AIPMT 2017 Preparation Tips and Strategies

In this article you will get some really helpful AIPMT 2017 Medical Preparation Tips such as recommended books for AIPMT Medical Exam, Quick Tips and other latest updates related to this exam. The All India Pre Medical/Dental Test or commonly known as the AIPMT  is a medical exam that is conducted on a national level via the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for the purpose of shortlisting candidates for admission into the BDS and MBBS seats under the 15% reserved quota for candidates across India into the Government medical and dental colleges of India.

The AIPMT 2017 Exam is considered as one of the toughest nuts to crack and the to-be doctors always get anxious at the mention of this exam. But its just that the format of this particular exam is different.

Preparation Tips for AIPMT 2017 Exam

Preparing for the exam:

  • Cover all the topics in the syllabus, without missing even a single chapter. Keep revising all lessons at regular intervals of time.
  • Develop a strong base in fundamental subjects such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • First of all, finish your NCERT books, as they will help in creating your base. Try to cover the entire 11th and 12th NCERT syllabus for your exam.
  • Try solving previous year papers. Although the questions may not be repeated, they will give you a plan about the exam, and about the type of questions that are frequented in AIPMT.
  • Try to bifurcate your time equally among all subjects. Instead of focusing on a single subject, try to prepare all subjects in a methodical manner. Decide a time limit and try to finish all your subjects before that time.
  • Keep practicing unless you perfectly answer all questions while solving practice tests, mock tests or previous year’s papers. Analyze where you make mistakes, and try to avoid them the next time.

During the exam:

  • There are 200 questions in the AIPMT exam, and you have to complete all of them in 180 minutes. So, if you find any question difficult, do not waste 2-3 minutes on it. Understand that missed questions are a routine part of any examination and you should not panic if you missed some.
  • Speed during the exam matters a lot. Try to complete your test at least 5-10 minutes before the time limit. This will give you some time to revise the paper and answer any questions that you missed due to hurry. Thoroughly go through your paper before submitting it to the invigilator.
  • Another important thing you need to keep in mind is negative marking done in AIPMT exam. For each wrong answer, they deduct 1/3rd of your total mark. So, it is better to no answer the question, rather than answering it wrongly.

Psychological tips:

  • While preparing for the AIPMT exam, try to keep your mind free of tension and confusion. Try to practice with a positive frame of mind and a positive attitude. Remember, any battle is first won in mind.
  • Try to keep some free time for yourself so that you can relax your mind and refresh your mood. This will significantly help in increasing your learning ability.
  • Do not disturb your sleep cycle to make up for the lost time. This will do nothing good, but will not upset your entire body clock. So, do not deprive your body of the relaxation content it needs to have.
  • Never loose heart. If you find that the question paper you have received does not match up to your preparations, do not decide to just give up. Invest all your energy and acumen to make most out of it.

Last minute tips:

  1. Make a time table for yourself

As already said AIPMT is hard to crack, so you have to put in that extra effort and making a time table will make it easy for you to prepare better. Plan things like when to study, what to study, which topics are important and most importantly when to eat and sleep to de-stress yourself.

  1. Revision

Revising chapter again and again will help you to remember better, so revision is must. Start revising with the most important chapter and then go accordingly and try to cover whole syllabus to score well.

  1. Test yourself

It’s very important to solve test papers, previous year’s question papers and take online mock test to get a clear idea about question pattern. It also gives you better idea about your strength and weakness. Testing yourself will surely prepare you to get ready for the final battle.

  1. Avoid starting any new topics

If you’re not yet done with your syllabus, please avoid starting something new at the last moment because it will cause more confusion. So it’s better to revise whatever is completed and prepare them well.

  1. Don’t miss out important topics

Biology carries 50 percent marks, therefore spend more time on revising it.  So revise important topics like anatomy, morphology, diagrams, scientist and their achievements.

In case of physics, make sure to prepare formulae, measurement, physical law and application of physics in technology.

In case chemistry prepare formulae of important chemicals, physical chemicals, chemical composition and reaction, minerals combination law, abstraction of atoms, molecules and atom masses.

  1. Avoid comparison

Always remember every student’s merit is not the same, so it’s always better to improve your own preparation and concentrate on that. Comparison demotivates you and so avoid asking your friends about their preparation.

  1. Switch off your mobile phone

Mobile phone can create disturbance when you studying so switch it off while you are concentrating on your revision.

  1. Watch Television

To update your knowledge about current affairs, watch news channel for at least an hour a day. This will help you to take a break from study and increase you general knowledge too.

  1. Study smart, not hard

Finally, when exams are just around the corner, choose the smart way to study. Summaries important points, reading the whole book will be wastage time. Don’t study for 24hrs, study 8hrs and put 110% within that time. Writing once is equal to reading 5 times, so write when you are revising. Adopt the smart way to save time and energy and also prepare better.

  1. Relax yourself

It’s understood that you are in too much stress and expectations from you is too big to handle but still relax and try not to think too much. Study hard but give break to yourself, avoid skipping meals and sleep cause that will make you fall sick. Avoid junk, eat home cooked food to keep yourself healthy. Stay positive and believe in yourself.

AIPMT 2017 Paper Pattern

Question – AIPMT 2017 question paper shall have 180 Questions of objective type and with multiple choices. Each subject, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics shall carry 45 questions.

Time Allowed –  3 Hours shall be alloted to complete the AIPMT 2017 Exam.

Marking Procedure –

For Correct Answer –  4 Marks

For Wrong Answer – (-1) Marks

The entire booklet of AIPMT 2015 shall carry 720 Marks.

Question Booklet – AIPMT 2015 Question Booklet shall be consisting 4 sets and each booklet will be in Hindi and English. Candidates are required to opt for their own choice of language initially while applying through AIPMT 2015 application form.

Best books for preparation


Concept of Competition Physics for CBSE PMT by Aggarwals

HC Verma for Physics


Morrision Boyd for Organic Chemistry

Peter Atkins and Julio de Paula for Physical Chemistry


AC Dutta for Botany (Oxford Publication)

NCERT- Biology Part 1 and Part 2

I hope that with these little handy tips and your mere hard work cracking AIPMT will be an easy task!

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