Common mistakes to be avoided by CAT aspirants on exam day

04 Sep, 2018
Common mistakes to be avoided by CAT aspirants on exam day

Common mistakes to be avoided by CAT aspirants on exam day – India’s toughest exam, Common Admission Test is considered to be difficult among the other management exams to qualify and seek admission in top IIMs as CAT exam is round the corner that is on November 25th, 2018. To qualify the exam, intense preparation with some tips and tricks will communally be helpful for the candidates. With the aim to get admission in top IIMs, the candidates work hard day and night but the hard work may go in vain if some silly mistakes are not avoided and all they will be left with is regrets. This commonly happens with all the candidates and they commit mistakes either in panic or in anxiety. So not to be in the situation of regret, the candidate must avoid such mistakes by being alert on the exam day. Let’s have a look on the do and don’ts on the exam day.

Common Mistakes to Be Avoided by CAT Aspirants on Exam Day

The stress level of the candidate is high as the exam day arrives nearer creating confusion and low level of confidence. To boost the confidence it is very essential for the aspirants to be attentive to avoid silly mistakes. Few points are laid below for the candidates to follow in order to ace in the exam and secure good marks. Below some basic tips on CAT exam day are furnished which a candidate must read to avoid making mistake and turn hard work to gain success.

  • Admit Card – CAT admit card is the most important document that should be carried on the exam day. If a candidate forgets to carry along with them on the exam day then they will not be allowed to enter the examination hall. Also, the candidate must download the admit card from the website one or two days before to avoid last minute rush. After downloading the admit card paste your recent photograph and do not sign on the photograph earlier. As the signature is to be done in front of the invigilator. Before leaving for the exam centre read the instructions mentioned in the admit card carefully and carry all the documents required.
  • Identity Proof: The candidates must ensure that they carry any one of the identity proof along with them as mention in the admit card. The identity proof that must be carried is PAN card, voter ID, passport, UID card, Driving License, college Id, employer’s identification card.
  • Avoid not sleeping much – The aspirants must ensure that they take proper sleep so that you go for the exam in a fresh mind. As physical routine one must follow to stay positive.
  • Avoid doing last minute revision – The aspirants must avoid doing revision one day before the exam as a last-minute study may create lots of confusion which will lead to bad decision making. Try to keep your mind free and relax.
  • Do not lose your confidence and relax – The candidates must stay strong and determined to gain fruitful result and if you lose your confidence and focus, the result will get affected. Do not be impatient and stay focused.
  • Check the admit card thoroughly – The candidate must read the admit card carefully as the name of the center, address and time is mentioned on it and accordingly plan.
  • Read the question paper – The aspirants must not start answering the question without reading it properly. It very important for the candidates to read the question paper thoroughly and the instructions were written on it. Try not to guess the answers as the wrong answer will lead to the negative marking.


    • Avoid last minute preparation of new topic – So far you are sure that your preparation is up to the mark but still you find that few topics are still to be covered. At the last moment or one day before the exam avoid starting any new topic to create any confusion. Keep books and notes away from you at the last minute.
    • Scan each section thoroughly – Before writing the answers it is very important for the candidates to read each section thoroughly as this will give you an idea which questions you should attempt first and which question to skip.
    • Do revision one week before the exam- Revision is the vital part to be considered for last moment. It must include the basic concept, shortcuts, formulas, and more importantly the question which was missed while solving during the mock test due to the silly mistake. This silly mistake should be avoided on the exam day. Through revision, you can cover the entire syllabus.
    • Give a fresh start to every section – The candidates’ focus must be to obtain good percentile in sections as sectional percentile carries equal importance. The key point to keep in mind while approaching each section is to attempt with a fresh mind and must forget what has happened in the previous section. Before attempting, spare 5 minutes to go thoroughly the section and then start writing.
    • Use of online calculator – The candidates while taking the mock test must practice using the virtual calculator but if you are not accustomed to it do not use and waste your time. For calculation rough sheet will be provided which you can use it for calculation. Do not waste time by using the online calculator if you are not so efficient, as the calculator does not work fast.
    • Important documents to be carried – The candidates must check the documents which they have to carry on the exam day before leaving form the house. The important documents that need to carry are Admit card along any of the identity proof such as driving license, passport, PAN card, Voter ID, college ID, or employer’s identification card.
    • Check the venue details – It is very important for the candidate to check a day before of the examination the details related to the venue such as the name of the exam centre, address, and reporting time also try to locate the location to avoid panic in the morning of the exam day.
    • Reach the exam centre on time – On the exam day reach the centre at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination. Avoid reaching late to the exam centre. So start early from home so that you do not be stuck up in the traffic or may not be late for not arrival of the cab on time.
    • Take care of your health – Do take so much stress and eat healthy food as well as take proper sleep. Try to stay calm and focused.


    • Do not get stuck on a question – Try not be stuck on one question to solve it, if you are able to solve a question in a minute then it is good or else move to next question as there is a sectional time frame allotted to complete each section.
    • Avoid taking the mock test – The aspirants must avoid taking the mock test a day before the examination so that you do not create any confusion in your mind. Keep your mind relax
    • Avoid carrying electronic gadgets – The candidates must make sure that they do not carry any kind of electronic gadgets such as a calculator, phone, or watch.
    • Do not arrive late at exam centre – CAT aspirants must not arrive late to the exam centre and must ensure that you arrive early to avoid last-minute panic and not taking risk of being allowed to the examination hall. Eventually, this may lead to losing your cool of mind as this is much more required while writing the exam. Also, make sure that you have taken enough sleep the night before.
    • Do not get stuck – If you need to score good percentile in each section then you must not be stuck to one section at each of the section carries equal importance. If you find any question difficult and is time taken then move on to the other question which you find to solve it easily. This way you will avoid losing time. In the zeal to solve more questions the candidates must not spend more than 2 minutes of time on one question.
    • Do not ignore the time limit and accuracy – While attempting the question the candidates must keep in mind the time limit as each section is allotted certain time to solve it. If you do not follow the time frame then you might not score good percentile and may lead to lose the accuracy.

    Hopefully, the above article will prove to be fruitful for the aspirants appearing for CAT 2018. Make sure that you do not commit silly mistakes on the exam day.


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