CAT Preparation Best time to Start Taking Mock Test

23 Oct, 2018

CAT Preparation Best Time to Start Taking the Mock Test – Mock test is a kind of trial exam that is taken up by the candidates generally before 1-2 months before the main CAT exam. The mock test helps the candidates to analyze their preparation level. In the other words, we can say that by going for online mock test the candidates can get to know how much they have prepared and how much is left or required for the preparation up to the level to qualify the CAT exam with high percentile. Apart from this, candidates also get to learn the time management to attempt each question properly without committing any mistake. As we all know that the questions asked in the mock test are of the same pattern or same-type that help the candidates in knowing the difficulty level of the question or overall examination. Above all, the best time to start taking a mock test is before one or two months of the exam as till then the candidate might have prepared thoroughly and at last an online mock test will work as the revision tools to recall whatever the candidates have studied.

It is not only about taking the mock tests but keeps in mind you should inculcate the art of endurance to sit in front of the computer for three hours without obstructing the focus and attention.  The main aim of taking the mock test is learning from mistakes. So this would help in analyzing in which sections you go wrong and commit mistakes so that you can concentrate on those areas to improvise yourself. The candidates must take CAT 2018 mock tests at least twice or thrice a week.

Before the Preparations Begins CAT Preparation

    Giving a mock test before you begin the preparation is not a very bad idea. It actually helps you know where you stand. Remember don’t take too many Mock tests at the beginning as it might push you to a state of stress because of inevitable low scores due to lack of preparation. One should know where they stand in each section of the CAT 2018 exams. Try to give an initial mock test to analyze where you stand. This will help you to segregate the amount of time towards each section. With this, you may avoid spending extra time towards the subject in which you are already a master. Make a note of your areas of weaknesses in each topic and try to point out the faults you made and also what type of errors they were.

    During the Peak of Preparation

    When you feel you have covered almost 50% of the topics, especially with the Quant section, start giving section-wise mock tests. Understand it is most important to get familiar with a particular section or topic. To attain this try to choose a particular section, say Logical reasoning and try to solve as many problems as possible from each topic under the same.  You should ideally start to take CAT mock tests at least 6 months prior to the CAT Exam and frequency should be progressively improved as the actual exams get closer. If you are a first timer, it is better to start your preparations as well as a Mock test as early as possible.

    Week-Wise Mock Test Schedule

    1. 10 to 8 Weeks – Try to take at least four tests per week at this phase. It is absolutely fine to score low marks at this stage, as you are still trying to strengthen your base only.
    2. 7 to 5 weeks – This is the time when your preparations are in peak. So it is necessary to take a minimum of six or seven tests during this level, as this will aid you to handle with the degree of the stress that comes with CAT exam preparation. The more the number of tests you take, the greater the robust you turn out to be. The mid phase is the finest to get that pressure intensified.
    3. 4 to 2 weeks – It is the time reread and to relax. So taking up too many mock tests can be stressful at this point in time. Here review does not mean only taking up mocks. It adheres to revising your course of study again, speed-reading your whole syllabus and getting a hold of the tips to make it to the merit list

    A Week Before the CAT Exam

    During this week you can have barely two mocks. This week for you is to completely relax and stay calm, anticipating the exam date. During this week never try to learn anything new as it might confuse you completely.  When you get to know the exact time slot for your exam, try to do one mock during the exact time.  They not only help you to check and exercise whatever you have prepared, but they also give you a vision of what’s really working in your homework plan and helps you to readjust the same for the future days.

    As per the scholars and experts, there is an ideal time and way to take up the mock tests. You cannot take up the mock tests just like that. It needs some basic preparation and planning. Remember if you keep failing in the mock tests, it might turn out to be a bigger stress for you. Try to cover almost all the topics in every section, do some basic preparations and then start taking up mock tests. Mock tests help you a lot. They actually give you a simulated environment of the exams which will help you a lot.


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