Best Preparation Tips to Get Higher Score in Assam HS 2019

29 Aug, 2018
Best Preparation Tips to Get Higher Score in Assam HS 2019

Best Preparation Tips to Get Higher Score in Assam HS 2019- Assam Board has gained its momentum with the motive of conducting board examinations for the 10th and 12th board examinations every year in an across the state for the aspiring affiliated students, respectively. Not only this, the board authorities prescribe the date sheets, syllabus, dates of events, and also declares the results for the board examinations on due time if there are no discrepancies. Preparing for the board examinations especially for the Higher Secondary becomes very tough as the students need proper guidance for the same from a trusted source so that they do not land up with discrepancies on the same. The article below is truly motivated with the concern of navigating all the Assam Board applicants to prepare with the best strategies in mind and immense determination and dedication along. All the students can go thoroughly with this article to mend their minds with the outstandingly useful strategies for the same with the syllabus of the streams separately and also the detailed subjects as well.

There are three streams namely, Science/Commerce and Arts.

  • Science:

    Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Informatics Practices, English

    • Arts:

    Psychology, History, Sociology, English, Geography, Political Science

    • Commerce:

    Mathematics, Business Studies, English, Accountancy, and Informatics practices

    Assam HS Preparation Strategies 2019 for Students

    • All the students must be very practical about managing the time provided to them for carrying on with their preparations. If you are wearing out of time or lagging behind, then it implies that you are still not regarding your work effectively and allocating adequate time to your work the way you should. The most ethical priority is managing time for everything. You ought to plan a routine where you have divided the time for your studies as well as leisure.
    • A board applicant must make sure of preparing notes for all the subjects separately. Choose the best publications for your sample papers and reference as they will enlighten you better for facing all the questions no matter if they are long answer type, short answer type questions, high order thinking capacity questions or miscellaneous. But, if you have chosen the right publication, you are at a boon for sure.
    • Always stay in consultation with your peers, teachers, parents and passed out seniors while carrying out preparations for your studies. The ones who have already crossed over the stage of facing the board examination can cordially understand your queries, answer them in turn, helping you out with the studies for sure.
    • The students must make sure that they are in constant touch with the previous year question papers so that they get an idea of the marking scheme of each of the question so that you prepare the answers in the same manner. There are some optional and some compulsory questions, so are there long answer type and short answer type questions that must be classified with clarifications.
    • The students of Assam Board must focus on the date sheet as well as the syllabus and always stay connected to the trusted websites or the official website so that they do not lag behind any source of Information, respectively.
    • Procrastination is injurious for the students during the board examination. If you have a plan in place, then make sure that you are skillful and sincere enough to accomplish the same on that day itself. Things left for the other days really prove to be hectic on the part of all the students during the examinations as lessons pile up and then stuffing them in mind becomes a havoc on their part.

    Examination Day Secrets to Follow for Students:

    • Make sure that you have carried your admit cards or the hall tickets to the examination halls. This is because the admit card is a legitimate document the students of all classes must carry along I order to appear in the examination dates, positively. Without the same, the invigilators do not allow the students to sit for the exam.
    • All The students must make sure that they reach the examination hall on time. Being punctual on the days of the examinations proves convenient as the students get enough time to read the question paper thoroughly and then frame the answers as to how to write them comprehensively to the hierarchy of easy to tough.
    • The students appearing for the exam must not indulge in any sort of illegal activities because doing so will definitely turn into great risks and abduction from exams to the worst. The invigilators are strict and firm and thus, always keep a thorough check of the students. Make sure you are focusing on your own answer sheet and discussing nothing with other applicants.
    • Make sure to carry all the materials (stationary) with you so that you need not ask it from others in the hall. Moreover, do not carry any sort of sheet, paper, or gadgets without the knowledge or permission of the invigilators.
    • Make an attempt to answer the questions you can accomplish very well and then turn out for the ones that you find time consuming or critical. If you first opt for the latter, then you will preserve no time for the ones you really know well.
    • Lastly, keep calm and drink lots of water to refresh your mind and try to focus on your paper so that it does not wear out of answers.

    Best Books Prescribed by the Assam Board for the Students

    • Exam Master AHSEC (Assam Higher Secondary Education Council) by Arihant Publications
    • Full Marks for both Class 11 and 12

    This is all about the tips to score with flying colors in Assam HS 2019. All the students just need to be focused to be successful in the exam.


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