CAT 2018 Last Month Preparation Tips

04 Jun, 2018
CAT 2018 Last Month Preparation Tips

CAT 2018 Last Month Preparation Tips – Okay! So now it’s the high time for the candidates to take their preparation to the next gear to crack CAT 2018 exam Pattern. Along with the basic preparation, the aspirants are required to develop the examination strategy. This is the time in which the candidates need to tackle their weaknesses and should focus more on NON-MCQs as these questions don’t have any negative marking which is an extra benefit. Also, don’t include anything which brings negativity in the plan. Every one of them might be wondering that what they should do in these 30 days. No need to get hyper.

In this article, the aspirants will get the detailed information about the CAT 2018 last month preparation tips.

9 Most Important Tips                                       

  1. Brush up the basics

    The first and the foremost thing the candidates need to do is clearing their basics. No matter how tricky the question is if their basics are clear then they can tackle any question easily. They must have the clarity on the concepts. As only 30 days are left so they need to prepare fully on the important topics.

    1. Don’t get exhausted

    Candidates should keep themselves refresh as sitting daily to study for more than 9-10 hours without any break may exhaust their body. They must take one or two hours break in between which will refresh their mind.

    1. Give mock test

    Solving mock tests will be very beneficial for the candidates. Apart from it, the candidates should also develop the patience to sit in front of the computer screen for three hours without hampering the focus and concentration. Try to finish around 30 mock tests before the exam.

    1. Practice topic wise questions

    It is very important to get conversant with all the question topics of a particular area or section. Pick up any section, say Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC) and solve questions from each topic.

    1. Develop a strategy 

    After appearing for regular mock tests and analyzing them, the candidates must have identified the strategy that suits them best. It is very helpful to use the mocks to identify the time that will be required for each section at various difficulty levels. They need to understand that the time allocated needs to be increased or decreased based on the difficulty level of the paper.

    1. Focus on strengths

    The candidates should focus on the strong areas. This will ensure to get a higher score and boost their confidence. While starting the test with a section, always scan the questions and focus on the strong areas of yours.

    1. Tackle the weaknesses 

    Do not spend too much time on the week areas as they need to be tackled wisely. The candidates should prepare them only if the topics bear high weight in the CAT 2018 exam. It’s better to go through the basics and practice as many types of questions as possible from the weak areas. The candidates should make a separate copy of their mistakes after solving the mock test so that they can overcome the mistakes they have made.

    1. Do not start the new topic 

    No need to start a new topic at this stage. If any topic has left, don’t worry about it now rather focus should be given on the topics which have already prepared. As starting a new topic now will only result in losing the valuable time because the candidates would not be able to grasp it completely so it’s better to avoid it at this stage.

    1. Revise

    Revision is the most important face of exam preparation. It is mandatory for the candidates to revise what they have learned to perform as per their expectation. The students should always keep in mind that without revising what they have learned so far their learning would remain half-baked.

    This is all about the last month preparation tips. If the candidates have any query regarding the information above can comment down below, our experts will reach you soon.


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