Air Hostess Course in India

20 May, 2017


Air Hostess Course in India – To turn out to be an “Air Hostess” is like a vision come true for the young girls. Flying is the dream of everybody. And if you have the option to select your dream as your profession!

By the rising scenario of the aviation industries across the world, the professional education courses exist in India to make the air hostess and flight steward. The air hostess is the main career line of an airlines career. This career involves in friendly, pleasant and enthusiastic environment and personality.


The courses most important to the flight steward and air hostess are the programs under the ‘Aviation and Hospitality Management’.

Air Hostess Courses Details

The degree course curriculum consists of the management skills, hospitality management, emergency management, navigation skills, basic fundamental knowledge of aircraft and catering training.

There are plenty of institutes in India contributing the certificate program, diploma programs and the degree programs in the field of aviation important to the air hostess and flight steward.

Eligibility to get admission in Air Hostess Course

For the admission in air hostess program, the candidate need to have the following:

  • Age Limit:19 years to 27 years.
  • Height:Minimum 5 ft and 2 inches with balanced weight.
  • Status (Martial):Unmarried (Not all airlines have this condition).
  • Eye Sight:Normal eyesight of 6/6 uncorrected in both eyes.
  • Language: Hindi, English and any other foreign languages.
  • Color Complexion:Fair to clear complexion.
  • Other conditions:Having Indian Passport, Medical Fit.

Career & Jobs after Air Hostess Course

An cabin crew or air hostess or flight steward is accountable to offer the welfare, comfort and safety to the travelers or passengers. They need to check the emergency preparations before takeoff and landing the flight. They also have to check, whether the all amenities are correctly adhered to the passengers.

In this career you would meet with the cine celebrities, business tycoons, stay in 5-star hotels and shop from the big malls of the world and furthermore you will see the diverse cultures of the world.

As per the guideline no one air crew would fly more than 72 hours in a month. Means there would be no work load. It is a great industry to get the jobs and healthy salaries.


Salary Income Range after Air Hostess Course

It is a good field to get the attractive salaries. An air hostess can earn 16000 – 75000 in a month. If you are working with the domestic airlines, you may get around Rs. 16000 per month. If you are working with the international airlines like Indian airlines, you can earn up to Rs. 75000 per month.

Some of the international airlines give more than 1 lakh or 2 lakh per month salaries to the senior air hostess. Salaries totally depend on the status of the airlines.



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