AIPMT 2015 Retest Dates

22 Mar, 2018

AIPMT 2015 Retest Dates – The news of the AIMPT leak is spreading like wildfire on the internet as well as on various social media. Almost all students who appeared have appealed for a retest as they find it unfair that few should benefit from the alleged leak and the results will be biased.


Even though the Police Department of Haryana states that the answer key was passed to the students during the AIPMT Examinations 2015 on May 3rd the CBSE Board denies it and contends that the papers were conducted in a smooth and fair manner.

The retest is going to held on June 25th (Saturday) 2015 in compliance with the orders passed by the Supreme Court of India. 

AIPMT 2015 NewsSupreme court to publicize AIPMT results on 17th August

Recently Haryana Police confirmed the leak of AIPMT 2015 Paper after the investigation and demanded AIMPT retest from CBSE. CBSE had also arrested a gang who is responsible for AIMPT paper leak. Four persons, including dentists and MBBS Students were arrested for this AIMPT paper leak. They passed answer key to some students during examination using sophisticated vest attached with Bluetooth enabled earpieces and sim cards during AIMPT exam on 3rd May 2015.


With regard to this information which proves that there was a leakage of answer keys the CBSE will be conducting the retest on 25th July 2015 as per orders passed by the Supreme Court as it is unfair for those who genuinely studied for the exams.

Students should keep preparing for the retest as the exam will  be held on the 25th of July 2015.

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