AIIMS 2017 Preparation Tips

AIIMS 2017 Preparation Tips

In this article you will get some really helpful AIIMS 2017 Preparation Tips such as recommended books for AIIMS Medical Exam, Quick Tips and other latest updates related to this exam. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences is the dream destination of all medical aspirants. The exam is well known for its different pattern. Most medical students panic at the mention of this examination because the format is different. We bring a complete guide on how to ace the exams.

Pattern of the AIIMS exam

The exam consists of 200 questions out of which 40 are multiple choice questions in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology each, 20 in G.K. and the rest 60 are Assertion-Reason type questions equally divided between the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

AIIMS 2017 Syllabus:

Physics: Heat and Thermodynamics, Waves, Optics, Modern Physics

Chemistry: Ionic Equilibrium, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, GOC, Carbohydrates, Proteins and Polymers, P Block, Chemical Bonding

Biology: Human Physiology, Plant Physiology, Ecology, Genetics, Organism and population, Living world and biological classification, Organism and population, Biodiversity and conservation

Preparation tips for AIIMS 2017 Medical Exam

  • Don’t over-expect. Don’t take an extra pressure on your head for AIIMS preparation. The other tensions are already enough.
  • Just keep cool and prepare but keep in mind that for any other PMT and so also AIIMS you should go through the text thoroughly.
  • Don’t simply cram facts. Understanding is more important and definitely pays when required.
  • Don’t hesitate to clear your doubts. Don’t have that feeling that you don’t know anything. Everyone has his doubts. After all a rose also has thorns. You are the rose and have to remove your thorns one by one.
  • Start from the important topics so that they are not left out.
  • Try to do the maximum. But remember that you cannot remember everything. Its human to forget. Caution: Don’t try to make this tip an excuse. You must remember the maximum as I said, if not everything. After all the competition demands you to be perfect.
  • Share problems with parents. Be it be related to your emotions or to your preparation. This will let you come back on track and concentrate on your studies again.
  • Concentrate on your G.K. You need to keep a track of the events of the past year, besides the basic facts.(HINT: Nobel prizes and other awards are very important)
  • Have a clear concept. This will help you maximum during assertion reason type questions solving.
  • Read quality magazines like Exams Today and not just any others of the plethora available on the book stalls. These magazines present a wider application of the various concepts related to your studies. Such concepts are often asked in the AIIMS paper as assertion reason type or in the conventional MCQ type questions. I found ETG(EduSys) test series and correspondence course material useful for the AIIMS PMT preparation.
  • Read HYFs available in the above mentioned magazines and correspondence course to revise a day before the examination as there is no time to go through the entire books again.

Strategies at the test centre and during the exam

  • Have a light breakfast to avoid tiredness and sleepiness during the exam.
  • Reach the test centre well in time to avoid any anxiety.
  • Don’t talk to people. They will always try to push you deep in the sea of pressure in which you are already floating. Try talking to your parents to keep yourself relaxed.
  • Don’t unnecessary feel that “I can’t believe today is the AIIMS paper”; or “What will I do now, I am not prepared” and other self-demoralizing thoughts like these. Be relaxed, it is just another exam and not an appeal against a death sentence.
  • Read the question carefully. A miss of a word and it could cost you a seat
  • Plan the course of attempting the paper. Gauge its length. Otherwise 3.5 hours are enough I think.
  • Don’t go for absolutely wild guesses. Negative marking is stiff.
  • Be careful about the correct marking of answers. Also ensure that the non-writing hand which we generally keep on the answer sheet does not have a pen mark or a stain which may spoil it.
  • After the exam, feel relaxed. You have done what you could. Don’t think much about the exam. Your job is over now. Now it is the examiner’s turn.

Assertion Reason:

Most students have an issue about Assertion Reason type questions likening then to a hurdle which cannot be crossed.

For such questions read the text book thoroughly. Read the text book as if trying to find out a reason for every line written. With practice you will develop this habit and subconsciously grasp the chapter as if it written in the form of an Assertion and its Reason. Presence of mind is also required for proper judgement of the correct option .Practise such questions from the ETG magazines and ETG’s publication, Assertion Reason Type questions for AIIMS.

Last Minute tips for AIIMS 2017 Exam

  • Aspirants should fully know the pattern of the exam to prepare in the right direction from the first day itself.
  • Negative marks would be in the play where wrong answers and picking more choices than one would be penalized to bring down the chances of cracking the exam.
  • Candidates should clear their basics through standard books of class 12th under all the given subjects.
  • Solving more and more multiple choice questions at home is the first step towards success and it helps in time-management besides preparing students for the examination.
  • Every subject should be mixed in a right way to solve questions with ease. Besides solving questions on subject wise, students should mix questions of all subjects to do them for the sake of speed and benefit.
  • Never forget to solve old question papers and they often give a good idea about the likelier questions to come in the exam.
  • Once you reach the target of solving 100 questions a day, step up the limit to do 150 after few weeks, and then take it to 200 and so on to remain true to the preparation.
  • Do not try and start a new topic. Concentrate on revising the topics you have already covered.

Hope This has helped you..Happy exams!:)


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