CAT 2018 Exam Analysis by T.I.M.E

26 Nov, 2018
CAT 2018 Exam Analysis by T.I.M.E

CAT 2018 Exam Analysis by T.I.M.E – those candidates intended to appear in the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2018 that has been conducted on 25th November 2018 in online mode across 147 cities in the country . The candidates who had appeared in CAT 2018 exam and are making up their their mindset to appear in the upcoming year must read the article in order to have in-depth information about the exam analysis of CAT examination. However, the T.I.M.E has released the CAT 2018 Exam Analysis after the exam had concluded; therefore, here we have provided the updated exam analysis  that will help the candidates to know the overall exam analysis including the number of questions asked in each section, the topics from which questions were asked, and most important the difficulty level of the exam. Therefore, the candidates to know their expected score should read this article that contains the updated CAT 2018  exam analysis released by T.I.M.E.

CAT 2018 Exam Analysis – Exam Pattern

  • Mode – in online mode, the CAT 2018 exam has been conducted
  • Medium – the examination and so the test paper of CAT 2018 was in the English Language
  • Sections – the questions in CAT 2018 were asked from 3 sections i.e. DILR, VARC, and QA.
  • Time Duration – the time duration of 3 hours or 180 minutes were given to the candidates for completing the test paper
  • Marking Scheme – 3 marks will be bestowed for each correct answer and 1 mark will be deducted for the incorrect one (only applicable for MCQs)

CAT 2018 Exam Analysis by T.I.M.E

The national level Common Admission Test (CAT) 2018 has been conducted on 25th November 2018 by the conducting body i.e. IIM Calcutta in online mode for the candidate willing to make their path and further career in the field of management or in other word to pursue MBA and PGDM programs from top B-schools or to seek admission among 20 IIMs across the country. Moreover, candidates in this article will get to know the exam analysis of CAT 2018 by T.I.M.E. The exam analysis for CAT 2018 has been released by T.I.M.E on 25th November 2018. So, here we have updated the exam analysis of this year to let you all know about the the difficulty level of the exam of CAT 2018

Overall CAT 2018 Exam Analysis by T.I.M.E for Slot 1


    Total No. of Questions

    Number of MCQs

    Number of Non-MCQs

    Level of Difficulty

    Quantitative Aptitude (QA)





    Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)





    Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)









    Moderate- Difficult

    CAT 2018 Exam Analysis by T.I.M.E – Section- wise

    CAT 2018 Exam Analysis for Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

    This section had questions that aim at measuring the grammar, proficiency in English etc. Moreover, the topics covered under this section are based on sentence correction; fill in the blanks, vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, etc. Now, candidates must look at the following to know more about the exam analysis on VARC:

    • There were total number of 24 questions asked in the section of Reading Comprehension (RC) and in the verbal ability section, there were 10 questions asked.
    • Now, the questions asked in RC were easy in terms of subject area and the language too. Moreover, among 24 questions in RC, four questions were asked with 5 questions each and 1 passage with 4 questions. However, the passages were not lengthy and were similar to the previous year’s CAT examination, said by the experts
    •  Unlike previous year,the passages did not require multiple reading. Therefore, overall it can be said that the candidates had solved the questions in less time duration and so the level of questions were moderate. Moreover, out of 10 questions, 7 were non-MCQ type in Verbal Ability (VA)

    CAT 2018 Exam Analysis for Data Interpretation Logical Reasoning

    The questions asked in the section of DILR aim at checking the problem-solving ability of the candidates mainly the complex question and also the decision-making skills. Moreover, to acquire good marks in this section, candidates should practice the questions based on blood relation, family tree, charts, table, graphs etc. Further, let’s check out the exam analysis done by the T.I.M.E which is mentioned below:

    • The questions asked in this section easier as compared to the previous year as said by the experts of T.I.M.E. According to the T.I.M.E experts the candidates could score well if they would have calm and had remained composed.
    • As per the T.I.M.E expert, on seeing the questions, candidates would have felt relaxed as it were easy. However, few questions from Data Interpretation were tricky in nature and candidates for this had to think calmly.

