BITSAT 2018 Preparation Tips

BITSAT 2018 Preparation Tips – BITSAT is considered to be one of India’s top engineering entrances that are conducted via the Birla Institute of Technology and Science. The scores of BITSAT decide the admissions into some of the top Engineering Institutes of the country, BITS Pilani, Hyderabad, and Goa. Due to it being one of the most prestigious examinations clearing it poses to be a task thus we have compiled a list of preparation tips that should aid in clearing.

This is the difficulty level of each subject

Subjects Difficult Moderate Easy
Physics 45 48 27
Chemistry 27 54 39
Mathematics 30 63 42
Total 102 165 108

Preparation tips for BITSAT 2018 Exam

Know your strengths and weaknesses and prepare accordingly:

Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses so that you can understand which section you have to devote a bit of more attention. By practising the portion which needs much attention can help you a lot in the last moment preparation as well as in the exam. Question from the topic that you find difficulties are to be practised vigorously in order to get a good score in the exam.

Revise, Revise and Revise:

The best way to crack any entrance exam is by revising the subjects and the topics completed along with the preparing. It is very important to revise as you keep on learning new things, chances of forgetting the learners learnt increases. It is always advised to keep revising every day for an hour or two, the topics that you have covered.

Practice Online:

As BITSAT is an online exam, get yourself equipped to be comfortable for online exams. Practice as much as you can on the computer only and appear as many sample tests as you can online only. There are several mock tests available online for preparing BITSAT.

Keep solving sample papers and past year BITSAT papers:

Practice from the BITSAT sample papers and the BITSAT past papers for a better understanding of the questions and the format they are to be asked in the BITSAT. With this, you can get familiar to the BITSAT examination and can easily perform in the main exam.

BITSAT 2018 Preparation Tips

  1. Try to study at least two subjects on a daily basis so that you don’t get bored.
  2. Students are advised to consult the NCERT books as they cover almost the entire syllabus of BITSAT. After referring these books, you may consult other reference books.
  3. Referring too many books can lead to confusion. You are advised to cover the entire syllabus from one or two books. However, you may refer other books for practising numerical.
  4. Conceptual clarity is a must. Majority of the questions asked in the exam are based on basic concepts and hence those with good fundamentals can crack the exam quite easily.
  5. It is important to cover the entire syllabus in order to remain competitive in BITSAT.
  6. Start with theory and once you have are done with it, move on to the numerical portion.Attempting numerical without covering the theory is waste of time.
  7. Once you have worked sufficiently well in all the three domains, you must work harder on your strongest portion. Like, if you are fond of mathematics, then try to hone up your skills so that you can attempt almost all questions of this section.
  8. Devote the morning hours to the tough subjects and evening hours to the ones which are comparatively simple.
  9. Use mnemonics to learn the concepts which seem to be arduous.
  10. Do not attempt to cram the concepts., Instead, go into the intricacies and try to figure out why a particular method is plied in a particular question.
  11. Afternoon hours are lazy and hence try to attempt numerical during this time. This will avoid wastage of time.
  12. Keep preparing flash cards or revision notes during your preparation phase. This will prove fruitful in the last days.
  13. It is vital to attempt numerous BITSAT papers of previous years as they help in identifying the weak areas so that you can work on them.
  14. Refer – BITSAT Previous Year Papers With Solutions
  15. Since it is an online exam so it is important to get acquainted with the same. You must solve several mock tests on the system so that you don’t face any issue on the final day.
  16. Try to opt for shortcuts as it is important to have a good speed in the exam.
  17. Instead of trying to solve the question completely, try to eliminate the options to derive the solution. This is the best approach to crack such entrances.
  18. The sections on Logical Reasoning and English Proficiency must not be ignored. Refer good quality study material for the preparation of these sections too.
  19. BITSAT not only examines the subject knowledge but also tests language proficiency and aptitude. Majority of the aspirants work hard on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics but ignore English proficiency and Logical Reasoning. These two sections are equally important and, in fact, are more scoring as compared to the rest.
  20. Work hard on your calculations and speed. Good speed can help you get through quite easily.
  21. Recreation is equally important and hence aspirants are advised to practice some yoga and meditation. They help in relieving stress and regaining the lost energy.
  22. High morale and determination are extremely important. Visualize your success and faith in yourself.

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