CAT Preparation Tips & Tricks to Improve Accuracy in Quant like a Pro

12 May, 2018

CAT Preparation Tips & Tricks to Improve Accuracy in Quant– The time is here to prepare for CAT 2018. There is no such ideal time to start preparing for the CAT exams. If you want to make it to the merit list, start the earlier! Remember the basic fact, you can get to do a simple level of groundwork and an ok score very easily – But that’s not the point! Cracking it with a great score is all we want. Here are some tips and strategy to be noted to prepare for the CAT exams.

Quant section of CAT has always been the toughest for the exam takers. Perhaps, that’s the reason why resolving methods and the final answers to this rationale, complicated and seemingly long form of problems have been constantly changing.

    There are few parameters that actually influence the selection process like:

    1. Marks scored in 10th
    2. Marks scored in 12th
    3. Graduation percentage, a stream wise percentage
    4. Work experience etc.

    But at this point, only your CAT score and Graduation score are going to help you.

    So what are the areas of focus to get a great score in Quant Section?

    At this point start focusing on the various sections that are part of CAT exam syllabus and prepare on those sections separately to master them. First would be the toughest of all ‘Quantitative Aptitude’. This section focuses more on your ability to think logically with utmost common sense.

    • Concentrate on where you go wrong and where you can end up with negative scores. That is the area to be worked upon with utmost importance.
    • Make sure to be confident about all the theories from the various sections of Quant.
    • Start piling up previous year’s quant section question papers and try solving them with time limits. This is helping you analyze your weakness and area which need pivotal importance.
    • Start giving some online mock tests when you feel confident.
    • Remember to revise all the formulae, again and again, to make you robust.
    • Accuracy
      • We have negative marking scheme, so you need to be very cautious while selecting the answers. For every right answer it is 3 marks and for every wrong answer, one mark would be reduced. Formula-based questions are easier to solve and try attempting those questions first during the exam. The answers from formula-based questions are of utmost accuracy.
      • If you fine with the formulae, it is going to save your time in increasing your attempts in the quantitative section.
    • Time Management
      • Time is the most valuable resource, not only for the CAT but everywhere. As the sections are time-boxed, you may have to be clear about the timing that you will be allocated for each of the section, especially for the quant section. According to the specialists and CAT toppers, this section appears last during your exam. So make sure to manage your time with the other sections, so that you get ample time to solve the quant section.
    • Try to improve the speed of calculation
      • Dedicate some time to improve your calculation speed. For trying a question, try diving the time into two parts, to clinch the question and to determine it further. The speedy calculation will certainly save your time.
      • For calculation purposes start practicing the method of manual calculation, as screen-based calculator may consume time.
    • Lay the base and master the concepts.
    • Try to memorize time-saving methods like tables till 40, squares and square roots up to 50, cubes and cube roots up to 20, etc.
    • Try to maintain a hand-written formula book.
    • Practice cracking questions less than 2 minutes. This is the time you get to spend during your actual exam in the quant section.
    • Try to break the quant section questions into an easy, moderate and difficult type of questions and also the time accordingly.


    Lastly, practice a lot. Only practice can help you master the quant section.


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