ATMA 2017 Exam Pattern and Syllabus

24 Jul, 2017

ATMA 2017 Exam Pattern – A total of 180 questions will be asked in ATMA 2017 and all these will be based on MCQ format. There will be 6 sections in the paper, comprising of 30 questions each. The table below will give a clear idea about these 6 sections. The duration of ATMA-AIMS 2017 will be of 180 minutes, i.e. 03 hours.

ATMA 2017 Exam Pattern – Detailed Information

ATMA 2017 Exam Pattern – ATMA 2017 Entrance Exam is one among the top management entrance exam conducted in India, whose score is accepted 685 total institutes attached to AIMS. Association of Indian management Schools conducting authority is following some methods for correcting papers and allotting marks. From examinee’s point of vie, all the necessary points are mentioned below.

ATMA exam is for 3 hrs where the candidate is supposed to answer 180 questions. All the questions carry 1 mark; exam also follows negative marking system. ATMA will be CBT (Computer Based Test) from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. The whole paper would be equally divided in 6 sections where topic related to Analytic Reasoning Skills, Quantitative Skills & Verbal Skills would be covered. ATMA paper can be cracked by hard work, practice and regular update of knowledge.

ATMA 2017 Syllabus

Topics covered in ATMA exam is mentioned below:

  1. Analytic Reasoning Skills I/ II.
  2. Quantitative Skills I/ II.
  3. Verbal Skills I/ II.

ATMA 2017 Exam Pattern

ATMA test paper is divided into 6 sections viz Analytic Reasoning Skills, Quantitative Skills & Verbal Skills would be tested

Topics Covered
No. of Questions From Concerned Topic
Marks for Each Questions
I Analytical Reasoning Skills I 30 30 30 min. can be allotted for each section
II Verbal Skills I 30 30
III Quantitative Skills I 30 30
IV Analytical Reasoning Skills II 30 30
V Verbal Skills II 30 30
VI Quantitative Skills II 30 30

Points to be noted –

  1. ATMA will be Computer Based Online Test.
  2. The exam would be strictly for 3 hours no extra time allotted under any circumstances.
  3. Every right question answered will get 1 marks & every wrong answer will deduct 1/3 marks.
  4. No marks for the question not attended.
  5. 180 questions in total and each question are compulsory to attend.

We hope that all the information given on this page about ATMA 2017 will help you as you needed. Stay in touch with us for more information regarding the same as well as to get information on other more institutional examinations.

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