Bachelor of Arts Honours in Sanskrit Course

B.A. Hons Sanskrit or Bachelor of Arts Honours in Sanskrit is an apprentice Sanskrit linguistic course. Sanskrit is a historical Indo-Aryan linguistic and the prime liturgical language of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. B.A. Hons. In Sanskrit are mainly about Sanskrit linguistic and its fiction. B.A. is generally three academic year degree course and it may be provided on part time basis by assured institutions. The prospectus is divided into three parts and eight papers. The Sanskrit alumna has many vocation opportunities in India as they can join schools; institutions and track their own other enlightening units.

 Bachelor of Arts in Sanskrit (Honors) Course Summary

COURSE NAME Bachelor of Arts Sanskrit (Honors)
KNOWN AS B.A. Hons Sanskrit
LEVEL Graduation
TYPE Degree
ELIGIBILITY 10+2 OR Equivalent

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Sanskrit Eligibility Criteria

  • The students must complete their 10+2 or its comparable examination in Arts stream with Sanskrit as one of the subjects.

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Sanskrit Syllabus

Prospectus of (Hons) Sanskrit as recommended by various Universities and Colleges.

B.A. Hons Part I
Papers Subjects of Study
I Poetry:
1. Bhattikavyam (Canto – II, 1 to19)
2. Raghuvamsam (Canto – 13th whole)
3. Kiratarjuniyam (Canto 1st)
4. General Grammar
II 1. Drama: – Abhijnana Sakuntalam
2. Dramaturgy- Sahityadarpana, Chapter VI
3. A General Conception of Sansktit metres and the following metres
B.A. Hons Part II
III 1. History of Sanskrit Literature
2. Isopanisad
3. Dasakumaracaritam (Rajabahana caritam)
4. Comprehension test (Sanskrit to Sanskrit)
5. Translation
IV Siddhanta Kaumudi:
1. Karaka (Full)
2. Samasa (Selected sutras up to Dvandva Compound)
3. Elements of Linguistics
B.A. Hons Part III
V Vedic Literature:
1. Vedic Texts
2. Sunasepakatha
3. Vedic Grammar
4. History of Vedic Literature
VI Poetics:
1. Dandin‘s Kavyadarsa – Chapter I
2. Vamana’s Kavyalamkara – Sutravritti
3. Sahityadarpana – Chapter X , Alamkaras
1. Kadambari: Introductory verses & Sukanasopadesa
2. Manusamhita(Chapter VII, 1 – 150 slokas)
3. Arthasastra: – Amatyotpatti & Duttapranidhi
4. Silalekha – Rudradaman
VIII 1. Tarkasamgraha
2. Vedantasara
3. Essay in Sanskrit
4. Substance (From Sanskrit Language to Sanskrit Language with Devnagri Scripts)

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Sanskrit in Course Suitability

  •  Learners having good understanding of Sanskrit and have curiosity in it are most appropriate for this course.
  • Those who are eager to go for training fields at higher degree level i.e. institution and campus level both in private and government institutions also are good tie for it.
  • Students who want to become pastor (Pandit) of Sanskrit language and Sloka’s also are the good match for it.

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Sanskrit Top Institutes in India

1 Asansol Girls’ College
2 Bangabasi College
3 Daulat Ram College
4 Dharnidhar Autonomous College
5 Dwijendralal College
6 Zakir Hussain Delhi College
7 Tirumala Tirupati’s Devasthanam’s Sri Venkateswara College
8 St. Stephen’s College
9 Serampore College
10 New Alipore College


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