CAT 2018 Preparation Topics to Cover to Score 99 Percentile in Quant

27 Jul, 2018

CAT 2018 Preparation Topics – CAT Preparation Topics to Cover to Score 99 Percentile in Quant The candidates to score 99 percentile in the Common entrance test (CAT) that is going to be conducted on 25th of November 2018 must focus on the toughest section of CAT exam i.e. Quant. In CAT exam, the section of quantitative aptitude is given the weightage of 1/3 of the whole paper. Now, it is important for the candidates to know the syllabus or the topics that are covered under this section. So, basically, it consists of questions that are based on logic and concepts. Moreover, solving this section can be quite perplexing for test takers as the difficulty level of the section ranges from moderate to high.

The Quantitative Aptitude section aims at checking the mathematical and problem-solving skills of the candidates. This section comprises of fundamental mathematics 10 + 2 difficulty level and the questions that are asked in this section are based on Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Commercial Mathematics etc.

CAT 2018 Preparation Topics Expected Weightage (Questions)
Profit, Loss and Interest 3-5 Q
Ratio, Proportions, and Mixtures 2-5 Q
Time, Speed, Distance and Work 3-6 Q
Geometry 6-8 Q
Number 10-14 Q
Algebra 6-8 Q

CAT 2018 Preparation Topics – Quantitative Aptitude | Sections Covered


    Numbers: The groundwork for Number system should be trailed by the Arithmetic which encompasses of more curious topics which may be used practically. 30 to 35% of this section emphasizes on numbers. Make sure to be clear with the concepts from this chapter. Additional topics to cover under ‘Number’ –

    • Number Base System
    • BODMAS,
    • HCF/LCM
    • Mean/Median/Mode
    • Average, Ratio and Proportion
    • Percentage

    Algebra: One another important topic where will have to prove your expertise. If you wish to make it in the merit list, make sure you master this topic. If your basics of algebra are good, you are going to make it.

    • Equation
    • In-Equation
    • Quadratic Equation

    Geometry: Geometrical formulas are of utmost importance for you crack the quantitative section of CAT. Most of the questions from this section are very simple and formula based. The main issue with Geometry syllabus is that most of don’t study it after 10th class. So focus more on,

    • Triangles – Basic Concepts
    • Area, Angles
    • Similar, special Triangles,
    • Cube, Cone, Spheres, Rectangle

    These sections are clustered together as they deal with the portion of QA that can be imagined and arrived at answers. Of the three, maximum weight is given to geometry, and every CAT paper will have 3-4 questions from mensuration, as well as some from coordinate geometry, with a total of about 25-30% of questions in the Quantitative section.

    Data Interpretation: This section is where mathematics is important for answering the questions. Mostly the topics are based on percentages, averages, permutation & combination, etc.

    Modern math: This is the last section of the Quantitative aptitude, it is generally the toughest to crack, as it involves a high level of thinking and difficulty level is also high. But, if you desire to become a best scorer and make it to the merit list, then you need to master this part too!

    CAT 2018 Preparation Topics – Tips to Crack Quantitative Aptitude

    Concepts are the key

    Try to cover most the concepts, which are the key to crack the Quantitative section. Ensure to learn all the theories, concepts and formulae. This will help you solve the questions at first shot.

    Solving Old question papers

    Most of them are antagonistic about the thought of solving previous year CAT questions as the may change this year. Regardless of that thought, it is highly endorsed to solve all previous year questions, and specifically too section-wise.

    Easy Arithmetic

    Arithmetic section is one of the topics which are covered in school. The simple nature of the topic can be deceptive at times so be prepared to face it.

    Shortcuts don’t work all time!

    Learning some super-fundas may sound very nice, but this is the major distraction factor! The CAT question is based on vague formulas. In fact, most theories check theoretical clarity. Remember!

    CAT 2018 | Quantitative Aptitude – Key Points to Note

    • Total number of questions in quant section: 34
    • Number of Multiple Choice Qs: 24 to 27
    • Number of Non- Multiple Choice Qs: 7 to 10
    • The sections in CAT exam 2018 syllabus for Quantitative section are only suggestive and may vary year on year.

    This is all about the quant subjects you need to cover for scoring 95 percentile in the quantitative ability section of CAT 2018 exam.


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