CAT 2018: An additional Mile for Non-Multiple Choice Questions

30 Jul, 2018

Non MCQs CAT 2018 – CAT 2018 An additional Mile for Non-Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) – The question paper of national level entrance exam i.e. Common Aptitude Test consists of 25 Non-MCQs that comprises of questions base on 3 sections that include Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical reasoning (DILR) and Quantitative Ability (QA) as released by IIM Calcutta, the conducting body of CAT 2018. The candidates need to prepare well in order to score high in these sections. Moreover, the candidates have the benefits to score good marks in Non-MCQs as there will no negative marking for the wrong answers and the candidates can solve or attempt the question without being panic. Apart from this, the candidates must know that earlier the Non-MCQs consisted of 28 questions that have been decreased to 25. Further, a sectional difference may occur in the quantity of Non-Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Lastly, the candidates are recommended to read the article carefully to have upgraded and detailed information about the Non-MCQs questions and the related one.

The detailed overview of the distribution of MCQs and NON- MCQs is as follows

Section Questions MCQs Non-MCQs
Verbal and Reading Comprehension 34 24 10
Data Interpretation & Logical 32 24 8
Quantitative Ability 34 27 7
Total 100 75 25

What are Non- Multiple-choice Questions (MCQs)? 

    Non- multiple-choice questions (MCQs) which are also known as Type in the Answer (TITA) are the types of questions included in CAT 2018, which don’t contain any options for the answer. The questions contain no answer options available. Non-Multiple Choice Questions test the answering approach of the candidate while obtaining the final answers to the questions also the negative marking is also not conducted for TITA. As the questions don’t contain any options so it consumes a lot of time.

    What are the Cautions Taken with the Non-MCQs?

    As the total marks for Non- multiple-choice questions (MCQs) is expected to be 84 out of 300. The CAT toppers and specialist suggest that the aspirants must clear the concepts about the fundamentals of the topics. It will reduce the risk of wrong attempts. Although there will be no negative marking for the wrong attempts in NON-MCQs and also it will not bring any marks to the candidate. The candidate should have the good knowledge of each and every concept so that getting marks for non-multiple choice questions will become easier.

    What is the Distribution of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)?

    As mentioned in the previous paragraph that the first section of CAT 2018 will be the Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VARC) which might contain a minimum of 10 Non- multiple choice questions. Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DI & LR) which is the second section will have 8 non-multiple choice questions. And the last section which is the Quantitative Ability (QA) would have a total 10 Non-Multiple Choice Questions.

    What is the Good Side of Non-Multiple Choice Questions?

    The Common admission test (CAT) will consist of three sections instead of two sections which contain 8 to 10 Non-Multiple choice questions carrying equal marks. Now fetching additional marks will become easier for the candidates as there will be no negative marking for the wrong answer and the aspirants can attempt any question without having fear of marks deduction. Therefore, this opportunity can be considered as a double windfall.

    • It is an advice for aspirants that they must prepare for the MCQs and the NON-MCQs more effectively so that they can easily crack the entrance exam and also they are required to adopt some measures so that they can easily fetch the marks from the NON-multiple choice questions. The aspirants should be able to handle the questions of CAT 2018 without any fear.

    If you have any doubt regarding Non-MCQs of CAT 2018, then post the same in the comment section below to get answered by our educators.


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