Bachelor of Science Home Science Course details

Bachelor of Science Home Science Course is most commonly known as B.Sc. Home Science Course, it is under graduate course which one can do from any institute recognized by Mumbai University. The course is designed by the Mumbai University (MU) for the time period of three years. This three are further dived in six semesters where two semesters would be conducted per year. Basically B Sc. In Home Science is a full time course from Science stream which deals with surrounding and environment. Students can choose their area for specialization like Food Science and Nutrition, Resource Management, Human Development and Textiles Science. The same degrees also has course opportunities at Masters Level and PhD Level i. e. students can follow their passion and can take higher level degree in their same area of specialization.

Bachelor of Science Home Science Course Summary

Name of courseBachelor of Science Home Science
Commonly known asB Sc in Home Science
Conducting AuthorityMumbai University
Tenure of Course3 years
Minimum QualificationHSC passed from recognized institute
Area of specializationHome Science

Bachelor of Science Home Science Eligibility criteria

Criteria mentioned below are as per Mumbai University ordinance no. O.2065

All the criteria are given below in a very simplified manner for applying for the first year in B Sc in Home Science

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  • An applicant should have passed 10+2 from any recognized organization with following subject
  • English
  • Any one of the Modern Indian Languages or Modern foreign Languages OR and Classical Language Higher Level or Lower Level OR Information Technology OR Such other subjects as may be prescribed by the Board from time to time
  • Any two of the subjects from (i) or (ii) (i) Physics, Chemistry, Biology


  • (ii) Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Child Development, Textile Laundry and Clothing


  • Any two subjects from the following subjects not offered under (3) and (4) : Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Mathematics and Statistics, Geology, Political Science, Philosophy, Logic, History, Sociology


  • The Higher Secondary Certificate (Std.XII) examination with vocational subjects conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad and Nagpur in the following subjects
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • Child Development
  • Textile
  • Laundry and Clothing.

i.e. Any one vocational subject carrying 200 marks under the Commercial Group, Catering and Food Technology Group, Para- medical Group, Technical Group, Agricultural  Group and Fishery Group.

  • Complete ordinance as per Mumbai University (

Specialization area in Home Science

  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) – Food Science and Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) – Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) – Human Development
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) – Textiles Science
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) – Extension Education

Note: All the specialization begins from semester 4

Bachelor of Science Home Science Syllabus

Semester 1

Sl.NoCourse NoCourse TitleCredit HoursPage No
1ENG 101English for Effective Communication0+111
2MAT 111Applied Mathematics1+112
3COM 111Fundamentals of Information Technology1+114
4SAC 101Principles of Analytical Chemistry1+117
5FSN 101Fundamentals of Nutrition2+120
6FRT 101Fundamentals of Art and Design2+123
7AGR 121Production Technology of Field Crops1+125
8NSS/ NCC 101NSS/NCC0+127
9PED 101Physical Education0+132
Total8+9 =17

Semester 2

Sl.NoCourse NoCourse TitleCredit HoursPage No
1HOR 111Fundamentals of Horticulture1+137
2ENS 101Principles of Environmental Sciences1+139
3AFT 101Processing of Fiber to Fabric2+142
4HDT 101Life Span Development2+145
5AEC 101Principles of Agricultural Economics1+147
6PBG 141Crop Systematics and Plant Genetics2+150
7HEX 101Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology2+153
8BIC 101Fundamentals of Biochemistry2+156
Total13+8 =21

Semester 3

Sl.NoCourse NoCourse TitleCredit HoursPage No
1AMP 201Live Stock and Poultry ProductionTechnology2+161
2AGM 221General Microbiology2+164
3BIC 252Biochemistry of Food Processingand Preservation2+168
4FSN 201Principles of Food Science2+170
5HDT 201Developmental Psychology2+173
6AFT 201Garment Construction2+176
7FRT 201Principles of Family ResourceManagement2+178

Semester 4

Sl.NoCourse NoCourse TitleCredit HoursPage No
1ARM 201Fundamentals of Agri Business1+184
2ABT 201Principles of Biotechnology1+186
3ERG 211Renewable Energy1+088
4STA 211Applied Statistics1+191
5AFT 202Fashion Designing2+194
6FSN 202Therapeutic Nutrition2+197
7HEX 201Communication & Instructional2+199
8HEX 202Short Tour – I0+1102
9FRT 202Housing and Space Management2+1102
10HDT 202Management of Child Care Institutions2+1105

Semester 5

Sl.NoCourse NoCourse TitleCredit HoursPage No
1NST 301Fundamentals and Applications of Nanotechnology1+0111
2HEX 301Short Tour -II0+1112
3FPE 301Post Harvest and Food Engineering1+1112
4AEN 301Economic Entomology2+1115
5AGM 301Biotechnology in Food Fermentation2+1115
6ENS 341Environmental Microbiology and Occupational Health Hazard2+1118
7HPY 301Human Physiology2+1121
8FSN 301Processing of Animal Foods2+1124
9AFT 301Fashion Merchandising2+1126

Semester 6

Sl.NoCourse NoCourse TitleCredit HoursPage No
1ENG 301Soft skills for Employability0+1135
2HOR 312Production Technology of Flowers,Medicinal & Aromatic Plants2+1138
3AEC 302Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Price1+1142
4FSN 302Food Processing Technology2+1145
5HEX 302Extension Management and Programme2+1148
6HDT 301Family Guidance and Counseling2+1151
7FRT 301Introduction to Ergonomics2+1154
8EXP 301Experiential Learning – I0+5156

Bachelor of Science Home Science Examination Scheme

Syllabus for Bachelor of Science Home Science is divided in six semesters and for the time period of 3 years

All the theory subjects will be for 100 marks for all the Three years

Total marks: 100

Internal:  25 marks

External: 75 marks

Bachelor of Science Home Science Exam Pattern

Promotion would be given to the student only if he brings minimum percentage required as per Mumbai University

Standard of Passing: 40% marks. In both Internals and Externals as per MU for promotion in next semester

Bachelor of Science Home Science Future Courses

Students can either go for Masters and PhD level after completion of B Sc Home Science or can work and start his career in Home Science.

Further Scope of B. Sc in Home Science

A student who has completed their B Sc in Home Science can works as:

  • Dietitian Food Services
  • Food Product
  • Development Manager
  • Food Industry
  • Food Service
  • Institution like Hotels, Restaurant and Canteens
  • Nutritionist
  • Health Educator
  • In charge in Community & Child Welfare, Social Welfare Project
  • Teacher in Education Institution.
  • Self Employment as Nutrition Consultant

Or can continue with

  • M Sc in Home Science
  • M Phil. in Home Science
  • PhD in Home Science

Colleges offering B.Sc. in Home Science

  • BMN College of Home Science
  • Nirmala Nikethan College of Home Science
  • SNDT Women’s University
  • Sri Venkateshwara Institute of Distance Education

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