    CAT 2018 Exam Analysis for Quantitative Ability

    This section comprises of the questions that check the mathematical skills of the candidates including the ability to solve the questions based on geometry, profit and loss, percentage, number system, etc. Further, let’s have a glance at the exam analysis of QA section and the questions asked in it:

    • The total number of 34 questions were asked in Quantitative Aptitude section in which 8 questions were Non-MCQ type.
    • Most of the questions asked in this section were from Geometry portion which were somehow difficult for the candidates as compared to other topics in Quant.
    • Now, according to the Experts of T.I.M.E, the difficulty level of the questions were from  more moderate and slightly difficult.

    CAT 2018 Analysis by T.I.M.E. – Slot 2

     As per the experts of T.I.M.E., CAT 2018 Slot 2 was very much in the lines of the forenoon slot. The difficulty level of the QA and VARC sections were low in nature whereas, questions in Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning were quite tough making the exam more challenging for the students.

     CAT 2018 Exam Analysis for Verbal and Reading Comprehension

    Again the questions in this section test the grammar of the candidates, their writing skills, perception of the candidates by writing the answers to the questions asked based on the passages. However, let’s read the exam analysis of VARC by the experts of T.I.M.E:

    • The experts of T.I.M.E stated that the questions in the QA section were similar to those asked in Slot 1.
    • The passages in the Reading Comprehension were too easy to solve in less time duration and were not lengthy at all.
    • Among 24 questions, 2 passages with 3 questions each and 3 passages with 6 questions each were asked.
    • Moreover, as said by the students in slot 1, the choices were close as it was difficult to make elimination and was also more time-consuming. However, the questions from Verbal Ability or English Usage were little bit tricky. For this, in-depth reading was required for the candidates to answer the questions appropriately with the accuracy.

     CAT 2018 Exam Analysis by T.I.M.E for Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning 

    The similar topics need to be practiced for this section to score high percentile. Thus, we herein are going to provide you all the exam analysis taken out by the experts of T.I.M.E which is mentioned below:

    • As per the experts of T.I.M.E, the questions asked in this section aimed at checking the ability of the candidates for selecting the correct questions and not to get trapped in the illusion as most of the question on seeing looks too easy but while solving, it shows the level of difficulty which lastly ends or results into no proper outcome.
    • While a couple of sets were regular LR models, the others were not any of the standard LR-DI models and were instead replaced by reasoning based DI.
    • Furthermore, the expert added that most of the questions were clearly unsolvable sets and thus the candidates who would have understood the toughness would have surely managed to attempt the correct questions with good numbers.

    CAT 2018 Exam Analysis for Quantitative Ability 

    As it is already mentioned above, the candidates for this section must practice the questions based on arithmetic, algebra, geometry, profit and loss etc. Now, what do the experts say regarding the same, let’s check it out as follows:

    • The questions asked in this section were totally similar to those asked in the first slot i.e. Slot 1.
    • Most of the questions were asked from arithmetic portion which were neither too tough nor too easy or in other words, can be said it was of moderate level that could be solved in less time duration.
    • According to the T.I.M.E experts, there were scarcely any unsolvable questions and so, 1 hour was sufficient for the candidates to solve those questions with the accuracy.

    Expected CAT 2018 Cutoff by T.I.M.E

    Subject experts at T.I.M.E. have prepared an expected CAT 2018 cutoff. They have prepared the expected cutoff by analyzing the previous year’s cutoff trend, difficulty level of CAT 2018 exam, number of candidates appeared in the exam and more. According to the Experts at T.I.M.E., an aggregate score of 148 or above is expected to be sufficient for the candidates to acquire 99 percentile and further the score of 134+ would be the resultant for 97.5 percentile. To know the expected CAT 2018 cutoff released by T.I.M.E, go through the detailed information given in the 2 separate tables below:

    Sectional-wise CAT 2018 cutoff for Slot 1






    46 ± 1

    25 ± 1

    25 ± 1


    59 ± 1

    35 ± 1

    41 ± 1


    70 ± 1

    52 ± 1

    50 ± 1

    Overall Cutoff of CAT 2018 for Slot 1 Exam




    134 ± 2


    148 ± 2



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