AIPGMEE 2017 Preparation Tips

AIPGMEE 2017 Preparation Tips – The AIPGMEE is a highly prestigious and an equally tough nut to crack. Most medical students are always anxious about clearing this particular examination and thus we have enlisted a few tips that could help you prepare for the AIPGMEE examination taken by the toppers of the examination.

So without further ado lets course through the important points that you need to keep in mind prior to preparing for AIPGMEE.

AIPGMEE 2016 Preparation Tips

Preparation tips for AIPGMEE 2017

  1. Its never beneficial to refer to too many books for the examination as they may just server to confuse you. It is advised to stick to a few good regular books as AIPGMEE is a tough exams in terms of level of difficulty and the questions are hardly repeated.

Some of the AIPGMEE books that toppers and teachers suggest are –

Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Forensic and other short subjects – ACROSS
Anatomy – Chaurasia
Biochemistry – Sreekumari
ENT- Dhingra
Forensic Medicine – Reddy
Medicine – Harrison, Mudit Khanna, Ashish Gupta
Micro – Rachna Chaurasia
Microbiology – Ananthanarayan
O&G – Sakshi Arora
OBG – Sheila Balakrishnan
Ophthalmology – Across, Parson
Pathology – Robbins,Sparsh Gupta
Pediatrics – O.P.Ghai
Pharmacology – Tripathi, Sparsh Gupta
Physiology – Ganong
SPM – Park, Vivek Jain
Surgery – Bailey, Ashish Gupta



  1. As the AIPGMEE examination is now conducted in the online mode which is a positive move as compared to the conventional pen and paper test its suggested to take a few mock tests in order to familiarize yourself with anonline test pattern.
  2. Always remain confident and focus and do not hurry over any question in the CBT.AIPGMEE tests your understanding of theory as well as problem solving ability. Handling pressure in such a exam is critical to scoring better than others. AIPGMEE exam pattern has a subject wise distribution of 16 subjects. Surgery, ENT, Orthopedics & Anesthesia have the largest share with 46 questions.
  3. The questions are hardly repeated instead more difficult and different questions are asked and the students should be prepared to answer the fresh questions.
  4. As per toppers the absolute preparation should ideally commence in the month of April as then it leave the student with enough time to study subject wise. As each subject is important, topics should be studied comprehensively from each corresponding book. If you have started late, you need to be quicker, and need to devote more hours daily. You can prepare the shorter subjects such as anesthesia, dermatology, radiology from guides or notes. Bigger subjects such as medicine, pathology, pharmacology should be devoted more time.
  5. Do consider taking coaching because it can guide you towards entrance exam preparation. You may have an excellent grasp of theory, but implementing it to solve questions could be explained to you by a teacher or mentor. Coaching is not essential, but should be taken if need be. If there is not enough time or financially not possible, ask a good teacher to help you out in your weak subjects. Also a plethora of online resources are available to guide you.
  6. You will need to devote at least 8-9 hours daily. And make sure it is honest preparation. Self studies are important, so this time is excluding your coaching classes.
  7. A time table is useful. It will at least keep your focus on short and long term goals. You could set a goal of finishing n number of topics in a day and a whole subject in a number of days. Focus and sticking to goals is critical in AIGMEE preparation.
  8. Don’t aim to complete the whole book of Harrison’s Internal Medicine as it It is a very big book and may demotivate you if you are unable to study it completely. Study only parts that are important. Refer to previous year papers of AIPGMEE and select the most repeated topics. Read those from this book. That’s all.

Last minute tips for AIPGMEE 2017 Exam

  • Identify the topics:

It is worth spending a day or two to note down the topics that needs to be covered in each subjects. This could also be done online with ease if you use some of the most advanced revision websites.

  • Read your notes and highlights:

If you have been making notes and highlighting texts in a standard text book E.g. new edition of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine or Bailey & Love, make sure that you have time to skim through those points. This is the time not to be a perfectionist.

  • Remember the 80/20 principle:

This simply means that 80% of your results come from 20% of your work. The remaining 80% of the work is often not that productive for NBE AIPGMEE result.

  • Combination approach for AIPGMEE preparation:

You could cover 4500 questions in a month if you were to do 150 questions a day.  One of the recent toppers in AIIMS PG exam explained that he used a combination method to cover 190 questions a day. 50 questions revised with explanations and 40 questions as rapid online revision and 100 questions as mock test practice. This gave him a thorough learning of 1500 MCQs, Rapid revision of 1200 MCQs and exam practice of 3000 questions, covering more than 5000 MCQs in the final month. This is not very different for AIPGMEE preparation. AIIMS and NBE AIPGMEE is comparable in terms of completion although the difficulty level of MCQs vary.

  • Choose the right books and websites for good AIPGMEE results:

One of the mistakes that AIPGMEE candidates make is to take part in open forums.

  • Breaks between topics:

It is important to take short breaks between topics and subjects during AIPGMEE preparation.  It is good to do something relaxing or take a 30 minute nap.

  • Review your AIPGMEE topics & Sleep well:

A quick review of the topic after the break helps to find new points and connections. It enhances memory of the topics. This could be a mental exercise that can be repeated after each topic. It is hard to say what suits for everybody but as a general rule 6-8 hours sleep is good during the last month.

Hopefully these tips helped..happy exams!!


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