26 May, 2018

AP ICET 2019 Preparation Tips – AP ICET 2019, also known as Andhra Pradesh Integrated Common Entrance Test is a state level entrance test. Preparation for AP ICET 2019 is not very tough. You only require having a good grip on the subjects to gain good marks. Some important AP ICET 2019 PREPARATION TIPS are given below.  They will help you to gain good makes in the exam.  Follow the preparation tips as much as you can.

AP ICET Exam Pattern 2019

The first step to start the preparation is to make you aware of the exam pattern for AP ICET 2019.  

  • It is Computer-Based Test (Online test).
  • It will have an objective type of question(MCQ based)
  • There are 3 sections. And the total number of questions is 200.
S.No. Section Number and Name Subjects Total number of questions
1 Section A

    (Analytical Ability)

    Data Sufficiency

    Problem Solving



    2 Section B

    (Mathematical Ability)

    Arithmetical Ability

    Algebra and Geometrical Ability

    Statistical Ability





    3 Section C

    (Communication Ability)


    Business and Computer Terminology

    Functional Grammar

    Reading Comprehension








    Total 200

    The above mentioned are the subjects that you have to study for the preparation of AP ICET 2019.

    • It is a 2hr examination.

    AP ICET Syllabus 2019

    The second step of AP ICET 2019 PREPARATION TIPSis to make give you an in-depth knowledge of what all things you have to study in each subject.

    • The first section Analytical Ability has two subjects. The topics that you have to cover are:
    1. Clock Problems
    2. Blood Relationships
    • Tables and Graphs
    1. Sequences and Series
    2. Data Efficiency
    3. Pie Chart
    • Symbol and Notation Interpretation
    • Analogies of numbers and alphabet
    1. Completion of blank spaces
    2. Venn Diagram
    3. Seating Arrangements
    • Arrivals, departures and Schedules
    • Arrangement Problems
    • Passage
    1. Date, Time and Distance
    • Odd One Out
    • Missing Number in Sequence/series
    • Calendar Problems
    • The second section Mathematical Ability has 3 subjects. The topics that you have to cover are:
    1. Areas and Volumes
    2. Mensuration
    • Surds
    1. Time, distance and work problems
    2. Numbers and Divisibility
    3. Pipes and cisterns
    • Profit and loss
    • Matrices
    1. Partnership
    2. LMC and GCD
    3. Rational numbers, Ordering
    • Laws of indices, ratio, and proportion
    • Linear equations and expressions
    • Remainder theorem and consequences
    1. Binomial Theorem
    • Areas and volumes
    • Progressions
    • Percentages
    • Polynomials
    1. Modular Arithmetic
    • Tautologies-Sets, Relations and functions, applications
    • Trigonometry
    • Statements
    • Implication converse and inverse
    • Mean, Median, Mode
    • Truth tables
    • The equation of a line in different forms
    • Standard Deviation
    • Notion of a limit and derivative
    • Coordinate geometry-distance between points
    • Correlation
    • Plane geometry – lines, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles
    • Frequency Distributions
    • Simple problems on Probability
    • The final section Communication Ability has 4 subjects. The topics that you have to cover are:
    1. Vocabulary
    2. Functional Grammar
    • Reading Comprehension
    1. Business and Computer Terminology

    You can study from your school books and also take help from reference books.

    AP ICET 2019 Timetable

    The third step of AP ICET 2019 PREPARATION TIPS is making a timetable. Now when you know the Syllabus and the pattern, make a timetable and start following it. When you start deciding which topic to study, always remember to start with the topic you feel you are good at. Once you clear your doubts in the easy topics you can shift to the difficult once.  Make a separate register where you can write down your own notes, this will help you for a quick revision before the exam.

    Solve Mock Test Paper

    The fourth step of AP ICET 2019 PREPARATION TIPS is to start solving Mock test papers once you clear your basic doubts. Complete mock papers according to the allotted time in the exam pattern to increase your speed. Refer to well -known books like R.S Aggarwal, Kiran Prakash, etc to get help.

    Practice as much as you can

    The last step of AP ICET 2019 PREPARATION TIPS is to practice as much as you can. The more you practice the more you will have confidence before you give the exam. Don’t be in a hurry to complete the syllabus. Study according to the timetable you had made in the first step.

    These were the important AP ICET 2019 Preparation Tips.  A lot of practice will definitely lead you to success. Concentrate more on understanding the topics rather than finishing the course in a hurry. Start preparation on time so that you have enough time left to complete mock test papers. We hope AP ICET 2019 PREPARATION TIPS has guided you well on how to prepare for the exam. For any queries give your feedback on the comment section below. Our experts will help you.


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