Benefits of Digital Marketing Course

31 Dec, 2017

Hi Friend! In this article we will explain the benefits of digital marketing course in Mumbai and other major cities. As we all know the day by day the world is getting digital, every day new apps are launched, new websites are made and many startups are emerging.


So the job opportunities in the marketing are increasing too, but for whom? Yes as the businesses are getting online they needs executive to work for online marketing field. In digital marketing their are various post available in market such as SEO, SEM or SMM Executives.

    If you don’t know much about Digital Marketing Let me first introduce what digital marketing is. and later you can read more about it in this article such as benefits of digital marketing course, certified digital marketing course and much more. So Let’s start with introduction.

    Introduction to Digital Marketing Course

    In simple words “The marketing which is done through electronic media such as the web, email, interactive TV, IPTV and wireless media to understand or gain customers is known as Digital Marketing”.

    In Digital Marketing there are 6 major components which are online contents marketing, social media marketing, online affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, online display ads and mobile marketing.

    Qualification for Online Digital Marketing Course

    • Thats the beauty of Online Digital Marketing Course it can be learned by anyone, but you can only excel if you are interested in the digital marketing.
    • Also there is an other point of view, if you are looking for a job in Digital Marketing field then you should have a graduation degree in any field.
    • Basically, Digital marketing is used for brand promotion and brand awareness to gain and understand your customers online.

    Certified Digital Marketing Course Online

    As we all know certification of any course is very important, as it’s the proof that you have learned a particular subject and have successfully passed it.

    In Digital Marketing field their are two major certification which is given by Google itself, only if you pass their test. Those two Certificate are Google Adwords Certification and Google Analytics Certification. In marketing this two certificate are highly valuable. Most of the candidates have aquired jobs in good company through this certificate.

    Google Adwords Certification – It is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords. An AdWords certification allows individuals to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as an expert in online advertising.

    Google Analytics Certification –  The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) is a demonstration of proficiency in Google Analytics that is available to any individual who has passed the Google Analytics IQ exam.

    Benefits of Digital Marketing Course Online

    There are lot of benefits if you pass an Digital Marketing Course, following you will find list of all the benefits to be an Digital Marketing Professional.

    Track customers – With Google analytics from digital marketing, you can track a potential customer’s actions, decisions and preferences, so you have true insight into your audience’s behavior.

    Optimize for conversion – The ability to track a customer’s journey beginning at the first click allows you to test and optimize your website for conversion on an ongoing basis.

    Realize higher Return on Investment and revenue – Digital marketing provides you with real data, and predicting and realizing ROI is much easier done with real data in hand.

    Analyze and adapt easily – Digital Marketer will track down the pros and cons of campaign they are running through Google Analytics as they can see real time visitors, timely data, you can observe and adapt to trends and the actions that real people are taking.

    Become more competitive – Digital Marketing helps businesses to build plans and work effectively in this competitive market.

    SMARTOFY – Certified Digital Marketing Course Online Training

    Smartofy is an Online Learning platform which offers you quality education on digital marketing such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Google Analytics Training and Creating a Website.

    In their digital marketing course they offers qualify online lectures through which you can learn. And if you still understand any concept or function they provide live chat and schedule call option to assist in your learning.

    The platform also helps student to quality for Google oriented certification and qualify for a Digital Marketing Jobs.

    Features of Smartofy online Digital Marketing Course

    They have an awesome list of feature which will spark a light in you. Check following features which is offers in Smartofy Digital Marketing Course.

    Online Training – Saves Time

    Online Lectures will save you time as well as you can revised the concept until you don’t understand.

    NO Technical Knowledge Required

    You don’t have to be a person from technical background, our lecture will explain you the concept in very simple way and if you have any doubt you can get chat support from us.

    Online Study Materials

    After the complete of each module you will get online study material from us to practice.

    Create Campaigns Independently

    While online training you will be guided to creat campaigns of your own such as creating facebook ads, etc.

    100% Job Assistance

    The most important fact why you would join us is after completion of your course, you will be guided to join any suitable company as an Digital Marketing profile.

    Guidance for Google Certification

    We will guide you to qualify for Google Analytics and Adwords Certification from Google.

    Practical Exercises

    After each module completion you will be guided to do practical experiment of your own.

    Smartofy Certification

    After completion of your course and online revision, we will take a test and offer you our Smartofy Certification

    Work on Live Projects

    This feature is similar to practical experiment done by you. In this you will creat your own website and start doing Digital Marketing practices by your own.

    24×7 Online Access

    The online video of your module will be accessible by you for 24×7 for 60 days of Course joined.

    Best Digital Marketing Course

    Smartofy Digital Marketing Course Curricullum

    Smartofy Digital Marketing Course consist of 6 Modules-

    Module 1 – Create a Basic Website

    • Domain and Hosting
    • Introduction to WordPress
    • Create and Customizing Blog
    • Posts, Pages

    Module 2 – Search Engine Optimization

    • Keyword Research
    • On Page Optimization
    • Off Page SEO

    Module 3 – Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

    • Web Analytics Setup
    • Reports and Interface
    • Export or Email Reports
    • Advertising Analytics
    • Webmaster Tools Analytics
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Calculating ROI
    • Conversion Goals
    • Custom Reporting

    Module 4 – Social Media Marketing 

    • Introduction to SMM
    • Facebook Marketing
    • Linkedin Marketing
    • Instagram Marketing
    • Twitter Marketing
    • Youtube Marketing

    Module 5 – PPC Training / Search Engine Monetization

    • Introduction to SEM
    • PPC Training
    • Setup PPC Campaign
    • Search Network
    • Display Network Campaign
    • What is Keyword Research
    • Create effective AD groups
    • What is imp of Landing Page
    • What is Bidding
    • Mechandising Products
    • Video Promotion
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Important of Quality Score
    • Campaign Performance Reports

    Module 6 – Ecommerce Introduction

    • Introduction to Ecommerce
    • Marketing Channels
    • Payment Gateways

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