CAT 2017 Toppers’ Strategies to Crack CAT 2018

22 Aug, 2018
CAT 2017 Toppers' Strategies to Crack CAT 2018

CAT 2017 Toppers’ Strategies to Crack CAT 2018 – The entrance exam of Common Admission Test (CAT) 2018 will be conducted on 25th November for the postgraduate management program. CAT is considered to be the toughest exam among other management entrance exam. Therefore every candidate thinks of how to qualify the exam in a single attempt. Scoring 100 percentile in India ’s most difficult exam needs the utmost discipline and intense preparation to make your dream come true. This exam is held to know the candidate’s interpretation ability and understanding skill as well as aptitude ability. Moreover, the candidates who are determined to qualify the exam in a single attempt must read this article to know the insights of toppers preparation strategy and tips that will surely show you the right path to crack the CAT 2018 exam.

Let’s see what toppers have to reveal about the tips and tricks

Yogesh TanejaYogesh Taneja scored 100 percentile in CAT 2017

    Yogesh, dreamt to take admission in one of the prestigious IIMs has created a benchmark by scoring 100 percentile in CAT 2017 is now a student of IIM Calcutta. He has completed his graduation i.e. B. Com from SRCC Delhi. He is from the small town of Kaithal, Haryana belongs to a modest family who runs a poultry farm in Kaithal. His determination has led him to crack CAT 2017 exam with flying colors and also has proved that IIM CAT is no more engineer’s domain. Let’s see his CAT preparation journey which I am definitely sure will be beneficial for the aspiring applicants.

    Preparation strategy:

    As said by Yogesh, staying focused and strategize preparation is the key source of success. He started his preparation from the month of June 2017 and divided his preparation into two phases – in first phase, he spent time in learning new words each day, trying to figure out the weak areas, topics to focus more and set the dimension to improve it. In the second phase, he frequently attempted mock test and previous year question papers and analyzed his performance to find out which areas need to be focused on. Also, while solving the mock test time was set up that is he tried to solve within 2 hours and immediately evaluated the errors. He strongly recommends solving the mock test and previous year question paper and learn from your mistakes.

     What was his strategy for VARC (Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension) section?

    To score good marks and bring improvement in this section, he suggests reading newspapers and journals to improve vocabulary and reading habit. Also, reading online articles on any topic is one of the best ways to improve reading habits. While reading newspapers or journals when you across any new words write it down and bring in practice daily. This way you wordlist will increase. His advice to the candidates who finds VARC section a bit difficult one must read books and articles which can be of great help.

    Mukesh GoyalMukesh Goyal  scored 100 percentile

    With the aim to take admission in one of the prestigious IIMs Mukesh created a benchmark by scoring 100 percentile as he hails from a small town of Sunam in Sangrur district of Punjab. He holds Bachelor in Engineering (BE) degree and is a working professional too. Being as a working professional simultaneously he prepared for CAT. As said it was not an easy task for him to manage the time but his determination led him to top. It is really very surprising to know that apart from CAT Mukesh appeared for XAT 2017 and IIFT 2016 also and scored 99. 795 percent in XAT and 99.84 percent in IIFT. He worked as Market Analyst at Future First. Let’s see his preparation plan and what he wants to say the aspirants about his strategy, and experience.

    Preparation Strategy:

    Though he attempted several MBA exams and successfully qualified all the exams, but chose to study from FMS Delhi as this was his dream B-School.

    Although being a professional, he preferred self-study rather joining coaching institute and he advised the aspirants for self-study. His preparation plan includes mock test, solving previous year question paper, as well as focus to improve the weak areas. For this mock test is a must and key source to gauge your preparation as well as you can easily analyze your mistake that is honestly evaluate your test and make a note what of your mistakes and try to improve it. Also taking the mock test will help you to understand the type of questions so that you can attempt the easy one first and then go for the difficult question. Take 1or 2 mock test per a week so that you can make changes in your study plan accordingly. After the mock test to discuss the result with your friends as this will guide you in every aspect.

    Steps taken by him to improve the weak section

    According to him, the weakest section was VA (Verbal Ability). To improve this section he attempted sectional test and topic-specific test, also focused on the analysis part, as well as solved lots of RCs and CR questions.

    Advice for future CAT aspirants

    His suggestion for MBA aspirants is for self-study. Also, he adds on to stay calm throughout the preparation time and on the exam day too. As staying calm is the success mantra. Another mantra is to take mock test per weekend.


    Meet AgarwalMeet Agarwal scored 100 percentile

    Another aspirant whose determination led him to qualify CAT with 100 percentile is Meet Agarwal. Though he has qualified CAT his aim is to study from Harvard University and aiming to fulfill his dream he has started to prepare for GMAT.  He is a student of final year B.Com at SDJ International College, Surat also he belongs from Surat, Gujarat.

    It is very interesting to know that the sectional scores scored by him is around the 100 percentile. He got interview calls from top IIMs that is from IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, and IIM Gujarat.

    Preparation strategy

    Meet said that he was a final year student of B.Com and was preparing for a Chartered Accountant alongside so he preferred to join coaching institute and joined Endeavor Careers in Surat. He started his serious preparation three months before the exam and devoted 16 hours of time every day. Within the three months, he attempted 80 mock tests. After every test, he analyzes them honestly and identified his weak areas. He developed the strategy to improve it. He worked upon to improve the reading speed, and selection of question.  After every test discusses with your friends and gets your weak areas improved.

    Abstract of Toppers’ Strategies that Speak to Crack CAT 2018

    “With utmost discipline, hard work, and dedication will lead you to the path of success”

    Here are some tips and strategy from toppers to qualify the exam as each topper has a different preparation strategy based on different factors ranging from knowledge level to study material. Let’s see some useful and common tips of each topper which we have brought here for the aspiring candidates to follow:

    • The candidates must start serious preparation in earnest at this time, first and foremost thing a candidate must keep in mind not be depended on coaching but focus on self-preparation or self-study as it is essential.
    • Moreover, attempting as many as mock test is the best source to gauge your preparation level and the areas which require maximum focus and time. Also, it is considered a revision tool and works as a stress – free mantra.
    • After you have attempted the mock test try to analyze your answers so that you will be able to identify your strength and weak areas as well as you can also compare which topics to put more effort and which need less attention.
    • Based on the mock test, formulate and strategized new study plan from the very next moment without wasting the time. Accordingly, increase the time of that topic which requires more attention.
    • The most important is to develop basic and strong fundamental concepts as well as learn mathematical formulas and shortcut tricks to solve the questions.
    • Now as you have taken several mock tests you might have learned time management skills as it is considered to be the most important factor. Therefore follow and maintain the time frame even during the examination.
    • Besides all this, preparation for CAT exam also depends on the study materials and reference book. Always try to pick up the best book related to each section as it is very important.
    • However, to improve your reading ability and enhance the wordlist, read English newspaper daily, weekly periodicals or from online articles. This way you will develop the habit of reading and will definitely help you in solving the VARC section.

    Hope the above information will prove to be fruitful for the MBA aspirants appearing for CAT 2018.


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