AIIMS MBBS 2018 Preparation Tips

AIIMS 2017 MBBS Preparation Tips

AIIMS MBBS 2018 Preparation Tips – The AIIMS stands for the All India Institute of Medical Sciences which is a medical University and research institution that’s dedicated towards medical training and patient care located in Delhi. The AIIMS MBBS Examination is conducted for the purpose of admission in the under-graduate medical program, MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

The AIIMS is the topmost medical college in India and it being a government college just like an IIT, securing admission into AIIMS is a tough nut to crack but it’s worth the painstaking struggle because when you have an MBBS degree from AIIMS you possess the passport to practice as a medic anywhere.

Thus for this very reason, we have compiled a list of preparation tips that should help see you through your examination and aid in securing high ranks. Prior to delving into the tips, it is important to understand the general syllabus and what the examination actually measures.

General Syllabus for AIIMS MBBS 2018 Exam

In AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam Questions in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Reasoning and English are asked. The questions are drawn from the syllabus of Class 11th and Class 12 in respective subjects. Being one of the toughest competitive exams in India, the levels of questions are bit high in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. However, relatively easy questions are asked in English and Reasoning as these sections are just meant for qualifying in the exam.

AIIMS MBBS Entrance Examination tests the candidate’s abilities in two aspects:

  • What you have studied till class 12th standard, and
  • If you will be able to complete coursework in medical sciences.

Preparation Tips for AIIMS 2018 MBBS Exam

Here are few important topics that will help you to prepare for AIIMS 2018

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  • Biology:  Systematics, Genetics, Cells, Ecology and Human Health & Diseases are especially important.

    Chemistry: General Organic Chemistry (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT), Hydrocarbons, Equilibria, Bonding etc. Also, be very thorough with reactions of p-block elements.

    Physics: Modern Physics, Waves, Heat and Thermodynamics, Ray Optics etc.

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    • Be thorough with basics in Physics, Chemistry and Biology of your Class 11th and 12th Board. AIIMS is a competitive exam and multiple choice exam; questions are asked from all the sections of Class 11th and Class 12 Board – Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
    • In addition to Objective Type Questions, AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam also has Assertion and Reason Type question in 3 subjects, Physics, Chemistry and Biology; Descriptive responses are provided to each question and candidates have to choose most suitable responses. This section is compulsory. For answering this section you need to have a deep understanding of subject matter.
    • In Physics and Chemistry, some calculation based questions are asked. Certainly, you need to apply mathematical techniques to solve these questions. If you are from a non-math side at 10+2 level, revise important formulae and have grasped in high school standard mathematics. You need not be a mathematician to solve numerical based questions but an understanding of common terminology is a must, for example, you have to be quick in response, like surface area, volume, etc without much wrestling.
    • AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam is 3 hours 30 Minutes test. Concentration during exam is important.
    • Take Mock Tests as many as you can prior to one month before exam of the same duration. This will settle you to hold examination for the longer duration.
    • Once you are through with Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Class 12th standard, begin actual preparation. Practice objective type questions from some good books. Normally solutions are provided at the end of the chapter. Attempt Questions one by one, honestly using paper and pencil (Do not mark in Book anything otherwise it will be dirty enough for revision). Compare your responses from the responses given at the end of the chapter.
    • Evaluate how many questions you marked incorrectly. Thus identify those topics and revise before proceeding to the next chapter or next section. Follow the same strategy for attempting the entire book. If you perform poorly in the start, do not worry, it’s obvious as many of you do not face too many objective questions till class 12th level. Your performance will improve gradually.
    • Revision is a must. Without revision, you remember very less in the end of the month and almost things wash out completely in the end of the year. Make note of important facts and figures in topic wise manner and keep them revising on regular basis. Also, keep revising your class 11th and 12th Physics Chemistry and Biology books for basics. With each revision, you will notice that every other time for going through same facts and figures or formulae you take lesser time. Yes, revisions take lesser time in comparison to the first-time study.
    • Take test of individual topics. Once you feel you are doing fair on a given topics ‘say protozoa,’ obtain sample test in the same. If you do not have sample test paper, don’t worry, design your sample test self from the Objective Type Guide Book you practised and take the test. Evaluate your performance. If performance is not fair, work on same topic again. Take help of a professional tutor.
    • Many candidates take help of coaching centers or private tutors for preparation of AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam. Fine, you also can chose a tutor or go to a coaching institute. However, before choosing one, identify your need. Simply do not go for a coaching because your friend is going. Ask yourself in which areas you are weak. Everyone has a certain weakness. Maybe you need a different coaching than your friend. If you weak in Inorganic Chemistry find a guide for Inorganic Chemistry and do not go to an institute because there is someone who teaches mechanics very well. Maybe your friend is weak in mechanics. Different individuals have different needs.
    • Revise and Re-Revise. Just a single revision is not enough for qualifying in entrance exams like AIIMS MBBS. Revise your chosen books as many times as you can. At least 3/4 revisions are must before you start taking MOCK Tests. Do NOT buy too many books. It’s better to read 1 book 10 times than reading 10 books one time.
    • Attempt sample questions before appearing in the actual examination. This way you will have a feel “for what AIIMS MBBS Exam looks.” Attempt as many sample papers and previous year’s papers as possible.
    • Take Mock Tests. Before joining any coaching institute for AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam ask them if they conduct periodical tests and mock tests. If you are relying on self-study, obtain mock test papers and sample exam papers from online resources like our site and bookshops. Take as many mock tests as you can before appearing in the final examination.
    • Stop reading new fundamentals just before the exam. Prior to one month of AIIMS MBBS exam concentrate on taking Mock Test and revision of what you have studied till date. Do not study new things. But if you feel it’s compulsory take help of professional tutor or coaching in particular topic.
    • Do not study just a day before the exam. What you have studied till date is enough. Do not think at all. Relax; go for a walk, take a good sleep or play the violin. Recharge your energy for next day exam.
    • AIIMS MBBS 2018 Entrance Exam is a 3 hour 30 minutes test. Reach to your examination centre at least 30 – 40 minutes well in advance to avoid any sorts of last minute hassle. Follow the instructors’ comments and take the exam in coolest possible manner.

    Hopefully these tips will help you score well in your exams. Best of luck and Happy Exams!!

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