5 Tips to Score 90 Percentile in CAT 2018

26 Jul, 2018

Tips to Score 90 Percentile in CAT 2018 elaborated in this post will definitely help you make your way to success, surpassing the toughest competition in CAT 2018. The exam date of CAT 2018 declared by IIM Kolkata is 25th November 2018 and the countdown bell has started ringing for the serious candidates. Now, when just a few months are left for CAT 2018, the preparation of the candidates should be in full swing. The mool mantras of success in CAT 2018 are well-managed study plans and a focused approach. Great understanding of the fundamentals and persistent preparation are the major aspects which appear as the determining factors in gaining 90%ile in CAT 2018. This article has been written by the expert author after in-depth research and analysis of the opinions of management gurus. Read it watchfully and score CAT percentile in flying colors to secure admission in one of the premier b-schools in India and climb the success ladder.


Section-wise %tile requirements

QA LR & DI VARC Overall
90%tile 14 12 19 42
95%tile 17 14 22 48
98%tile 20 17 25 56

Here are 5 important tips to follow to score 90%ile

    Know where you are – Analyze to Avoid Mistakes

    If you consider you are one good learner, then IIMs is your ultimate destination. Don’t panic about the mistakes you make. But if you think that you are blunder proof, just give it a second thought! Remember you will have to avoid committing silly mistakes and to identify what blunders you have made, you have to analyze and try not committing those mistakes again. Avoiding mistakes is not the solution; fixing them is the right approach.

    How to analyze the mistakes?

    1. Try to list down the possible reasons for making a mistake. Like
    2. Did I miss learning any topic?
    3. Not remembering a formula?
    4. Are the concepts confusing?
    5. Do I not understand a question?
    6. Not able to manage time?

    Better Start Reading

    Reading is one way not only to keep yourself up to date but also it is going to help you score well in the CAT 2018 exams. Don’t restrict yourself towards what you are reading. Start reading a newspaper daily. Skimming & scanning are the best ways to read a newspaper. Try embracing a newspaper with good content quality like ‘The Hindu’. This will help you in the reading comprehension section. If you have a good reading speed you can definitely finish the VARC section way ahead of the time. Try to read as many novels, books as you can and remember to finish them within two to three weeks of time. If you can, then you are the one! Try reading books from various genres. Who knows you RC passage may be from any one of them!

    The art of skipping the questions

    CAT is the cup of tea for those people who learn the art of skipping the questions which may reduce their score. Understand, it is not imperative about how many questions you try in CAT 2018. It is all about how many questions you are confident about the right answer. So it is always fine to skip those doubtful questions, which can be attended later if time permits. The most important rather tough decision while preparing for CAT exams would be skipping a topic. However, that is not true as per the toppers. So if you really don’t understand a topic, then winding over it for a long time will not help. So, remember a fundamental rule, don’t twig to one area for a long time. It is ok if you don’t crack it too. Keep in mind; every wrong answer you give, your percentile score is going to go down due to negative marking and eventually your chances of missing the seat is high in comparison to your fellow candidates.

    Time Management

    Time is the most valuable resource, not only for the CAT but everywhere. As the sections are time-boxed, you may have to be clear about the timing that you will be allocated for each of the section, especially for the quant section. According to the specialists and CAT toppers, this section appears last during your exam. So make sure to manage your time with the other sections, so that you get ample time to solve the quant section. Dedicate some time to improve your calculation speed. For trying a question, try diving the time into two parts, to clinch the question and to determine it further. The speedy calculation will certainly save your time. For calculation purposes, start practising the method of manual calculation, as the screen-based calculator may consume time.

    Make the most out of Mock Tests

    Mock tests are kind of revision tools that will help you recall whatever you have studied. Also, students tend to get pressurized before the exams. So these mock tests will help you feel comfortable about the actual exam and stress-free. The candidates must take CAT mock tests at least twice or thrice a week. They not only help you to check and exercise whatever you have prepared, but they also give you a vision of what’s really working in your homework plan and helps you to readjust the same for the future days. It is not only about taking the mock tests but keep in mind you should inculcate the art of endurance to sit in front of the computer for three hours without obstructing the focus and attention. Mock tests help you a lot. They actually give you a simulated environment of the exams which will help you a lot.

    All these tips will now increase your chances of getting into the CAT 2018 merit list for sure.


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