CAT 2018 Verbal Ability Preparation Tips

17 May, 2018

CAT 2018 Verbal Ability Preparation Tips – If you are really concerned to score high in CAT 2018 in Verbal Ability section the approach should be to start with parts of speech in grammar. The verbal ability section is of utmost importance in the CAT 2018 exams, and making yourselves for the same in the correct way is exceptionally important. To surpass in the verbal ability section, aspirants must have a habit of reading newspapers, periodicals and novels habitually – this aids them to develop vocabulary and at the same time helps you to be well-informed. Verbal ability section consists of total 34 questions of which 24 are multiple choice and 10 are non- multiple choice type of questions. One must have a strong command over English to score high in this section.  After finishing each subtopic, run-through exercises should be attempted. Errors should be examined and then try to attempt some more.

Reading Comprehension

The passages are generally 200 to 500 words of length and may be from any of the current affairs, Literature, Social issues related topics. Questions from the passages can be factual or inferential.

    English verbal ability- Sentence error Correction, Fact Inference or judgement, Analogies and Reverse Analogies, Fill in the blanks, Grammar, Para Completion, Para Jumble, Reasoning, Synonyms Antonyms (Vocabulary Based), etc.

    Key Words

    Try to give importance to the keywords in comprehension section and not necessarily on every word. Yes it might be surprising but that’s the fact. Try to practice RC section, by eliminating unnecessary words, phrases, sentences etc.

    Reading is the key

    Try to read as many novels, books as you can and remember to finish them within two to three weeks of time. If you can, then you are the one! Try reading books from various genres. Who knows you RC passage may be from any one of them! A dictionary is the first essential source to expand your language. It is just all about looking into the dictionary and try to find out the meaning of a word, its synonyms, antonyms, etc. A lexicon is also a valued source for building a sentence, by learning the connection between words. Make a practice to keep the thesaurus and dictionary always with you. So whenever you get to learn or if you come across a new word, quickly refer to the dictionary and start building your vocabulary.

    Manage your time

    Manage your time rightfully unless you know how to manage time, you can’t succeed in an exam. Tray segregating time to each section separately, time box them and try resolving them within the time.

    Skimming & Scanning

    These are methods for reading comprehension. If you have a good reading speed you can definitely finish the Verbal Ability section in CAT 2018 way ahead of the time.

    Use online resources to practice

    Online resources are available in plenty and to start with give a try to online mock test, reading tests to improve you accuracy.


    Try to skim the daily newspapers. They help you improve your grammar, vocabulary and what not?


    They are not only for fun, but will help you crack Verbal ability section in CAT 2018 as well. Try to solve time bound cross words, jumbled letters etc. online

    Areas to Concentrate for CAT 2018 Verbal ability section

    Verbal ability

    This section is to test the candidate’s expert level in the English vocabulary. The questions might include synonyms, antonyms, secondary shades of synonyms etc.

    Para summary

    • From CAT 2014 this new section has been included in the verbal ability section of the CAT. You can expect 3-4 questions adding to 8-10% weightage to Verbal Ability in CAT 2018.
    • The questions will be based on small passage and the CAT 2018 aspirant is expected to read through the passage, form the quick summary of the text.
    • So if you have regular reading habits then you will easily be able to attempt the questions from this section.

    Reading Comprehension Passages

    This section will contain 3 to 4 comprehensions to under and will have, the questions can be either genuine or inferential. Every passage may have 3 to 4 questions to answer and you can score 40 to 50% of marks in this section in the CAT 2018.

    Questions on Error Correction

    This section determines candidate’s ability to determine relationships of words, with proper reasoning and correcting the grammatical errors in the given passage.

    Jumbled paragraphs

    A paragraph with jumbled words may be given and the candidates will be expected to un-jumble them. So try to rehearsing with such passages and excel the talent of discovering out fast what makes logic. This will help you to re-arrange the passage quickly.

    • You can anticipate 2 to 3 questions on jumbled sentences and 2 to 3 questions on ‘Out of context’ sentences as well. The overall weightage will be around 10% – 15% in Verbal Ability section in CAT 2018.
    • The random jumbled sentences are to be positioned in a comprehensible order.
    • The approach to prepare for Para Jumble is to comprehend the connectors and pronouns used in the sentences.

    Prepare on Pronouns, Nouns, etc.


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