Don’t quit the job for CAT preparations?

25 May, 2018

Don’t quit the job for CAT preparations – According to experts, the ideal time to start the preparations for the CAT exams 2018 in April. So you will have nearly 6 months to prepare. Try to segregate the time prudently for understanding the theories, concepts, improving your skills, practicing, and giving as many mock exams as possible. Are you a first timer? So if you are attempting CAT for the first time, then irrespective of how strong you are, you may need to spend much of time during preparations. If you are not a first timer, you will be much aware of the sections, syllabus, the pattern of the exam etc. which will reduce the preparation time considerably.

  • Is it a good decision to quit the job?
  • Will resigning the job have an undesirable impact on my profile?

These are queries that many candidates ask themselves since there is an enormous impact on obtaining tutelage from a prominent college and an MBA is for most the latter immense bang that they can acquire to get a branding for themselves.

    Since working professionals don’t get much time like any other to prepare, planning is highly recommended for them. You may have to spend at least 30 to 35 hours per week to score well. You may also consider joining some weekend coaching classes to spend some dedicated time. So the working professionals’ cum aspirants must first decide if they are planning to give the CAT 2018 exams the current year and in the next year. If in case you are planning to give a try this year, then it is already time for you to start your preparations.

    Remember, the CAT exam is all about thrust and passion. The concentration with which an aspirant gets ready from the beginning will only work. End of the day it is all about planning and sticking to the plan. A candidate can typically start the preparations by June; will be able to contentedly complete all the CAT Syllabus by August, or at least by early September. This timeframe will allow an aspirant to take up a minimum of 20 mock tests.

    Make sure to stay motivated throughout the entire coaching program. Don’t forget to concentrate on your academic exams too, as they will be considered during the admission process. You have some ample time to start your preparations. Some coaching centers offer yearlong coaching classes which allow you to leisurely prepare. Since you are going to have the minimum of one and half year to prepare, you may dedicate one to three hours per day or 15 to 20 hours per week.

    If you are planning to resign, be ready to face the harmony everywhere.

    Before you quit, you must be ready to face in every single interview –‘Why did you quit?’

    This question is destined to be shadowed by other questions such as

    • Certainly, you did quit just preparing for the CAT?
    • Does it mean you cannot handle multiple tasks at the same time?
    • Does it mean you are not self-organized?

    How your profile does get affected if you quit the job?

    There are universities such as IIM-A and several others that give importance to previous job experience in the selecting procedure. In such situations, you may lose out on treasured points and you will have some pressure on scoring high percentile in the CAT exams.

    So ideally what is the best time to quit the job to prepare for the CAT?

    The guileless response is that if all you want to do is resign and prepare for the CAT you must be ready to dedicate at least 8 to 10 hours per day. If you do this you will not need more than 3 months on the whole. So working rearward, your work break should ideally begin from August.

    After reading through the article so far, you just made up your cognizance to twitch your work break for the CAT preparations by June the current year then put in something more than you can and it should be balanced as well. As pondered above, assessors will have a wonderful time revolving you over during the personal interview round.

    In all the cases where the candidates have efficaciously made it into a top management school regardless of a break of 7 to 10 months by the period they confronted their discussions. IT is all about how you handle the situation. So better be prepared!


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