CMAT 2019 Preparation Tips

23 Oct, 2018

CMAT 2019 Preparation Tips – Candidates intended to appear in the entrance test of CMAT for the year must start preparing from now onwards on a regular basis. Therefore, we have provided the details of preparation tips for the candidates to follow accordingly and acquire high percentile. However, for the proper preparation candidates must strategize the study plan on the basis of syllabus and exam pattern. Further, solve the previous years’ sample as well as question papers in order to know the difficulty level of the exam, to analyze the weakest portion so that it can be fortified to overcome the weakness. Also, purchase the reference books for each subject to learn different tips and tricks for solving complex questions in less time duration. Apart from this, prior 3-4 months of the commencement of the exam, start taking an online mock test to enhance the accuracy and to learn time management skills. Therefore, here we have provided a brief description about the CMAT 2019 preparation tips. For more information related to the same, read the whole article thoroughly.

CMAT 2019 Preparation Tips – Section -wise

Section –wise preparation tips are given below.

  1. Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation
  • The questions for this sections are covers the following topics Arthimetic, higher mathematics, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, permutation & combination, geometry, and algebra etc.
  • Candidates must ensure that all the topics are covered thoroughly.
  • This section is a scoring section as lots of practice is required; solve as much as mock test paper and previous question paper too.
  • Remember the formulas and adapt fast calculation techniques. Do not stick to a question to solve again and again.
  1. Logical Reasoning –
  • This section covers the following topics Linear Arrangements, Blood Relations, Visual Reasoning and Coding Decoding.
  • This is the toughest section and time consuming as it does not have to follow any specific pattern, the question requires time to read, think and solve. The question is random questions based on logic
  • Break the paragraph into smaller sentences while attempting the Inference based, cause & effect, assumption questions.
  1. Language Comprehension:
  • This section consists of Verbal Reasoning, Grammar, Para Jumble, Fact Inference Judgment, Vocabulary and Fill in the Blanks.
  • Strengthen your vocabulary and analytical skills to score in this section.
  • Read the rules of grammar, newspaper, and editorials every day.
  1. General Awareness:
  • This section covers questions from current affairs, banking, sports, art and culture, geography, history, politics, and business etc.
  • Make maximum notes on GK section
  • You can score marks in this section if you keep updated with the latest news and current affairs.
  • Read newspapers every day and keep updated with the latest happenings around the world.

General preparation tips

    Intense practice and know your syllabus:

    Quantitative techniques, data interpretation, and logical reasoning section require a lot of practice and are also a scoring section. Practicing this section will make the candidates perfect for the difficulty level of this section is usually moderate. You must also be familiar with the syllabus as this will help the candidates to know where the questions are asked.

    Solve Mock test:

    Practicing mock test is very the important tips for the aspirants. It will help you to understand the exam pattern, a number of questions asked and marking scheme as well as you can understand your strength and weakness and even manage your time. This helps in overcoming your fear and increases the confidence level.

    Time Management is very important for any entrance exam. As the CMAT exam consists of 180 minutes and the candidates must ensure that the time should be utilized well and even be aware how much time is required to spend in each section. To save time the candidates must first attempt the easy questions to avoid the wastage of time in difficult questions.

    Strong fundamental and regular revision:

    The knowledge of basic concepts should be strong as most of the questions are based on the fundamentals as this will help the candidates to score well. Regular revision makes the candidates familiar with the question and exam pattern so one must keep revising the chapters to score better marks and will increase the level of confidence.

    Practice the Shortcuts

    Learning the shortcuts is of great importance and is one of the effective ways to increase the speed. Having the knowledge of shortcuts, you can solve the questions in less time. However, the candidates should focus on the shortcuts after you have a clear understanding of the basic concepts.

    Set a finishing date:

    It is very important to set a date to finish the syllabus and plan the preparation strategy. Setting a goal will help you to finish the entire syllabus on time and you will even get time to do the revision. Once you have completed the syllabus, you can start giving the mock test and solving the previous year question paper.

    Keep a balance in your studies:

    The exam paper comprises of four sections and no section holds extra importance or vice versa, thus you should ensure that you do invest the equal amount of time daily for each section and this way you spare yourself the boredom of studying one subject the whole day.

    Stay fit both mentally as well as physically:

    Don’t ignore your health in taking priority to your dream as skipping meals or losing physical activity will not help you to achieve your goals. It is very important to keep yourself free from stress to make you feel fresh.


    Some toppers who shared their preparation tips are as given below which will be helpful to for you:

    • Give quality time to practice and revise regularly. To get success the only mantra is practice as much as you can.
    • Refer different books apart from books recommended by your seniors.
    • Solve more and more tests, focus to increase your speed and put more efforts on GK to score better.
    • Keep updated with the latest news and things happening around the world.
    • Keep yourself free from stress and stay calm.

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