CAT 2018 Mock Test Strategy for Last 2 Months

27 Jul, 2018

CAT 2018 Mock Test Strategy for Last 2 Months – The candidates willing to appear in the entrance test of CAT 2018 that will be conducted on 25th of November 2018 by IIM Calcutta must start their preparation to score high marks and qualify easily. So, hereby, it is recommended to the candidates to go for the online CAT mock test that is a type of exam taken up by students as trial exams before appearing in the main exam. The questions asked in the CAT mock test are quite similar to that to be asked in the main exam of CAT. Moreover, the candidates ongoing for the online CAT mock test can easily analyze the question patter or difficulty level of the questions and can prepare accordingly. Therefore, those who are really focused for qualifying the entrance test of CAT for postgraduate, doctoral etc. programs must take up the CAT 2018 mock tests seriously for scoring high in the exam in order to get into either IIM or other top B-schools across the country.


Below are Some Tips on How to Take up the CAT 2018 Mock Tests

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    Analyze the Right Time to Take CAT 2018 Mock Test

    As per the scholars and experts, there is an ideal time and way to take up the CAT Mock tests. You cannot take up the Mock tests just like that. It needs some basic preparation and planning. Remember if you keep failing in the Mock tests, it might turn out to be a bigger stress for you. Try to cover almost all the topics in every section, do some basic preparations and then start taking up Mock tests. Ideally one should start taking the Mocks, at least three months before the real exams. However, we may tend to take up the Mock tests as soon as you start the preparation. The main aim of taking CAT 2018 Mock test is learning from mistakes. So this would help in analyzing in which sections you go wrong and commit mistakes so that you can concentrate on those areas to improvise yourself.

    Recurring CAT 2018 Mock Test

    How often should I take Mock tests? This does not mean you will have to do the Mock exams every now and then. Aspirants, who develop the practice of taking Mock tests along with their preparations, are expected to score high marks. Regardless of that, it is worthwhile to take at least two or three Mock tests every week. Make sure to utilize the rest of the days for analysis of the Mock test results and correcting the mistakes done during the exams and prepare for the next.

    Decide on what Type of CAT 2018 Mock Test you are Going to Take up

    So of all, it is important to decide on what kind of CAT Mock tests are you planning to take up. Generally, Mock tests can be of two types, Complete Mock test, similar to the actual exam or section-wise Mock test. In the complete Mock test, you usually take the entire exam like a test for three hours with all the three sections, whereas in the sectional test you try to attempt only one section at that point of time. Either of them is useful. So if you think you have prepared well, you can choose to take a complete Mock test, if not prepare section-wise and go for a sectional Mock test. “Section-wise Mock tests are perfect to take through the early stages of preparation or after the groundwork for one segment is over,” But if you are weak in a particular section, you should make it stronger first by taking regular sectional Mock tests.

    Research, Realize and then Practice

    Researching is a way to understand various things involved in a subject. The researching may include information conveyed by the professors about the important topics to cover and about the various types of question that would be asked in the exam. Research not only deals with doing it online. It also includes your peers and fellow candidates in gathering the necessary information you may need.

    • Few more advantages of CAT 2018 Mock test are listed below.
    • You can schedule the Mock Test as per your expediency
    • Mock tests help you improve your speed of reading and attempting a question
    • Chances of making errors become minimal.
    • Helps to analyze your areas of weakness
    • Can try a different set of questions covering all type of topics and subtopics.
    • Revision and modifications possible
    • You can get the scores and feedback immediately.

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