern of DU JAT 2018 which will give the overview for the upcoming session. The test paper consists of 100 questions divided into four sections. Each correct answer carries 4 marks and 1 mark will be deducted for wrong answers. The table given below will give you the clear picture of the difficulty level of each section and the number of question section wise.

Name of the Sections Number of Questions Difficulty Level
Quantitative Aptitude 25 Moderate-Difficult
General English 26 Easy-Moderate
General Awareness 25 Easy-Moderate
Analytical and Logical Reasoning 24 Easy

DU JAT 2019 Exam Analysis – Section Wise

    According to the feedback of the candidate who had appeared in DU JAT 2018 exam and the expert’s opinion the section wise analysis is given below for the candidates to analyze the level of the exam for the upcoming session.

    DU JAT 2019 Exam Analysis – General Awareness

    This section was considered easy to moderate and most of the questions was asked from current affairs and few questions from GK section. According to the experts such as Career Launcher shared its view saying that the questions were mostly based on static GK covering sports, Literature, Science, Economics, and History etc. whereas six question was asked from current affairs. Further, said that this is the scoring section, which requires thorough preparation of last two years’ happenings. If a candidate, has prepared well and attempted 16 – 18 questions with accuracy can achieve good marks.

    • The question asked from static GK was 16 numbers.
    • 9 questions were asked about current affairs topic.

    DU JAT 2019 Exam Analysis – General English

    This section was seemed to easy as said by Career Launcher but according to the students, the paper was found to be doable. The questions asked were from spelling, Antonyms, Fill in the blanks and Idioms. The antonyms were found to be a bit difficult while spellings were easy. According to the expert’s view of the coaching, institute states that the questions were easy and only one passage was asked which was based on History followed by five questions which were asked directly from the passage. The spellings asked were common which we come across while reading whereas eight questions were asked from idioms and phrases which were easy and we across while reading. Only one question was asked from fill in the blanks. This section could be complete within 15 to 20 minutes. A candidate who has attempted around 18 – 20 questions correctly can obtain good marks.

    Let’s see the breakup of the question which is given below in the table:

    Topics Number of Questions
    Reading Comprehension 5
    Fill in the blanks 1
    Spelling 4
    Idioms, Phrasal verb 8
    Synonyms, Antonyms 8
    Total Question 26

    DU JAT 2019 Exam Analysis – Analytical and logical reasoning

    This section was not very difficult but was easy and on the other hand, it was a bit time to consume. As per the expert’s opinion, Career Launcher, the difficulty level of this section was found to be easy. The questions which were basically asked were from Arrangement, Series, Coding-Decoding, Analogy, Direction, and Syllogism.

    Let’s see the table below which consist of the breakup of questions:

    Topics Number of Questions
    Comparison 2
    Arrangement 10
    Coding – Decoding 2
    Series 4
    Direction 1
    Analogy 3
    Syllogism 1
    Cube 1
    Total 24

    DU JAT 2019 Exam Analysis – Quantitative Analysis

    The candidates who were good at Maths can score goods marks but the paper was found difficult for those candidates whose Maths were weak. This section was considered to be moderate as the questions asked were basically based on modern Maths, higher Maths, and Statistics etc. If a candidate had attempted 19 to 21 questions can score good marks.

    Let’s see the breakup of the question which is given in the table below:

    Topics Number of Questions
    Vectors 3
    Trigonometry 2
    Time and Work 1
    Statistics 1
    Series 1
    Sequence and Series 1
    Probability and Permutation 2
    Matrices 2
    Integration 1
    Geometry and Mensuration 4
    Functions 2
    Differentiation and its Applications 4
    Coordinate Geometry 1
    Total 25

    DU JAT Exam Analysis by Indian Express

    According to the analysis published by Indian Express, the leading newspaper has shared his opinion regarding the DU JAT exam as saying that the overall paper was easy. Therefore the key highlights of the exam are as follows:

    Highlight of the exam

    • The exam was held in 18 cities across the country
    • The exam conducted was online that is a computer-based test
    • The test paper carries 100 questions
    • For each correct answer, 4 marks were given and 1 mark was deducted for each wrong answer.
    • The result is expected to be released in the month of July.

    Section wise analysis

    Now let’s have a look into section wise analysis as stated by

    General Awareness

    In this section, the majority of questions were asked from static GK covering the following topics – sports, literature, science, economics, history etc whereas only six question was asked about current affairs.

    General English

    This section was found easy. The test paper in this section consisted only one passage based was on history and most of the question was based on vocabulary, antonyms, spelling correction. Eight questions were asked from idioms and phrases which were easy, one question from fill in the blanks. No special efforts were needed and the entire paper was completed within 15 – 20 minutes.

    Analytical and Logical Reasoning

    This section was considered t be easy as the question asked is covered from the following section such as Series, Arrangement, Analogy, Coding-Decoding, Direction, and Syllogism.

    Quantitative Aptitude

    This section was considered of the moderate level. The topics covered were co-ordinate geometry, function, geometry, sequence and series, matrices, probability, differentiation, statistics, application of derivatives, trigonometry, vectors, etc.

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