CAT 2018: How many Candidates Hold a Chance of Getting Shortlisted

27 Jul, 2018
CAT 2018: How many Candidates Hold a Chance of getting Shortlisted

CAT 2018 – How many candidates hold a chance of getting shortlisted CAT is a national level entrance exam held once in a year. This year the exam is to be scheduled on November 25, 2018. Around 2 lakhs applicant apply for this exam out of which competition is held between 20 – 30k students for 10 k seats as all the applicants are not serious contenders. The actual competition is between 30 to 40000 candidates for in top 85 colleges or you can say that for 10000 seats. So, assuming that around 1.95 lakh candidates try to keep rank among 10000. The percentile a candidate must secure around 94.5% but scoring percentage above 90 is not enough as the institutes follow reservation policy. Moreover, a candidates scoring a 99 percentile is considered to be really good percentile.

If you have achieved a 99 percentile, you would be about in the top 1800-2000 students. If 99.50, then you would be in top 900-1000 students across India. Many candidates with 99 + percentiles, never even get a call from IIM (none of them, not even the new ones). The reason for this is IIM saying that these students have a “bad profile”. Imagine, you worked very hard; he gave your all for a year or two and even got an excellent result in a national level review. But the institute doesn’t even call you for an interview because your 12th class marks aren’t good enough “(85 + is considered” decent “),” your 10th-grade marks are not good enough “or maybe” you underperforming in college “(less than 75%). A guy with 90% in 10th grade, 90% in 12th and 80% in Grad stand a better chance of getting a IIM call at as little as 90-95 percentile (which is by the way the 10 000-20 000 rank anywhere in India) in Cat than you who scored a percentile of 99 (rank 2000 in All of India). These are appalling facts, but they are 100% true.

    A good performance in the CAT helps to overcome an obstacle in your management training path but does not guarantee a call from the best schools. For this to happen, your application and your personality must meet the needs of some B schools. With the warming of the competition, many B schools become difficult about their students. This year’s weighting criterion raises interesting points that support or hinder your chances.

    70% weighting of the CAT values (should be more than 99%) and 30% of the rating of your application. The ranking and final selection are based on various attributes that include overall performance in CAT / GMAT and performance in individual sections, performance in personal interviews, academic, extracurricular and extracurricular achievements, work experience, and so on.

    It is noteworthy that even hundreds of CAT 2017 Toppers and 99percentiles are not shortlisted in the topmost list of the top IIMs, while applicants with a percentile underneath 90 have been designated by the top list IIM Ahmedabad. At the IIMA, though 1,200 have applied for entry into 2018 batch who have been qualified, 182 aspirants with CAT 2017 percentiles are fewer than 90. Over-all category candidate with 81.53 percentile was also enrolled. Some other IIMs are also ensuring this drift. This is a new trend in IIMs, where the eminence of candidates is defined not only by CAT 2018 score card but by “silhouette” for refining diversity at B schools.

    Sneak Peak of IIM’s Section cut-off

    IIM Selection Cut offs Total Seats
    IIM Ahmedabad 81.53 395
    IIM Bangalore 90+ 400
    IIM Calcutta 95+ 460
    IIM Lucknow 90+ 500
    IIM Indore 90 450
    IIM Kozhikode 95.5 375
    IIM Rohtak 90+ 240
    IIM Trichy 96 180
    IIM Udaipur 90 260

    Selection Components

    Sections Marks out of 50 Calculation method
    CAT overall score 28 (56%) Entrant’s Total CAT score/Maximum CAT 2017 Score X 28
    Class X marks 10 (20%) Entrant’s Total CAT 2017 score/Maximum CAT 2017 Score X 10
    Class XII marks 10 (20%) Entrant’s Total CAT 2017 score/Maximum CAT 2017 Score X 10
    Gender Diversity   2 (4%) Bestowed to women candidates only

    CAT 2018 Shortlisting Criteria

    Category GENERAL NC-OBC SC ST DAP Total
    QA 80.35 60.37 50.75 31.54 31.54
    DI & LR 80.4 60.39 51.67 30.16 30.16
    VARC 80.62 60.45 51.06 30.6 30.6
    Total Percentile 95 78.01 60.01 40.01 40.16
    Total shortlisted candidates 6504 3461 1742 807 276 12790

    The CAT 2018 results from the IIM have been released. 9 IIM who are part of it, are in the progression of discretely defining their final endorsement score based on the scores in CAT 2018, CAT 2017 score and other delimiters such as educational profile, miscellany liable to their individual admittance criteria.



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