CAT 2018 Mock Test – Practice Paper Online before Exam

17 Oct, 2018

CAT 2018 Mock Test – The candidates who will be appearing in the entrance exam of CAT, an acronym for Common Aptitude Test must start taking the online mock test from 17th October 2018 as it has been released by the examination conducting authority as it proves to be beneficial for the candidates to score high in the exam. By going on the online mock test, the first thing a candidate can learn is time management skill as the CAT 2018 will be conducted through online mode and the candidates will be given 3 hours to attempt the entire questions. Moreover, mock tests also help the candidates in understanding the exam pattern, marking scheme, the difficulty level of the exam etc and also help to get the estimate of score the candidate can score in the CAT 2018 exam. Therefore, the candidates are suggested to take the online mock tests from 17th October 2018 onwards in order to boost up their speed as well as the confidence level that is required for every candidate while appearing for the national level exam i.e. CAT.

newCAT 2018 Mock Test is available for practice now. Click here to practice mock test.

    Click here to view Mock Test Navigation Guidelines.

    CAT 2018 Mock Test: Exam Pattern

    As per the CAT Mock Test 2017, the order of the sections on the exam day was as follows. This year also it is expected the same.

    • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension – 34 questions
    • Quantitative Ability – 34 questions
    • Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning – 32 questions

    CAT 2018 Mock Test Procedure

    CAT Mock Test 2018 is of one-hour duration. Now let’s have looked the procedure for CAT 2018 Mock Test:

    1. First, visit the official website of CAT and click on the Mock test link which has been made available from 17th October 2018. After clicking on the link, a new page will where the system name, subject, number, and photograph along with the login window. Now, candidates can move towards checking the mock test by clicking on the sign-in button. Moreover, during the actual test, candidates have enter the correct id and password.
    2. As you log-in a new window will appear. This window will consist of colour scheme that explains the status of each question. Read all the instruction and understand the colour scheme as this will give you the status of how many questions you have attended, how many questions you have unanswered and how many you have kept for review.
    3. As you click on “Next” another will appear. You get to see the details of exam like duration of exam, which is 180 minutes along with total marks. The test will consist of three sections with the time limit and candidates are not allowed to switch from section to another. They have to attempt the sections in the sequence wise as given. The first section is VARC with 34 questions and the time limit is 60 minutes. Following by DI & LR with 32 question and QA with 34 questions. Read instruction thoroughly, select the “I agree” button and then click to “I am ready to begin”.
    4. Now the test will begin. A screen will appear where you can see questions, answers, skip or mark for review and proceed with ‘Save & Next’ for next question. You even have the option of going back to the previous question once again by clicking on the numbers under the question palette.
    5. Once you have attempted the entire MCQ question, the Non- MCQ will appear. This is a different section; you have to read a passage that has alternative summaries. Candidates in this section need to choose the best sequence that fit the question. After you have attempted the entire question, review your answers or wait for 60 minutes for the next section to appear.

    Candidates will not be allowed to review any section once the time is over. Once you have completed all the section, in the end, students need to click on the submit tab to submit their test. You will get to see another screen that will give you the overview of the exam that is the total number of question attended, unanswered question, or question left for review. You will also get the Feedback form where you will ask to give you feedback about the exam. Enter the details and click on submit.

    CAT  Mock Test Facts

    1. Mix questions of MCQ and Non- MCQ – The CAT 2018 Mock Test question paper per section is a mixture of MCQ and NON- MCQ. For example, in the VARC section, out of 34 questions, 24 questions are MCQ and 10 are Non – MCQs. However, candidates can visit any question by clicking on the question at the question palette.
    2. On-screen timer and calculator – The on-screen calculator is placed on top at the right side just below the on-screen timer. Along with the basic calculator you can use a calculator for Algebra and trigonometry. The on-screen timer will show countdown and just after the 60 minutes, the section will automatically switch to the next one.
    3. Option for Mark for Review – The candidate will get the option to mark a question for review this year also. After you have attempted all the questions you will get a chance to revisit the marked question to review your answer. The Question Palette section will help you to identify the category of the question.

    However, there is no scope for overall revision since the sections are time bound.

    Feel free to solve all your queries related to CAT 2018 exam, you can leave your comment in the given below comment box.


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