Do I really need an MBA Degree

06 Sep, 2018
Do I really need an MBA Degree?

Do I really need an MBA Degree – Today, most of the recruiters give first preference to the individual having MBA degree. Hence, to become successful in the corporate world, MBA degree is necessary as it makes a huge impact towards career success and financial rewards. Recruiters are always in search of those candidates who possess both managerial as well as professionals skills. Also, it adds an additional point in career growth and they are offered with good salary package. Therefore MBA plays a vital role in getting a good job especially in the field of marketing, finance, HR and banking and many more. This is the basic reason why most of the candidates prefer to opt for doing MBA after their graduation.

There are Various Reasons for Opting MBA.

  1. Increase in Salary

Money is an important element for an individual’s growth as it motivates individual to work harder and better.  MBA graduates are paid more as they more knowledge about the corporate world.

  1. High in Demand

    Most of the multinationals companies like TCS, Mahindra, and Mahindra and many more mostly prefer MBA graduates as they are already familiar with atmosphere and working schedule.

    1. More Career Options

    An MBA graduate can enjoy more carrier opportunities. Some of the sectors are finance, marketing, human resource management.  An MBA graduate can be employed on job profiles like human resource manager, business manager, account executives.

    1. Strengthening network

    MBA provides an opportunity to an individual to interact with business professionals during internship and job.  Corporate sectors regularly conduct business meetings, business travels etc. which gives the opportunity to an individual to strengthen their network.

    1. Opportunity to work abroad

    Indian companies and foreign companies always look for a candidate who has master’s degree in management and can work in rotational shifts. They prefer a candidate who has an excellent academic record.

    1. Develops logical thinking

    Usage of business presentations, statistics during an MBA program helps to develop a logical reasoning in the individual. This helps business professionals to solve big problems and can make good decisions out of it.


    Selection of college for perusing MBA degree is important indeed. There are no. of colleges in India as well as abroad that offer a masters degree in management. There are renowned institutes like Symbiosis Pune, Amity University, IIMS Ahmadabad, etc.

    There are colleges abroad as well which offer master’s degree in management but an individual must know the fee structure, scholarships exams for foreign students. They must know the eligibility as well before applying. They must know the basic information about the MBA program.

    If you are Planning to Study abroad …….

    There are several things an individual should keep in mind before opting a masters degree from overseas.

    1. Selection of the Country

    There are various countries like USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, and UK where master’s degree programs are run by the prestigious universities. However, not all colleges in foreign countries provide higher education. Is perusing a master’s program from overseas a better option?  It depends on individual’s interest and field he/ she wants to pursue his /her career.

    1. Educational Expenses

    Money is an important factor for perusing degree whether bachelor’s or masters. Studying in abroad will be obviously costlier than the home country. An individual must be aware of all the expenses related to education. Before applying for the program you must know about the fee structure and scholarships test for the students.

    1. Cost of living

    With fee structure and scholarships, you need the cost of living in abroad as well. All the things in foreign countries are costlier than the home country. Whether a student will be living in college hostel or flat, it depends on you. There should be an estimated budget before making choices.

    MBA provides insight and in-depth knowledge of the corporate sector. Therefore, pursue MBA for giving a path to your career.


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