B.A. Hons Social Work or Bachelor of Arts Honours in Social Work is an apprentice Social Work course. By Honours it is doomed that it is a Higher Educational Standard Course as it needs in-depth study of the subject stuff. Honours advancement is graded above the simple, pass, overall or ordinary Bachelors course. It is practice-based course encircling the sympathetic of various concepts of social work. Social Work denotes to various amenities intended to encouragement and increases the well-being of the deprived, elderly and needy. B.A. (Hons) Social Work is of three years period with six semesters and the maximum length of finishing this course is six years. The period of duration and semesters may fluctuate as per the institution’s strategy and the medium of instruction is mostly English and/or Hindi. Social work course conveys the edification on the morals of Social Work and deliberately applying these in repetition.

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Social Work Course Summary

COURSE NAME Bachelor of Arts Honours in Social Work
KNOWN AS B.A. Hons Social Work
LEVEL Graduation
TYPE Degree
ELIGIBILITY 10+2 OR Equivalent

 Bachelor of Arts Honours in Social Work Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidates who have seemed in their Higher Secondary Scrutiny, 10+2 or its comparable (HSC/PUC/Pre-Degree) with minimum cumulative marks of 50% (40% for SCs/STs).
  • The percentage obligation may contrast depending on the institution.
  • Learners with upbringing in social work, thoughtful, social science, sociology or any other associated fields will get inclination over others.
  • The candidates who are anticipating their grades will also be appropriate to apply. In such cases, admission to programme shall be impermanent. If provisionally self-proclaimed learner flops in the Higher Secondary Analysis, 10+2 or its equal (HSC/PUC/Pre-Degree) course or fortifies less than obligatory marks, the bid of interim admission will be automatically annulled.
  • Convinced numbers of seats are earmarked for applicants with disability – (a) Low Vision / Sightlessness, (b) Earshot damage, and (c) Locomotors Disability / Celebral Palsy.

 Bachelor of Arts Honours in Social Work Syllabus

Syllabus of (Hons) Social Work as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Sem. I
Sr. No. Subjects of Study
1 Beginnings of Social Work
2 Fundamental of Social Work
3 Sociology for Social Work
4 Concurrent Field Work
5 Concurrent – Qualifying Language
Sem. II
1 Basic Concepts in Psychology
2 Contemporary Social Concerns
3 Social Psychology
4 Concurrent Field Work
5 Concurrent – Credit Language
Sem. III
1 Working with Individuals
2 Working with Groups
3 Social Deviance and Social Problems
4 Concurrent Field Work
5 Concurrent – interdisciplinary
Sem. IV
1 Community Organization
2 Communication and Development
3 Physical, Mental and Community Health
4 Concurrent Field Work
5 Concurrent – Discipline Centred I
Sem. V
1 Social Policy and Social Development
2 Social Legislation and Human Rights
3 Social Action and Movements
4 Areas of Social Work Practice I
5 Concurrent Field Work
Sem. VI
1 Social Welfare and Administration
2 Research in Social Work
3 Areas of Social Work Practice II
4 NGO Management
5 Concurrent Field Work
6 Concurrent – Discipline Centred II

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Social Work Course Suitability

  •  This course is typically well-matched to persons who need to bring a change in the culture through Social Work which may comprise serving the suppressed and the unfortunate.
  • They must have good communiqué skills as they have to compact with different kinds of characters in their course of action.

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Social Work Top Institutes in India

1 Jamia Millia Islamia – JMI
2 Nalanda Open University – NOU
3 Tata Institute of Social Sciences – TISS
4 VPGR Institute of Technologyy
5 Aditi Mahavidyalaya
6 Bharat Ratna Dr B.R. Ambedkar University
7 Ghayadin Maurya Memory College
8 Bhim Rao Ambedkar College
9 University of Delhi – DU
10 Tamil Nadu Open University

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