Bachelor of Business Management Course

29 May, 2017

Bachelor of Business Management is a 3-year undergraduate program that relies on candidates for providing the students with an understanding of practical and theoretical facets of Business. This program is made to drill candidates with management and leadership skills.

Business Management qualifies candidates to work as smart professionals who have enough potential at bringing out the box solutions for the success of the companies of their respective firms. The following program covers a lot of interesting topics and a complete view of Management as it is one of the most important subjects.

    The Value of the tuition fees is approximately 19000 to 55000 INR per semester in most of the colleges in India.

    Candidates pursuing BBM can specialise in Business Law, Economics, Ethics, Finance, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management and much more.

    Academy as well BBM is a good course to pursue as there are many options that a candidate can opt for studying after this course.

    What is a Bachelor of Business Management about?

    Bachelor of Business Management is a course that is framed in accordance with the techniques and principles that have penetrated in the field of business. It requires through knowledge for any candidate to excel in the corporate world.

    The program has many subjects including some topics which not only helps the candidates be a good leader but also enhance their personality and boost their confidence.

    People get confused between BBA and BBM, but the major difference between the two is that in BBM  the focuses in on logical and analytical related topics as it involves specialisation Ain the final year of the course.

    Who should go for Bachelor in Business Management Course?

    Candidates who are a good at decision making and have a good practical approach are the most suitable for this course. Those who would like to go into teaching fields in government and private institutions can also opt for Bachelor of Business Management.

    What do you learn?

    The aesthetics of Business, its elements and principles along with the new techniques prevailing in the corporate world is taught to the candidates.

    Candidates can learn to develop critical and logical analysing skills in addition to knowledge about finance, strategic management, marketing, operations management etc.

    Bachelor of Business Management provides a vast knowledge about entrepreneurship, financial risk analysis, trading and commerce as well. The course prepares the candidates the best way to be able to deal with the expanding business world.

    Candidates can also focus on co-curricular subjects that is essential to make them an all-rounder. Such candidates are more preferred as it’s very important to have a presentable personality in every sphere of business.


    The Duration of the course is 3 years which is divided into 6 semesters. For the distance courses too, the duration is 3 years. Candidates however also have an Extension of 2 years for completing the course.

    Academic Options after Bachelor of Business Management

    A number of options are opened for the candidates willing to go for higher studies after Bachelor of Business Management like Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, MBA Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management etc.

    Candidates who have done graduation in BBM are also eligible for the Post Graduation in supply chain and Operations Management

    Eligibility of the Bachelor of Business Management [BBM]

    The basic eligibility for Bachelor of Business Management is a minimum of 50% marks in 10+2 examination with English as a compulsory subject. Students with a commerce background are often given some relaxation in cut-off marks for admission.

    How to Get Admission in Bachelor of Business Management [BBM]

    To get admission in Bachelor of Business Management, the candidate has to clear an Entrance Test conducted by different colleges and universities.

    UGAT is a competitive exam through which also students can seek admission in BBM course.

    It is conducted once in a year and students who have completed or about to complete their 10+ 2 can apply for the exam. Students can opt for either Paper Based Test or Computer Based Test for this exam.

    UGAT is conducted for other courses like BBA as well.

    Students who clear the entrance test with a valid score are then required to clear the group discussion and personal interview tests.

    All these parameters determine the selection of the candidate into Bachelor of Business Management.



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